Little Girl And Guinea Pig Are The Cutest Pen Pals | The Dodo Reunited Season 2

Little Girl And Guinea Pig Are The Cutest Pen Pals | The Dodo Reunited Season 2

Maisie is a five year old little girl who is full of energy and personality. Rocky was the class guinea pig
in Maisie’s pre-k class. I want to eat a sushi! – The first time I remember
Rocky even being mentioned is when I asked her how her day
was, and Maisie responded, “Oh, it was great. Rocky
and I read stories.” And then sure enough,
there’s a picture of Maisie with a book with this guinea pig. In her mind this guinea
pig was there for her, and she wanted to be
there for that guinea pig. We built Rocky a guinea pig carousel. We invited Rocky’s buddy, Oreo,
from the other pre-k classroom over. Towards the end of the year
Maisie’s teacher reached out and asked if anyone knew of someone
who would be willing to adopt Rocky. I wanted to help find him a home. I had heard that my coworker, Marti,
was a really big fan of guinea pigs. I have been interested in a guinea
pig as a pet for a long time. And I heard about Rocky, so I thought
maybe it’s just meant to be. – So I told Maisie that Rocky was
actually going to be in a great situation, and I think that made
her feel really good. – I went to Maisie’s preschool, and he was waiting
for somebody to get him. When I picked Rocky up I could
tell he was very nervous. I also live with a dog named Boo. She’s a twelve year old Yorkshire Terrier. She had never met a guinea pig so I had no idea how she
was going to react to Rocky. So little by little they started
getting comfortable with each other. – Maisie would always still
always ask about Rocky. – It’s just so cute that she
loved this little creature so so much. So I thought, I’ll just make
this short video saying hello. Hi Maisie! Rocky just
wanted to say hi to you. He’s doing really, really well. – I showed the video to Maisie. Hi Marti! Thank you for
sending the video. I used to read Rocky books. – I was so happy to see Maisie happy, so I sent another video. – I have another Rocky video.
– Yay! – Hey Maisie, this is
Rocky checking in. – He looks happy. – What was your favorite
book to read to him? – Hey Rocky, it’s me Maisie. I want to read you
The Three Billy Goats Gruff. – “Who’s that tripping
over my bridge?”, roared the — – Troll. – Rocky and Maisie became
video pen pals. – Hey Rocky, hope you’re
having a good day. – Obviously Rocky doesn’t recognize that he’s pen pals with a little girl. However, this is something that
makes Maisie so happy, and that is why I keep sending videos. Hey Maisie! Rocky is really
late to getting all of your messages. Do you think you want
to come visit him sometime? – We’re going to go visit Rocky today.
– Yay! I get to go visit Rocky today! – What? – Uh-huh! Let’s make him some sushi. – That looks nice, huh? – It’s for Rocky. – All right, where are we going?
– To Rocky’s house! – Nope, we’re going the
other way. Other way. So we have about, I don’t know,
20 more stops to go? – So I don’t know if Rocky is
going to recognize Maisie, but I hope that he can come
out of his shell a little bit. – We’re here!
– Come on in. Hi! Hi Maisie! – Rocky! Marti, can I hold Rocky?
– You can, yeah. Okay, put that in your lap, and
I’m going to grab Rocky for you. Do you hear him purr? Yeah, hi.
– Look! Yeah! Oh, he would love that. He hasn’t had sushi in so long. – Rocky, it’s so good to see you. – Are you checking for poop? I remember Rocky kind of being really nervous and shy. But he was just so chill the
entire time Maisie was holding him. Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
who is the fairest — (Giggling) – You’re not paying attention. She cut the apple. Did you like the story, Rocky? So I have to go out
of town for a few days, and I need somebody to pet sit Rocky. Do you think you would be interested
in spending a few days with him? – Yeah.
– You would? – That means that we’re bringing
Rocky home with us tonight. – When?
– Tonight. – Yay! Thank you for watching him. He’s going to have
the best time, Maisie. – Bye! Have fun you guys. Take care of Rocky. Thanks Maisie. – Rocky, we’re going to have
the best time this weekend.

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  10. This video was soooo CUTE!!!! Thank-you for sharing. I think it a wonderful thing for a child to have a special friendship with an animal any kind of animal. I just loved everything about this story…?? to everyone in this little piece of happiness.

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