hi guys so today we are going to be
looking at 20 questions and how to play its a really fun game to improve your
English, so here the rules for the question master, firstly you need to
think of an object such as an animal something like that, keep this object to
secret only answer with yes or no and you can give clues depends on the level
and whether its beginner or advanced you can change these things for the guesser
the rules are and has 20 questions ok you need to try to guess the object
obviously using those questions you need to ask close questions and yes you can
have clues again like I said depends on the level so for example does it have 4
legs – no yeah you’d first introduce this game
by saying I’m thinking of an animal i’m thinking of a fruit, go in straightaway
with the questions, so the structures of course we can use does it plus a verb
does it have 4 legs does it eat meat is it an adjective is it white is it a farm
animal or can it can it fly can it swim yeah why should you play this game well
it’s fun warm up game has good structures of questions that you can
practice extensive vocabulary and of course it’s great for all levels it’s a
really fun game and I would recommend it to everybody who’s getting started some
adaptations of course if you wanna make it harder easier give more or less clues
give more or less instructions answer with some adverbs, sometimes,
rarely or don’t say the object at the start and make it really difficult so
yeah a common mistake you might hear is oh is it big is it small sizes relative
an elephant is small to a blue whale so yes we need to change that question to
something like is it bigger, smaller than than make a comparative statement so
yeah guys let’s take a look at this game in action I’m thinking of an animal all right
what’s your first question ? where is the animal lives?.. so remember what I said, yes
or no, I need to answer this animal lives in the south America? does this animal live in South America.. actually yes, surprisingly yes, giving you
a clue already but i shouldn’t does this animal can fly? think about your question can you
restructure that again? does this animal can fly? hmm does this animal flies? Does this animal fly or can this animal fly, you’re talking about ability yeah, can this animal fly? no this animal cannot fly no it does does
this animal live in the forest? does this animal live in the forest no, no. is the animal a bat? is the animal a bat? you’re going for a guess already it’s not a bat, you need more
information so so far you have is it lives in South america sorry, i said pet p – pet pet P – E – T Bat So eh and ah and b and per ber – per so is this animal a pet? is the animal
a pet – no it’s not a pet – too big to be a pet there you go, is the animal similar a
human? is the animal.. say again? similar full sentence? similar to, similar to human, a human,
is this animal similar to a human? ye, not similar, does the animal live in the ocean? no but now you’re talking about water we might be getting close, ah so yes, I lost another question but does the animal live in the rivers? yeah you can find it in rivers, you can find in rivers? Ye it lives in rivers Rivers, and ponds, lakes Is the animal a carnivore? carnivore? is the animal a
carnival , erm no its not no? Not a carnivore Can we eat the animal? Can we eat the animal.. we can eat the animal, but we wouldn’t, yeah, so yeah humans do not eat this animal no, is extinct animal? is
this animal extinct is the animal extent no it’s alive, alive and well, it’s not
extinct, all right so this animal okay it’s not only in South America you can
also find actually it’s very strange there’s not
many in South America there in South America for a very strange story
actually mainly in Africa this animal you’re mainly find in Africa and it’s a
very big animal, does the animal have big ears? actually it has small ears, yeah everything else is big but the ears, small ears? small little ears big everything else, big nose, big face,
big head, big body, little legs i’ll give you the last clue, it only lives in South America because of a man called Pablo
Escobar Does this animal have a horn? does this animal have a horn?
no, it’s not a rhinoceros the animal is a giraffe? A giraffe? Is this animal a giraffe? No Ah no? no is a giraffe? does this animal, is the animal
similar a horse? is the animal similar.. again? how do we say this? – TO a horse – no it’s
not similar to a horse is the animal A zebra? No its not a zebra Is the animal from the family of cats? no. its not a carnivore not a carnivore? ohhh okay.. hip.. ye is the animal a hippopotamus ? Is the animal a hippo… potamus? or aka, hippo, it’s a hippo yea! Is the animal a hippo? it’s a hippo yeah a hippo, ahh ye, we got there alright, err well done, well done So as you saw from this quick lesson that this game allowed me the teacher to bring out many mistakes from the student and correct those
mistakes and also for me the teacher to be more aware now of the students
mistakes so that for future lessons we can work on these mistakes together of
course for the student the same thing the student as the lesson progressed
started correcting his sentences and started thinking about the structure a
little bit more so it’s a really really good icebreaker lesson just because it
allows confidence and the student to feel comfortable and of course for me
the teacher it also allows me to discover some of their mistakes and base
their level so it’s a really really great game of course doesn’t have to be
teacher to student yeah student to student can play it and correct each
other that’s even better so guys try out this game it’s a bit of
fun you know try it out with other people who you learn English with you
know you can play on long car journeys when you’re traveling when you’re bored
so it’s a really great game and yes I would recommend it to all yes so thank
you for watching guys I hope you learned something today as always if you did
please like and subscribe my channel and I will be back with more videos for now
check out my others thank you very much guys take care cheerio

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