Live Chat | Open Discussion!!

Live Chat | Open Discussion!!

Hey guys How’s everybody doing Let’s see here. Let me turn my volume on my speaker down, so don’t start blaring Can you guys hear me Hey Yvette, hey Ellen. Hey Justine. Hey Kathleen Hey, Shannon Good to see you guys. Hey, Brooke Jiji That’s my girls. Let’s see here Hopefully I didn’t miss anybody Can you guys hear me Hey, Tina I’m just checking my micro quick is this Okay, okay, okay you better say hi to me you’d be slacking I’m joking we can okay, okay, okay I was like waiting and waiting and I don’t see nothing. I’m like, okay. Oh, I forgot. I put the the slow thing young Slow mode just in case cuz I have a feeling some wandering people’s probably gonna pop in Let’s see here me and Patti are here. Hey Patti and John the nuts are here. Hey guys Let’s see here Hey, Shannon The magical question, right? Oh my goodness, I seen it believe me Let’s see here. Hey, Denise beaches Hey Justine Two nuts in a shell right Tina. You guys are awesome. Hey, Cheryl What a day what a day you’re right Okay, let’s see here Let me pull up something real quick. I’m not much at like I can see everything on my computer but Let’s see here, huh? Okay, oh shoot turn the volume down I Don’t know what’s going on with my phone but lately it’s not refreshing right? Oh, I thought she was standing here My bad. Alright guys. Let’s see here Hey, Jenny How are you huh, so how was everybody’s day Where’s the other woman’s Denise Let’s see here. Sorry about the slow mode guys. I didn’t want the chat flying I wanted to be able to chitchat with everybody Nice sloppy drunk is making me so mad. She needs to back off. Those photos aren’t even the same person. The earlobes are different Helen you cracking me up girlfriend Dina oh my goodness crazy crazy Busy busy at work today, oh really Oh Denise I was talk about Janelle She messaged me a little bit ago, but I just got back to her not long ago. I’ve been really busy Chit-chatting with my man’s my mans. I Said hi trouble double doodle Oh trouble doodle. Oh Goodness, hey, beautiful butterfly and everyone I missed. Hey Denise. Everything’s alright. How are you? Hey, no one just stopping in for a short visit as I never catch you live. Hope everyone. Oh Good to see you. I haven’t seen you in such a long time. I Remember you oh I’m not sure. I haven’t texted her in a couple of hours. Oh, okay. Cool deal Let’s see here All I can say she has triggered me and it’s on like Donkey Kong Justine oh My goodness, did you call her or did she call you? I’m curious I’m not asking that sorry So I know different time zones, that’s so sweet that you remember me of course, I’m really really good with names Seriously so if somebody comes in one time and I don’t see him for a while, I feel like you know, I feel like I managed to remember people That bitch called me. Oh really Justine Whoo? Hi everyone to minute to tag. Oh yeah, um, okay, so Did you guys hear this craziness? Oh, yeah, yay It’s crazy but um What was said about me like are you kidding me? Yes, she was tough girl tonight, oh I could tell she was trying to call every which way she could Mm-hmm not working. Your credibility is the out the toilet gone just like when you’re All that crappy do your credibility is write-down gone. I Know right Tina, that’s crazy. Oh, yeah. Yeah. She was homeboy Ginny Oh my goodness anything um, so I Wanted to chitchat for a second about this craziness that she’s saying huh this woman literally I’m just wondering if all this alcohol is like making her Imagine things, you know what I mean? Come on, you can do better than that She’s like, oh she’s a hacker Are you kidding me? Listen up guys. Listen up. Hey, Tammy, I Mean seriously, how are you threatening any one time by saying? Who’s she who can see who gives thumbs down right Cheryl and that’s what I was just getting ready to say the thing about it is She’s been you know a creator for long enough. She should know these things when you’re a creator We get all these settings, right? Okay The settings that’s how you need to see things She’s just too dumb to comprehend that you don’t need anything else when you’re a creator and you have a channel You have these things right on your channel that you can click on and you can see whatever you want to see Just like the little tab we have up here For people who’s in the chat, right? I mean, oh, I guess she didn’t know that either. Yes You have a tab up here by the live chat that you can see who’s on your video. Ah I bet she didn’t know that either Geez, let me make a list hack my mortgage away Shannon but then she says tab is threatening when When whenever you make a comment, she says she’s gonna sue you or call the cops. That’s a threat the mess Ellen She is psychic right? Shouldn’t she know right, right? She isn’t the brightest color of the kool-aid they make I’m telling you guys when I’m listening this video I’m going if these people really buy what this Luna tune is saying are you kidding me? Oh Yeah, yeah Do I have any channel creators in here I’m looking. I know I have a couple And my channel so I’m just curious She’s the broken crown. Oh, yeah. Yay. This is crazy and and the crazy part about it guys I know most of you probably seen the video, right? The person that’s this p.i. That she’s claiming as the pie I don’t believe that but anyway You could hear her. She called her in the background put your earbuds on Oh, do I need to make a timestamp put your earbuds on you can hear her in the background talking? Does anyone notice she doesn’t call for a gag while she’s driving in her cars? I mean while she’s doing lives in her car, right Tammy Who do I need to fight? You just said up too too sweet to be mean. Oh no one No, there’s this lady that I used to be in her channel a while back Well, when I started figuring her out, she was scamming a lot of people she was Talking about Shannon Watts talking like a dog about her I mean then all these things are on videos, so it’s not like, you know what I mean? And she can’t call a deformation of character or whatever. No, this is things she did This is the truth. These things are on videos over at Devil wings channel you can see this stuff she not only did she bash the woman who’s been, you know got murdered She’s done a whole lot of things and there’s so many people in my channel that can vouch for that. She’s scammed him She’s done him wrong. Like there’s so many things. She is crazy. Oh My god, she made me lose my British Ellen you’re so cute. Hey D’Elia Um Tina if I had that petition I would put it up girlfriend, but I don’t have it right here with me I Don’t know yes, she has done a lot of people wrong right Oh Katie not here. I’m gonna get let’s see here Okay, there you go That way you guys can see it because she probably wants to put it up My private investigator isn’t going to come here free That woman is just as much of a private investigator as I am just like her readings. She’s telling other lives Well when I was getting out of while ago Thank You Tina There’s the petition guys Right there If anybody hasn’t signed it, there you go it’s the petition to What this woman’s doing it’s wrong, you know. Hey Rosie’s cross. I just now seeing you How are you? Um What she’s doing is wrong and It’s unbelievable that she continuously tries to bring people down with her like go on somewhere Rosie the new-and-improved PII Rosie. I love it Let’s see you Okay When she once the devil scamming for lawfully using his friends PayPal, what about you? Ask for money for trips? And equipment that she hasn’t bought right and not only that Ellen she uses a name that isn’t her real name So hmm That’s like the pot calling the kettle black hmm Really? Dinah her real name that she uses for her PayPal so get out of here with that crap he can use his friends PayPal with permission exactly and his I’m sure he’ll talk about that later. I Haven’t talked to him, but I’m sure you’ll talk about it later. I Remember you talking about this woman the first time I came here some people are not worth your time I understand why people thrive on exactly no one exactly Yep, I went on with my show but it’s like this woman. She continuously just keeps coming back and doing craziness Hey PJ, um I just see it like this when somebody’s cost gently constantly making video after video trying to You know like deflect and just push the blame on other people. It’s because mmm guilty conscience. Oh yeah, that’s what it’s called and When the devil’s scamming for lawfully using his friends PayPal OS thing that sorry Also a P I wouldn’t come on a live stream. At least I don’t think they are private for a reason exactly, Timmy You miss my comment prior to that tabs. Okay Brooke. Let me go back a Private oh before that one All she’s doing is reading YouTube’s policies and coming up with whatever the cyberbully policies are saying. We are all doing everything That’s in that so it’ll sound bad when she’s doing worse. Oh Yeah. Yeah. Well, you can’t call people bullies who are just calling out the truth, you know what I mean? It’s not bullying. I have never bullied somebody on my channel ever My phone is going to die on I need to hop in the shower. Hopefully, I’ll catch another life soon. Oh Okay. No one good to see you. Hey Carmen So when you get hacked if someone takes over mod and starts blocking people you can tell who blocked – so when you get hacked and someone takes over mod and starts blocking people, you can tell who blocked – Hmm. I’m not sure about that LD. I Don’t know anything about like when it comes to like hacking and stuff like that I Have no clue She ain’t no PA. She said she’s loved she lives in Hawaii, but she has a Canadian accent exactly Rosie exactly Yeah, um the thing is she She keeps on saying hacker hacker hacker, but the thing about it is every single Creator has the same settings as me literally, you only got to go through about four or five different settings on your Creator thing And boom there’s your information what what is wrong with her? She gets the same information I do How you sing over there saying something stupid? Welcome to my channel all day It’s morning here at 7:20 a.m. In the UK Praying you I’ll get peace from this woman. Oh, yeah. No one, you know like I said, I’ve been moved on from this, but she just cannot keep my name out of her mouth So I felt the need to address this one specific thing and then I’m gonna keep on with my channel She’s not gonna get a rise out of me. She’s not going to Mess with me she’s not going to upset me. I’m over it. You know what I mean? I just felt the need to address exactly this Because she sounds ignorant ignorant. I have the same settings as her She’s so dumb she doesn’t even know when she’s coming her coming. Hey be nice. How are you? Someone said that she met that supposed P I and eighties chat When she was over there crying that she was being bullied I don’t remember where I saw that but it was in a chat somewhere Oh Interesting Denise interesting She’s jealous of you. Okay gotta get ready for the day. Oh, thanks. No one good to see you She’s grasping attention to keep her subs right Timmy. Uh, yeah. Yeah, um Tapsa has class something. You only had when you were in school Carla. Oh, uh Yeah, yeah Tina doodle found out I have Spurs in my shoulder these things hurt dang, but I will live life out loud How are you? My friend Oh Carmen. I hope you feel better girl That’s crazy Yeah, let me scroll up a little bit Rosie she’s a psycho. Idiot. Oh, she ain’t no Pio I saying that right? That’s very very true Yes, poor Carmen, that sounds painful So, yeah I was hoping one of my creators would come in here tonight so I could then I’m sure They’ll see my video the next day or two and they will comment and they will back up what I’m saying because it’s the truth Literally us creators have settings. It’s right there She’s ridiculous. She’s jealous of you. I don’t care what she says she shows in every way She can’t keep your name out of her mouth. Oh Yeah, yeah of it. It’s like can you just move on already like go away? Oh My goodness No, I’m not saying that I did replay to start from the beginning – I was talking about having certain settings as a creator Okay So I was asking that question hmm Let me see Okay, so I just went back and reread your question LD and he says if somebody was to get hacked and say They become a mod. Is that what you’re saying? Like become a mind and People starts blocking people. Can you tell who’s who blocked to The creator should have like a little thing on there I’m thinking I Don’t know why I thought you were asking me something totally else. I had to go back and reread it but they should have like, um Here was my mods. I’m sure you guys when y’all see something get deleted or blocked y’all get a little What is it? Like it says view the message or whatever. So yeah, the Creator will know Who blocked – is that what you’re asking me all day? It does hurt but I would be okay thank you for all the love. Oh you you welcome Carmen definitely girl She need to go to class alcohol anonymous ones sick that anyone would let themselves go through this Yeah, it is Okay, I don’t know why I was thinking that you were asking me something else That’s why I was like, let me go back and reread this Yes, mm-hmm I wasn’t mad for quite a long time And don’t know about hacking but you can see which modern times someone out yes and You can see if they’re being timed out who did it and you can see if they got blocked who did it But usually I if I’m not mistaken, it’s only during the video, right I’m trying to remember it’s been a while since I’ve actually been a mod I mean in other channels, but I haven’t really like blocked anybody or that I can remember off the top and Some channels it shows for example, if I was a mod Brookes channel, he’d message or tongue exactly Exactly Some petition yes. Yes If you haven’t already anybody in here Tina I posted up to the petition right here You know we feel this is an important thing because it’s like this lady just doesn’t stop She doesn’t and she doesn’t have a right to say anything to anyone because of all the things she’s done Nobody wanted her to do this or that to them, you know what I mean? She did it all on her own from being greedy from being a disgusting person I’m sure she’s watching my video like trying to pick it apart. I don’t care Let’s see here. I Came in late if you talked about that already. I know you’re good. Timmy. You’re good It does hurt, but I will be okay. Thank you for all the love Oh Carmen. Oh You bet Hmm I see your little thing what about that threat from that lady Rosie the threat from that lady. I’m trying to remember my mind is like all over the place From all the things that’s been going on and not only that, you know, I told you guys that I what I was going through Waiting on this appointment for my daughter She’s a weird kind of person for sure. Yes. Oh my gosh However, I feel like YouTube enjoys her for something. Maybe she’s making them extra income Because they won’t delete her or time her channel out at least after being rude to us Mmm, I don’t know bro. That’s crazy, right? The one on the phone. Hmm I have the video. I’m trying to think of the threat she made Hmm I’m thinking I’m thinking You’re talking about the pie that was on her channel Yes all day. Yes I’m trying to remember the threat like I remember vaguely like the conversation because her Hollering and carrying on was giving me a headache. They both were going back and forth hollering at each other and Telling each other to shut up and it was just so unprofessional. Oh And she said that man she was kidding was her neighbors Well, you moved away only a few days ago and you’re already so close to your neighbors that you’re a homeboy and kissing. Um Ellen Preach girl preach Brooks Channel, I think you might be right about that. Nothing ever happens to the worst channels, right? It’s crazy. I am blocked her. I hope she sees how I feel Brooke. Oh Shoot. Oh My goodness Ellen, I love you you crack me up girl Homeboys oh Geez you know cracking me up And all right, I’ve researched as well. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Like a lot of the things is right here Okay That guy she kissed on the forehead is her new neighbor Wow. That’s what I was wondering LD um, I didn’t really pay too much attention to that video, but That’s what I’ve been hearing around that it was her neighbor Yes, I used to call Kelly I gave her this screwdriver name taken that away Oh, Tina So that was the girl that called right I’m pretty sure that’s the girl that called in right and she said my name. Oh, geez She decides to come to my channel. You’re a moderator and my channel tabs Will be able to see the comments that I possibly spam or not wanted. Don’t forget that Thank You Brooke I think she ever moved I think she’s lying again, I don’t think she ever moved I think she’s lying right event but the thing is like Her going on and on about people following her and all this and that I’m like no Who’s got time to fool with you? People just want to put let you be known That you lie a scam Hmm what else guys Refresh my memory of all the bad things she’s done Yes, she was using the name Gary. Yes Rosie. I caught that. Mm-hmm They’re going to cross the wrong people one day just saying right be nice and that’s the bad part about it Like I really think that she should Mirror what she’s doing, you know what I mean? Just look at what you’re doing because you know people are just I Forget it scammer preys on vulnerable liar fraud drinks a lot over indulges screaming at people G4 mater Use murder victims as profit Right late, the list goes on and on and on and this is just not things that’s been said this is things that’s been done Kathleen I Heard her say something too about she’s never called anyone a name That’s a lie I’ve had quite a few screenshots and little things of where she’s called me a bitch I’m done letting her be known she yelled at us in the situation. I was in and that’s fine. She comes at me I will address it by responding Yes How many hours do you have to list everything? She’s done wrong? Right Rosie. Let me pack a meal. I mean a lunch and Yeah, it’s gonna take a while. Oh My gosh puts the bad light on real psychics in the paranormal. Yes, Timmy and That’s the part that stinks because I actually do have people that I’m friends with that are psychics and You know mediums and impasse and it’s just crazy She drinks and lives live that brick right don’t drinking lives Not don’t drink and drive don’t drink and live It’s not that simple at this point. We wish we could oh Sorry guys. Let me scroll up a little bit I’m missing stuff drunk say a lot of BS when drunk Tim doesn’t remember what they said so you don’t listen to their BS, right? It’s like her credibility was gone a while ago You bet. She called me a bitch when I said she was talking to Brucie Oh Oh My gosh, but you’ve never called anyone a name. Hmm Let’s see here. I Wrote a love letter to the murder victim’s husband, which is CW for those who don’t know Right Cheryl, what’s the truth? You guys are cracking me up Justine and the guns Hmm. I’m confused on that one. Sorry girl. I’m trying to think Does she make money off of readings on YouTube. That’s what I’ve heard all day That’s exactly what I’ve heard. And I mean, I’m sure there’s people in here that can vouch for that Her video tonight but I don’t remember anything about guns. I’m trying to remember Name it she’s done it right Tina. Uh-huh Goodness gracious But it’s the truth oh Goodness, she tries unsuccessfully ask for more money after being paid exactly Oh We’ll see Justine, I know that she was on my only listen for a second because she was giving me a headache like seriously, I Cannot stand to listen to her videos if I was to listen more than five or ten minutes I get a freaking headache I was trying so hard to listen, but I get a severe headache from the negative energy. It’s really bad She’s definitely charged for readings no matter how much she says she hasn’t exactly Denise I’ve had way too many people come to me and tell me their stories. I feel like sitting up alive and letting everybody tell their stories if DW doesn’t do it soon. I Think people need to be heard. Hey Mike. Hello. How are you? Y’all know I ain’t going to lie. I’ll tell it like it is unless taps tells me to shut up Brooke Me crack me up girl. Um Good good to see you. Welcome to my channel, right? Ellen and then on top of that coughing like she’s puking. Oh, geez But um, somebody said it earlier She took money from me and didn’t give me a reading exactly Justine Exactly she um, I think it was a time When she asked everybody like to make a donation and that she would give them a reading tell me if I’m remembering this correctly guys She said just sending a donation and I’ll give everybody a reading who donates right and then all of a sudden When people started donating she’s like, oh no You gotta match this person or this person because they sent you know this amount or this amount You can’t just give me like a little amount. You know what I’m talking about guys Hey, Kimmy. Oh, you didn’t get a notification I’ve made so many friends today on a live stream. Oh, that’s awesome, Mike Yes see Denise, I’m glad you remember only gave her money because I felt sorry for her No equipment people making fun of her Wow, right Tina. I felt like you know the ones of us who actually felt bad for her because of Everything she was doing and but the thing is she was after I looked at everything from the outside She was bringing all that on herself Like I thought at first maybe people were picking at her. No, she was causing all that Everything she was doing Just saying you need to report her to youtube if people report her enough over misleading content, then they will shut her down Good and advice all day good advice. Good to see you Kimmy. Good to see you girl. I Love it how everybody’s gave me a new nickname tabs. I Love it. We have reported her. Oh, okay Brooke I was starting to read it and then it disappeared Where did it go? Justine it’s like somebody who’s saying a while ago it’s like they don’t want to do nothing to the channels who you know, it’s crazy, but Then there’s channels then I’ve seen that are good channels that don’t bother nobody that mind their own business yet they get demonetized I know a few people Creators that it’s happened to that. They got demonetised over something silly But yet this woman’s over here doing all this craziness and she gets to stay up. Really That’s BS. They shut people down for less than that exactly my point all day exactly There’s quite a few channels. Then I can think of off the top of my head that Has been demonetised for way less than that, and these are good channels Like why did they it happened to them? It’s been reported so many times and nothing She was all over the place in the beginning I started watching back in October Rosie didn’t you get kicked out one time? I’m trying to remember. No, my brain is like I guess because I’m a little tired tonight People like watching train wrecks. Yeah be nice. It’s true. People want to It’s like they they’re looking and they’re looking and then they’re like oh, but I don’t want to look away I might miss something, you know You know on my live stream I talked to people for three hours. Oh Really? That’s pretty cool She really needs to be shut down she’s preying on innocent people she’s a real scammer Everything’s gonna come out in the end the event. Believe me. I feel like Everything dark comes to light and And people will see that It’s gonna come out but when I said wasn’t nice, oh, that’s not good Mike Didn’t they shut down at one time miss crazy Mitzvah? I think so Yvette, I think so. I got kicked out when I asked where you were Okay, Rosie. See I was remembering. I remember hearing you say one time then you got kicked out Either you said it or typed it one of the two, but I was remembering that like right after I left Rosie Oh That ain’t good Mike, hmm Let’s see here Only train wrecks lasts so long and it gets old right Brooke. That’s the truth. That is the truth. I Heard you have to take it to Twitter for it to be effective Alright guys, did you hear Timmy? You have to take it to Twitter for it to be effective But what I said was very rude of you okay Mike, that’s not nice. Oh It’s very rude and very inappropriate Stay here She needs to take a detour and get lost, right Okay, so I Started cursing at everyone and got banned Hmm Someone asked if I was being sarcastic then she started going off about favorite izing Oh Lord. I didn’t know you had left then Bye bye Rosie. Oh my gosh Rosie. That’s horrible And it’s so ignorant to deal with Twitter when YouTube is over the entire thing Wow That’s what I heard at least with the monetization but not sure about getting a channel shut down I don’t see why it wouldn’t be worth a shot Okay But Mike if you were loved and how did you get banned Queen bee is what she is Ain’t that the truth? Oh, yeah. Yay Got thesis her Tony. Oh boy what I said, okay Mike have a good night, Mike I’m confused why people have to go to Twitter for YouTube problems. Yeah, that’s crazy Tina can we take care of Mike please. This is not nice Would you like to use me as a foot stool, oh boy a footstool and I’m waiting you Might want to delete his comments. Oh, I know where these trolls are coming from. It’s okay guys. No worries Damn, I missed what he said. Uh, he was talking about messing with little girls How disgraced disgusting I said about said gross and then I went to say disgusting Yeah, I thought you were I didn’t see you Denise. I was like for a bit I Had that bizarre feeling about that one. Oh yay I’m just joking. Have a great day. And God bless you. Oh, thanks god bless you as well What did he say like Oh Cheryl No, he was just talking about messing with little girls. I Was getting water, okay? One last thing in the chat Thank You Tina Do I miss that? I thought he was Kirsten. Oh, no, he was not being very Like I’m I got little girls. That’s not good. I don’t want to hear that stuff Hey making lemonade. How are you? Thank You Tina, oh my I was suspicious about him always go with my intuitions. Oh my goodness Good night PJ good to see you girl. Um guys before everybody starts heading out and stuff. Um, Tomorrow I’m gonna probably come on with a good topic for you guys I think I got one in particular that I’m gonna be doing That’s right so sick yeah a lot of us in here we have kids we don’t that’s not good I can’t wait for that channel to go down and this be all over it’s getting old. Yes Rosie That’s the thing like I’m excited for everything to be over and done with you know, just It’s crazy YouTube should be a place for people to come be able to Get away from the drama or their house. You know what I’m saying? Like for me? I don’t know about you guys, but All this is know like this whole chat thing, you know as a like a year ago because Before that I only came to YouTube to search a specific thing You know look at different things, but I never knew a chat was around you know Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks lemonade. I hope you are as well new beginnings end of the craziness a man Tina Amen, excape there you go, Kimmy. Thank you like to escape, you know, we all have lives We all have children. We all have husbands wives We all have our life in general when we come to YouTube the last thing we want to do is be involved in all this drama and just unnecessary stuff It’s totally unnecessary But it’s like this one particular person. She oh, she just will not go away I’m still here just doing kiddos hair for school. Okay, Ellen, no worries girlfriend Yes a place to just relax and have a good conversation Yes, Rosie. I can’t wait till it gets back to that. You know, I Try to keep my channel as low-key as possible when it comes to drama, you know, arguing anything like that You guys know that? so I Think Mike has made another account. I Want to sit relax enjoy show after working exactly Tina exactly Hey Lex Like a bad rash. Oh my goodness. It’s like get them out of here. Hey alehrer Any type of so just stopping about to say hi and support your channel. Thanks girlfriend. Oh, Hell no, please tell me you blocked him. Oh, yes, Cheryl. He’s out of here. I don’t play that A lot of me and my subscribers we all have kids and I’m not gonna listen to that stuff. That’s not cool Good types, I really will be looking forward to it tomorrow. Same here top side I didn’t know about chat or how to even use chat So I was just listening right Carmen like this all this is um, it’s new You know like I think whenever the whole case came about the Watts case was Then maybe the chat hadn’t been around long when that happened. I think if I’m not mistaken This whole like I said this whole YouTube thing going on chat and stuff was you know new? I’ve reported him every time Brooke Tina doodle I was slacking. Oh, it’s okay Denise tell um Well, I also say tell Janelle get her booty in here. That’s okay She’s probably mad at me for earlier. I Couldn’t respond quick enough. Maybe I don’t know That’s what I’m thinking Shirl Yes, what a creepy creepy freak I’ve had my account for over 12 years a lot of people like to switch up accounts like switch up all these emails and it’s like whoa, you know, I Hits it here. Like I’m a report this guy now, I’m mad Brooke you crack me up girl. I Wonder if flex it’s the same guy. I don’t know Cheryl No, YouTube should do background checks before and allowing people to open up a channel because YouTube lately has been full of psychos event Right. I am all for it. Do a background check on their butts. Yes You know what? I think that would really really weed out those people who you know obviously, I feel like I’m the type who I Like to give chances, you know what I mean, but when you got some crazy charges like that, I don’t know Yeah, it’s a very good idea Tina’s on it Tina I hear you girl But this is why I usually don’t type in chat and I’m gearing to go back that way again too many eyes. And yes, Timmy It’s crazy. I know someone who wouldn’t pass. Oh, yeah definitely not Sharyl positive if he wasn’t the same person it was a twin Brook It brought angels and devils all out at the same time right Gigi. Oh my goodness crazy crazy We’re just going to keep blocking you we’re not dumb I’m not stupid, right? Oh my goodness. Um, We’re just going to keep blocking you or not stupid. Oh I was gonna tell you guys Did John happen to those of you who got to watch the video did you guys happen to have earbuds in you could hear What I was talking about earlier We are just going to okay I’ve seen that Meecham how’d you doin? Thank You Denise isn’t there a rule about being drunk and screaming profanities on YouTube, right? Hmm that’s a good question Rosie Huh? We might need to check on that one. You know what? seriously Well, do you know Love it, Michelle Yes, Mike poor poor pitiful Mike, he’s I guess he needs some attention tonight Tina Did it at the same time? Somebody’s gonna get tired of making accounts. There. She there is she should have age restrictions up report it There you go Thank You Michelle Well now he’s trying to act like he’s from a foreign country. Oh, dear Send him to Juneau. Oh My goodness didn’t L get in here we miss our people people Oh Gigi Yes, I’ll definitely check on that guys and I’ll let you guys know Definitely because I have a feeling there is and Michelle said there is so I feel like I’ve seen it before You know in the what is it the little Thingy Nellie come here gimme Oh, that’s not good There has to be kids tuned in to youtube all the time exactly Rosie exactly No, somebody just messaged me I guess they looked at God and he’s got pictures of himself Oh gross Y’all probably saw when I come in is Like bad picked hold on maybe I misunderstood Yeah I know y’all was crazy the people they let in YouTube these days like I Really do think they should go to the background check seriously Y’all probably saw when I come in is this crazy being Brooke Brooke, it’s okay. Oh When I was asking you guys while ago When I was reviewing this video I decided to put my earbuds in and you can hear her in the background She’s well, she’s on the phone and she’s saying Did you call me and you can hear somebody in the background? Oh I think it’s the PR lady the quote-unquote, PA lady She’s and you can hear in the background saying what’d she say? Telling her pretty much get off live You’ve been on for three hours Like you guys should go listen to it Put your earbuds on you. Can’t hear it. Unless you put your buds in. I know let me Let me they let me in oh, okay. Okay. I passed the background check Hey Lauri I’m back for a little bit and agree on doing a background check if not us Psychiatrist test before letting people on YouTube. Yes. No one ain’t that the truth? Seriously? Hey sue. How are you? I Think they should do that. I think it would knock out a lot of crazies seriously Man, maybe if enough people suggested, maybe they might look at it. You know what I mean? hmm, I Need to look up and I think there’s a YouTube somewhere close by Maybe I’m gonna look it up and see Give them some suggestions and some good stuff. Oh You’re okay Laurie good to see you It ain’t it’s not a bad idea exactly Exactly They should at least verify it’s a real Channel with a photo at least Yes, too many people have too many different channels too many different emails, you know what I mean? They should sing that that’s a good idea my little girl said morning Tabitha. Oh good morning, sunshine Which video tubs the video from tonight where she was on life saying that I was a hacker Imma goodness when I seen that guys I’m laughing. I’m like really me you crazy. Oh, yeah. Yay YouTube needs to be more strict with who they allowed to have account and validate their information because it’s getting out of hand. Yes event very very true Yes, too many different names exactly I Mean, I presume whomever owns YouTube watch people and sees what’s going on and sees what’s going on I hate pictures of me though. Oh, no one I Bet you’re beautiful Wait, she said you were a hacker. Yes, Brooke because Listen to this, okay? Yeah, she called me a hacker today And this is why she’s you know claiming to me to be a hacker because yesterday you guys now y’all know I’ve told you guys that there’s a Some little dots I can click and it tells me who’s in my video, right? All creators have it Okay, that’s the first thing remember that Not only can I see who’s in my chat? But we also have other settings. This is all the the creators I’m not sure if you don’t have videos about it, but I definitely know that creators have it. We have all these settings Yeah, it took like a while for me to figure all this out because it’s a lot of settings you got to go through But in those settings it tells creators Like different things about you know, your likes your dislikes. I mean you have a lot exactly rosy Exactly. There’s just a lot you can see on there So to call me as a hacker. Are you kidding me? Oh Yeah. Yeah, I seriously has anyone noticed all her different little voices and personalities It’s crazy Right Kimmy. I know Rosie at first I was like Should I even you know? respond to this, but I thought she just don’t know really how ridiculous she sounds Because every creator should know this You know what? I mean? And I know tomorrow when my video goes up Well a creator because I have quite a few in my channel that are creators and they’ve been around for a while They will comment and they will say agreed believe me, so It’s just crazy Hey, Eric, how you doing? Let her stay in the dumb lane. I think a toddler would know more than her Yeah, I love you. I love it She’s so you know to the point. She’s not gonna cut in the corners Betina go ahead and send me to the principal’s office Gigi, Lorie. I Know the settings read the comment prior to this. Okay Brooke. I Know she said it but something just clicked when I heard you say that I’ll talk to you later about it Okay, Brooke Got you. Oh And she said do you want to talk to my mans She shouts babe. And then she starts talking in a deep voice. Finally told the truth. You ain’t got no man’s Ellen hey Laura, I Do I you guys are awesome I just she can’t stand it because We would just tell it like it is over here Can we just put all the people who cause drama on here on an island with no internet access? Man, no one that would be amazing That would be amazing. Oh my goodness Let’s see here. Oh Just maxin and relaxin I hear you Eric I Hope your daughter’s doing well Yeah, that gets me all the time with babe Like who calls their son babe? That’s insane Event ain’t that the truth. Whoo, not good not good at all I Don’t know most people when they say babe referring to their significant other, right? She thought flunkies was drunkies told her subs, they were being called drunks Oh Rosie. Oh My gosh Wouldn’t that be awesome yes Put him on an island where they don’t have no internet jeez She is not smart enough to know that plus she’s just now finding out what she’s supposed to do with ten She’s been on since 2010 has she not been claiming them or her income all these years? I’ve been claiming them on her income all these years Wow, Lorie mmm She’s stupid Rosie. I can’t eat hamburgers, but I don’t oh, I don’t care She had me left myself foolish Carla, right? Yeah, guys. Um, I Seen a name come up in the chat though. Did any of you guys see that name? IRS is coming for her booty. Um Yesterday in the chat Was somebody talking about a 1099 cuz I know I didn’t she’s ridiculous. I Miss when YouTube was fun and just chatting to people now you have people daxing people police ring Police people ring police on people people pretending they have cancer and are dead. Right? No one. What’s up with that? Like it needs to stop. It’s really not cool YouTube used to be a lot funner you know, which for me My channel is gonna get back on the fun side. I don’t let her Get much attention from my channel. I don’t She’s not worth my time. She’s doing real. Well she’s teething now Oh Eric Um in her chat her chat guys it was deleted, okay Okay She did I saw it last night then turned it off the the $1.99 I Live in the UK and I get confused from the drama because I wake up and someone else is fighting Someone else right? Oh My goodness, it’s crazy Timmy, you know what I’m talking about. This is as they say it tabs Yep was funner. I used to just look at the DIY videos Then went into her loony bin, see how that worked out Tina She’s shoving those hands in her mouth and getting fussy. Oh my goodness Eric those days who we Believe me I get it. I have a three-year-old Yes, the deleted comments from the chat there was somebody in the chat that was saying something about being her family something about I’m trying to remember what they said something about is this what you do for our family or? Is this how you make our family look something along those lines? Yes Jenny, yes The way she deletes her videos she should delete her whole channel and disappear Yeah, it was um It was somebody saying that they were in her family and that I guess they were being embarrassed by her From what they were saying in the chat cuz I seen it Yes, Tammy embarrassment. They were like Is this oh, is this what you’ve been doing lately? What an embarrassment to our family? Yes Not her sweet sis, I hope oh my god that lorry Yes Something like that. Yeah something along those lines I’m sure you guys will be able to see it on another channel. Who knows? Yep, that was it taps and it got deleted quick Wow, Timmy. I’ve been in his shoes Right, Jenny Hey silver, oh My sweet sister my sweet baby boy, I Love cats with this weird right Cheryl. I don’t know what her deal was that day. I don’t get it She just needs to stop she acts like she’s on a reality show. This isn’t Jersey Shore Mona get a life Brooke. Oh Yeah, yay I think Silver’s just saying ee ee like I think I’ve seen it like three or four times now She needs to go kiss the bald head of some more strangers. Oh my goodness Lauri Who does that with strangers Hey? Jinni Brothers i’m just crawling up a little bit. Let me see I Saw that had that last name yes Rosie. Yes We both liked on that one They were her best friends, but honestly I do feel bad for herself, I know Lori Well, the thing is, you know growing up I had a dad that was an alcoholic and that really puts a strain on a child it really does and I really think she should look at that because She does probably doesn’t realize How many people she hurts, you know what I mean? I’m still trying to figure out how that in that case Got over 1k subs, right I’m glad I found you all first I’ve not been on this person’s channel and by the sounds of it you saved me from ever going on to it. Yes. No one No one please know who Lord you don’t want to go there GG she gets a face full of them at least 50 times a day. I’ll make it 51 now Oh Eric Yes, dodged a bullet ain’t that the truth Tina Oh Gigi Haha, I just get the head kissing jokes the bald head Kimmy I don’t understand that like I’m sorry, but mm-hmm, so I don’t have any takers on any head kissing tonight. Oh that might sound a little dirty laugh out loud Oh Cheryl you had to put it there didn’t you make my mind go to the gutter? Exactly Denise be thankful. Oh my goodness Cheryl she made my acid reflux worse when she kissing his ball head. Oh my goodness Yvette mmm Insane I’ll shoot Okay, when did she kiss about head oh my goodness sue Like two days ago was it like was it one or two days ago? Who was Old Baldy and why is it getting kisses? Eric this girl that in the community that she’s been doing a lot of bad things like scamming people and People Just doing a lot of wrong in the YouTube community So a lot of people are talking about it And she she’ll get she gets drunk like constantly and then she does videos On live for everybody to see and then all of a sudden she she deletes it like people didn’t see it But people actually see this stuff, you know when you go on live and Whether you delete it or not people still see things That video was a sad attempt at trying to make us think she has friends the lense that person will go to Right Laurie. That is the sad part like today. I noticed went that video. She did. Oh She’s a hacker. I can’t believe people want to be subscribed. Are you kidding me? Who does that? All the settings are right there she’s just don’t know how to use them. She’s done. Sorry. The truth is the truth Like drunk not yelling imma chase jus and then a falling down Brooke Powell. Oh My goodness only to be a bystander in that bar. Oh My goodness, Cheryl, oh My goodness y’all are cracking me up Well, she didn’t have to chase Baldy down and do a floor all right. Oh So funny not only that but she was pressing up against him. Oh my goodness Rosie I seen that Like I don’t know it was weird. I felt like maybe he was trying to be like, uh You know, like whoa, she was fast to delete that one to it. So gross gagging. Yes What exactly is she accusing you of hacking um because yesterday? When I first came on my videos I was talking to everybody and then I clicked my little thing up here that tells me people that are watching my channel, right? I sing that she was watching so I said to everybody yes like Yep, go ahead and dislike my video. That’s okay because in the settings Like I was telling you guys It’s just a couple of things. You have to go through. I’m not going to get into exactly what it is but it’s a few settings you go to here on your channel and it tells you the city and the state and You know things of people that are just like in your video Exactly. It’s not hacking. It’s right here on your channel every creator. Has it every single creator? Somebody tells me I’m gonna chase you out of nowhere. I’m going to turn into the roadrunner bunny Event ain’t that the truth. I Think the bad guy was at the same bar drinking coffee guys tells her that Guy tells her that ain’t coffee. Yeah, and then he says oh, but that’s your type of coffee Mm-hmm. We know exactly what he’s talking about Rosie. And if I’m not mistaken, somebody said earlier Here in the chat. Have you guys noticed that? When this person is in her car doing lives she doesn’t choke on drinks and stuff But the moment she gets live and she takes a drink she starts choking Hmm. I wonder why that look she had on her face after the drink. It wasn’t coffee exactly Jenny Exactly the thing is she won’t she didn’t wants to fuss about people saying stuff but when you bring all that to a You know, I mean you bringing it to YouTube a live platform. Are you kidding me? People are gonna see this stuff I’m a channel jumper and my memory is trashed, but I feel like I may have been on her string before someone here noticed I’m not a brown-noser. I’m just out of the loop. Oh, you’re good, Eric No worries. I get it. You know what? I mean? A lot of people like to jump around no worries. Oh, Boy Asaf ago and in the metrium rosie Yeah She was telling everyone on her live tonight go ahead don’t like my video. I don’t care so I did Bucket don’t go down as smooth as water. Does it exactly Laurie? exactly Jinjin how are you? I haven’t seen you lately girlfriend Even when people delete stuff is out there for millions to see exactly no one and just because it’s deleted doesn’t mean that YouTube don’t have it because I specifically Asked someone from YouTube If if the video is deleted Are they still able to access it? And he said yes So just because it’s deleted they still get it. So believe me. I’m sure they’ve been seeing her behavior lately Lifestyles of a bored us man here Oh Eric, it’s okay no worries, you know, I feel like a lot of people use YouTube as Something for them to do in their spare time You know for me YouTube is like my TV because I don’t watch TV so I come on YouTube It’s like me watching my TV Plus I get in my chit chat time because all day I my mom, you know So when I come on here at nighttime, I’m chit-chatting with everybody catching up you Know just hanging out. I don’t go out and party or nothing like that. So this is like the extreme of it for me Chit-chatting with all my cool peoples. I’m good hunt I keep missing you but rewatched later and like it thumbs up he Oh, thanks Jen, Jen melanoma How’d you doin? Oh My goodness, let’s give him a LaDonna a warm welcome. Yay She’s back Yay, look at that It’s my late night relief when the wifey is sleeping. Oh, there you go Eric. There you go. That’s cool. I Totally get it usually when I come on here my fiance’s conked out Hmm my kids are asleep my fiance’s asleep. Why not? You know, I’m a night owl We missed you yay People need to tension on here or repercussions for real getting away with too much. Yes definitely and the bad part is People are telling her stop the life stop the love and she continues and it’s like you can hear it in her She’s just like oh My oh my goodness, I would never in a million years Go on a video live on YouTube drunk, you know what? I mean? Like, I don’t drink But I have nothing against anybody who does I’m just saying I feel like those type of things should be behind closed doors in the privacy of our home or wherever we’re going or whatever we’re doing right I feel like coming to YouTube and exposing yourself while you’re drunk mmm, I Don’t know that’s not good Tops I would be coming to your live streams more often, but I’m usually in bed by the time your own since I’m in Indiana Oh, what time is it there Tabitha right now it is 3:17 a.m. Laurie She’s woken up before and been like who’s that girl talking and I say, it’s Tabitha laugh-out-loud. Oh Well, tell her next time she wakes up say tapper says hey Tell her you’ve already told me about her and I said, hey, that’s awesome, Eric Where you been? Malmö are being without us be nice. I love you Hey Joseph, how are you? If she wouldn’t delete so much maybe she would see herself and stop the insanity yeah, um, I Think so, you know. Oh Thank you all my woman’s I missed you all that was heartfelt in big-time Oh melanoma. I’m glad to see you back Yes, Timmy, it’s kind of creepy Oh What did I miss? She goes from demon voice to baby talk in 2.5 seconds. Uh, yeah. Yeah I was hearing all that I was like what what is going on? Oh my goodness Good to see everybody tonight. I think I’ll take 1 bar 2 bar 3 bar for my first life. Oh No, Brooke, you gonna run everybody off. I’m kidding. Let’s see here She needs an exorcism I’m convinced she’s possessed Sometimes going on event because this is not the lady we all met You know, what about six seven months ago? This is not the same person. I totally agree Not the same person. I wouldn’t have stayed around that long. There’s no way D-nice left I’ll out. Yep, you you know just just crossing bridges melanoma cross some bridges No only time you should see drunk people on YouTube is through vines or something like a minute clip of them Saying something funny or doing something funny Definitely not alive Exactly. No one. Oh my goodness Unbelievable, I can’t even think of like the last time that I and the thing is with me if I was going out or maybe Having a drink or two with my fiancee I never go more than one or two never because I’m not a drinker first of all But I just don’t understand how some people they just take it overboard You know to each his own Obviously, I wouldn’t judge you. I’m just saying to bring it to a public platform For everybody in the world To see mm. I don’t know. It’s not a good look Top so she started this drinking fiasco ever since you were her mind I remember when I seen that no self-respect and it’s a train wreck waiting to happen okay, Carmen, I remember One time that I was on a video with her and she started snoring while we were doing a laugh, so that was like a little red flag to me right then and This is why I was still her mind so I was seeing like little red flags, but it was like Not as clear and I got out of her Channel, you know what I mean? Like I was seeing little things But it was like super clear once I got out and looked at everything from the outside looking in and I was like oh my goodness So did I miss anything good guys Oh melanoma, I’m sure there’s lots. Oh my goodness Lots and lots of things that’s been going on. I Remember that tops, uh when you were her montt. Yes I’ve heard other people say that she’s not the same person as she was six months ago I would think you two would had roles. Oh shoot. Hold on. Let me my screen just went all the way up Not the same person as she was six months ago, I would think YouTube would have rules about live streaming while drunk as a skunk Puking on live streams. Yes, Laurie. Oh my goodness. I don’t understand it See I agree actually the last Crapo song When she was in her car, there was something not nice around her I could see it like as if it was leaning over her shoulder Jinjin oh my goodness. I believe it because I was just telling them earlier before you came in here. Um When I go into her videos once in a while like whenever somebody tells me hey, you need to go over there She’s talking about you. So I’m over there listening. You know, I don’t comment. I was listening and I’m like really Okay. Um, I can be in there five ten minutes and I get a severe headache leaning into a migraine if I don’t stop listening like I have to cut it off like Regroup and then if I decide to go back in my cert time I don’t because it really hurts my head just being in her channel listening to her video like it’s I can’t even it’s like a really really heavy dark energy Demon – baby voice sounds like the Nero the demon. Oh wow, Erik Give up can’t type o gg. Don’t give up girlfriend. I Says give up can’t type maybe from leaving that spirit box on all night while she was passed out snoring drunk That was crazy Rosie. That was super crazy. I was like woo I’ve seen someone that’s changed before my eyes like that before. It’s very scary. I’m telling you Timmy I’ve never seen anything like this like you go from super normal one day to one day you’re like super totally different you look different you act different and this is not one or two people saying this is Everybody, you know in several channels that knows this woman says it like whoo Something’s not right Keep drinking that voltage alcohol That maybe that voltage alcohol. Okay, guys, I’m trying to catch up Eric. It was today. It was bizarre. Yes That creepy voice up close to Mike. Oh my goodness Got a refresh. Yes, Gigi definitely refreshed girlfriend Be right back guys, the spirits are calling me Oh, mal Adama spit spit spit it Her eyes won’t went completely black to speaking like not the person I knew yes Tammy and that’s another thing you know I have from psychics and past mediums that come in to my channel and They all say the same thing. They’re like this woman when I look at her I see black in her eyes You know what? I mean black? Okay, let’s see here Hey, um, it’s em gamer. How you doing? Welcome to my channel I get at times I have felt sick every time right from the beginning and cause you’re an empath you were feeling that bad juju And it gives you a headache Exactly gin. Gin. I Mean, it’s like a headache that I can’t even describe It’s like somebody’s taking a hammer and beating me in the side of my head. It’s really bad So I’m glad somebody can knows what I’m talking about cuz it was bad I Hope I didn’t miss anybody four vids of Shannon and the babies to be taken down. Sue. Oh, yes She um this woman she for a long time. She was acting like she was all for doing these videos and Acting like she was all for Shannon the lady that was murdered by her husband. He murdered her and her children well After months went by We saw the real side of her. She started going live and started bashing Shannon She would make these nasty horrible videos. I’m not even going to say what she said to her because the videos are out there Actually their own devil wings channel for anybody that wants to check it out I can’t even begin to talk about it because it’s horrible what she says to Shannon in those videos I can’t even understand somebody could say something to her such an amazing. Mom a person that was you know inspirational to the whole world to get bashed Really? Not cool not cool at all Really? I’m a gamer and I’m starting to do a little bit of vlogs Okay. Gotcha Did you have a good trip? Malli? Yeah, tell us malli melanoma, I Think then they say that didn’t she say she was going somewhere. Yeah. She said she would be right back, right? Yes, Lori That’s exactly when it was and where it was left shoulder so glad I’m not the only one that saw it Lori’s seen it – hold on. Sorry guys. I know I’m missing your comments Gin, gin I saw something over her left shoulder about two live streams ago while she was in her car Oh my god, I cannot believe you said that I’m not even kidding Laurie oh my goodness You guys this is crazy. Oh My goodness Whoa. Oh My god, Laurie and jinjin. I’m gonna have to go back and look now. I’m my goodness Kimmy. That’s crazy Like I don’t see her videos once in a while somebody will message me or like send me an email and they’re like you see this she’s over there talking about you and I’m like Oh god, here we go again Obviously the the psycho stalker that just cannot keep my name out of her mouth And it’s like every time somebody does something to her you guys noticed. She’s quick to say she did it Tabitha Did it Tabitha did it? Mmm? I’m sorry girlfriend You need to check your IP addresses because tapsa ain’t got nothing to do it. None of that stuff you’re saying so stop your lies Hey Jason, there is guys here Of course I have guys and girls in my channel Go watch conscious truce. Dr. Phil recap. There was a black mass behind. Dr Phil and she pointed it out I bet that’s what you were seeing around her. Oh my goodness That’s awesome Let’s say awesome. That’s crazy. Tammy. Oh my goodness – go check that out. I Support you guys awesome always thank you. Sue. So what is this chat about we’re just chit-chatting tonight Jason Just like an open discussion it’s a dark subject, but if you feel compelled you should check out the book dictionnaire and frontal All about the different demons that possess weak people. Oh my goodness, Eric. I Hope she has a good day at school Ellen. Okay. Gotta take my daughter to school I’ll come back when I get back from school run loved you all Oh Ellen, we loved you Till the little princess that we hope she has a good day at school. I Used to play Wow for the first 10 years of it being out. Oh, wow. I Don’t know anything about the gamer thing. I’m like lost when it comes to that. Well, I’m gonna subscribe to you for no reason Okay, that’s awesome. And That stuff is really interesting but not something to play around with just so just be careful Okay. Sorry. I know that sounded dark No, thanks Eric too creepy for me. Oh My goodness, let me see. It’s called dictionary Infernal it’s all about the different demons that possess weak people. Oh my goodness Am I the only one 13 years old here I don’t know if you’ve seen when you first come in the video, but I have a Age thing you up right now because I have an open discussion going so I definitely have a age limit on my video It definitely isn’t to be played with but it’s always good to be aware of those nasty things exactly Eric It is good to be aware I’m glad you came over to get to know people Definitely Shannon Jason you might not want to be here. This is an adult Channel Do you think she is doing drugs, too? I’m not sure about that. So, um you know, I Can’t stay much about that because you know I don’t know but it’s just weird to me how she gets drunk superfast. You know what I mean? from the past you guys all know I’ve told you before I’ve Dealt with people in my family and in my past friends who are on addiction you know our addicts rather and So I know From things that I’ve heard that you don’t use most people don’t get drunk of that fast she goes on alive and within so many minutes like she’s You know what I mean Totally validation Laurie that is crazy gin gin that you and Laurie both came up with that You think she really pulled in bad spirits is why she just started consuming mass amounts of alcohol Hmm could be GG, you know No, thanks. Okay. I seen that Jason okay. I seen that. Sorry guys. I’m trying to catch up Okay, oh shoot I Don’t normally watch her either as I’m nuts up to her so I don’t know when she’s going live Exactly Laurie. I’m not subscribed to her at all. I unsubscribed a while ago and I do not get notifications and I like it that way You know sometimes what people message me they’re like you see that I’m like, nope I didn’t get a notification and I could care less You know but sometimes I’m super grateful that people reach out to me and let me know things because this woman she likes to To say things that’s really ridiculous about me really ridiculous These kids should be in bed. Just saying. Yeah, Timmy I’m getting a headache at the base of my school, but I’m going to listen guys Oh Cheryl have you eight I Am way more mature than you think I had to raise my brother and sister in foster care, but I am adopted No So it’s good Oh Jason That’s awesome that you helped raise your brother and sister It has been months and she’s still obsessed as crazy I’m telling you Tina You guys no good as as good as I know She wouldn’t be mentioned in my channel ever But she always has to bring me up it’s like honestly for me this is what I think She’s like obsessed with trying to get all this attention So she doesn’t care if it’s a negative attention She don’t care if it’s positive attention as long as she’s getting some type of attention from me. She’s happy so it’s like mmm Half the time I’m like, I’m not even listening to what she’s saying But when she said that tonight I was laughing like really so now I’m a hacker mmm Okay That’s awful funny Okay Hmm Keep in mind she’s also drinking some really hard stuff. It looks like they aren’t mixed drinks and she’s chugging it like water Yeah, it is straight up straight up All I can attest to is positivity and Atonement for fellow humans Regardless of religion smiles and unity has always been my tune wipe those poo poo vibes off your shoulder. Yes, Eric She’s hacker to hack sup along Tina that was too funny. Oh that coffin We’re just a bunch of moms Jason I would really worry if our kid was watching things. They don’t really know about Try an ice pack Cheryl, there we go. Kimmy our nurses here I’m telling you Tina. You cracked me up. Oh my goodness Did Denise go night-night, it’s brung e-juice or is it gasps, sweetie? I’m sure that didn’t help you Cheryl, my bad Only good alcohol is a Strawberry margarita. Oh goodness Oh Hugs Cheryl she may have passed out or stepped away. She may have She could never look back up her claims yeah, and that’s when I was thinking earlier like you want to point fingers at this and point fingers with that but Everything you’ve done is done. Your credibility is gone all these people know exactly You know what you’re about You you shouldn’t even be talking right now, you know what I mean wait stop Guys hold on I think he Okay, I’ll be going to sleep now just like some children should be doing goodnight. Oh good night Rosie good to see you Good to see you Yeah, it’s way better yeah, sometimes though people come in, you know, they just like to Say that they’re younger, you know, I feel like a lot of people in her channel. She’s sending people over here to be trolls Which whatever We will just block and keep moving, you know Jason could just got ahold of his parents Wi-Fi security code. Oh Good to see you too. Yay All right guys, I’d probably be four jumping off of here – I just mainly wanted to hop on and I know she’s probably gonna say this and that and the other but I Don’t even have time for you woman move on Seriously, you’re getting boring Bull ring. Oh wait Moron Ain’t that what you say? Jason just got awesome that Paddy Paddy and John. Oh You know, she will tell she has no content. If it isn’t CW if it isn’t CW and Shannon if it isn’t me? devil wings She has nothing. It’s like get home She’s past that won’t see till tomorrow morning. Oh, yeah Jenny tomorrow morning in the car guys Listen up tomorrow morning in the car Moron will be on I Knew you guys would know what I was talking about when I said that it’s hilarious to me Tomorrow morning in the car. Let’s see what she has to say. I Cares what she says? She’s a moron. Oh my goodness, it’s hilarious cuz you know, she’s trying to pick and pull pick and pull like You’re like I said earlier. Your credibility is gone All these people they don’t want you to give them a second chance You know, what if if they didn’t want to be in your channel to begin with and they left there’s a reason behind that They left because you done them wrong or you scam them out of money for their rating You’ve done something to them. That’s why they left Why would they want to come back to that? Like every day that goes by you get worse and worse and worse and worse. So Why would they want to go back to that? I’m sorry, but you can sit over there and say whatever you want to say about me Everybody here has been around me for months. Now. They know who’s the nutcase and who stood chillin right guys Why put pictures of Shane and Bill and CC on a mug to me that’s disrespectful. Yes, Lori, I Don’t get down with that at all I feel like that’s for the family if anything likes like that needs to be made the family needs to do it People shouldn’t be making money off of this case it’s so I can’t even with it, you know Good night, Eric Well, you best sleep tight everyone give those loved ones a tight squeeze and loads of kisses. Y’all have a blessed night Of course Eric, of course good night to you, too Chitchat anger That’s all it is driving and loving should be illegal Timmy. Hey sociopathic Or just chit-chatting open discussion But I’m fixing to get off right now, so yeah What’d you do lost left out loud patty and John it’s so funny to me like This things is right here on every creators Channel. How you gonna? Top so we love you stay strong. You’re the better person. Oh, yeah, definitely She’ll never drag me down to her level You guys know I always address something and then I keep it moving and then I go back to my videos like I always do Keep mine. I don’t I don’t depend on somebody’s name like she does to keep content. No, I have things that I do in my channel that people enjoy and She can’t stand it. She cannot stand it Call me what you want both are fitting for me Hey, North County Alright guys, so yeah, um, and that’s it for now, but there’s some other things coming up just Keep it you’re out Alright guys, I will see everybody tomorrow So true the jealousy of uses out of her. I don’t even understand it gin. Gin. It’s insane like Oh My goodness, like if you look at my videos, I’m always doing my own thing constantly you look at her videos It’s like me me me me me me like the obsession is real like real real Good night. Sue So true I am sick of hearing her cry for herself, it’s all me me me me Well that right there is they you know me me me That’s a narcissist That’s what I like type of thing you stand your ground that’s right Carmen, you know, I’m a nice person but I’m gonna tell it like it is and You know, I’m gonna continue to be me But I think a lot of times people get it mixed up just because I’m nice That doesn’t mean I’m a pushover. That just means I’m a nice person but I Always have a side like anybody else that can get mad when somebody crosses it, you know what I mean? So I think her and her little people think oh top says she’s nice. She’s a pushover. No Tap says no pushover Can’t wait for the bunk show. Oh, yeah, Laurie. It’s coming girlfriend It’sa coming there’s better things to talk about that hurt exactly Tina. We got a lot of better things to talk about It creeps me out. I’m glad you have st. Legal assistants Ginger and girl, it’s insane, huh? Seeked a minute. Okay. Okay, okay So she said it creeps me out. I’m glad you seek legal assistance. Yes because it’s like she’s like Pointing the finger at me for everything But it’s weird to me because I noticed every time she points to finger at me about something. It’s something that she’s done you Guys noticed that is weird. I Just surprised myself when I go back and read my comments Tina No, nobody likes a narcissist. Mm-hmm Guess Members. Oh, yeah Wacka do, right BJ has something against you she just don’t know It’s crazy They get on somewhere like go don’t you got something productive you need to do don’t you need to find a hobby? Go, you know It’s mind-blowing That somebody spent so much time on me. Like wow, you’re spending so many hours and minutes of your day Worried about every move I make mmm. It’s crazy. Oh Good night Cheryl good to see you All right guys, so yeah That was pretty much everything I wanted to chitchat for now. Um, like I said, I’ll be on tomorrow with a Good topic for you guys that I’ve got already ready to go So I had planned if we didn’t chitchat too long tonight, but we would start on it, but that’s okay we’ll get to it tomorrow and Yeah everybody has a good night and I will see everybody tomorrow. Oh Good night, Kathleen Laurie Hmm probably around I want to stay around 11:00 p.m. Eastern That’s usually the time I try to shoot for So if but if I can make it earlier I will and sometimes it’s a little bit later So I always try to shoot for around 11:00 p.m So hopefully I can come earlier. If not, you know, I try to make it as quick as I can Good night cami and Gigi and Laurie and Tina Carmen and Kathleen Good night, guys Good night Americans. I missed 10 here in Austria. Oh wow 10:00 a.m Good night Carmen. Good night guys. I’ll see everybody tomorrow

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