Live Mermaids Swimming in Our Pool!

Live Mermaids Swimming in Our Pool!

[MUSIC PLAYING] -It’s summer time, and in our house, that means lots of outdoor activity, because if the kids are inside all day long, I will go crazy. Rylan is the huge swimmer in our family, and this year for her birthday, she got a mermaid tail. And she’s been having so much fun with it and the other kids have been stealing it so often that we finally got them each their own tails, and now we have mermaids in our pool. And I forgot to mention the shark that trolls the waters too. You’re looking way too comfortable their, Bailey. -We were just reading our books and then you randomly sprayed us with water. -That’s exactly what mamas are for. You swim really well in that mermaid tail, Kamri. -Maybe I am a real mermaid, Mom. -I was dying over Brooklyn in this tail. I swear she looks like a real mermaid. -Daddy! [INAUDIBLE]. -Whose feets are those? -Mine. -Those are Peasies feet and they’re kicking, kicking, kicking. -Yeah. I didn’t get in the pool. -In the pool, huh. No tail for you yet because you don’t know how to swim, so you just get a little mermaid swimsuit. -What’s that? -A shark. -A shark? So be honest with me. Is it hard to swim in the tail? -It’s actually pretty easy, but it was a work out for my abs because your feet are together, so you’re pumping that tail to get swimming. -Doing the dolphin kick? -Yeah. -Well, I’d rather have you doing that than sitting around watching TV all summer. Bonus for you guys, we’re actually giving away three of these awesome mermaid tails. Now, if you’d like to enter the giveaway to win one of these, you need to go to and mention the color and the name of the tail that you would like to win in our comments section below on this video. Now, we’re closing out the giveaway on June 11th at midnight central time, and we’ll be announcing the winners on June 15th in our video. So if you hear from anybody before June 15th, it’s not us that you’re hearing from. As an added bonus, finfun has given us a coupon code for 10% off it is good until June 30th and the coupon code is CGH10 You can be cool and have mermaids in your pool like we do. Thanks, guys, and we’ll see you later. Bye bye.

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  1. Kak bagus lebih bayak lagi
    Dong pelis dong

  2. i just realised that brooklyn didnt swim

  3. ? I’m no ordinary girl. I’m from the deep blue underworld ?

  4. I got one for my birthday I got the one Brooklyn has

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  6. I really want a mermaid tail because I want to swim in the water and Joey and see how it's for a mermaid and I want the colour to be purple thank you

  7. Omg I remember watching this years ago! Holy Mac

  8. can i pleas have a mermaid tail i never got one i am broke??on money

  9. when you’ve memorized the voiceover-

  10. OMG Arash I really love mermaids it's so beautiful I really want my sister she's right cuz you spend a lot of money I really want to watch

  11. is that mini brocken and baily stupid auto correct


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  18. Say mermaid five times and then report this on a different video then tuch water

  19. Why is this randomly recomended to me now?

  20. Omg my 6 year old self is quaking ?

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  22. Besos ??‍♀️??

  23. I like to wear a mermaid tail too! I wish my mom will buy me one and I wish to that i can swim like they

  24. this brings back so many memories oml

  25. A pink mermaid tail please

  26. I use to watch this 6 years ago and now I’m watching it again used to be my favourite vid


  28. Why does this lady have so many kids!?

  29. Came back to this video to say thank you! When I was younger, I dreamed of having a finfun mermaid tail and would watch this video over and over again because I could never get enough of it. Now, I’m an ambassador for FinFun and get a free tail each month for a year, and have a pro monofin from mertailor on its way to my house! Thank you for the inspiration, it has really helped my dreams come true!

  30. I have one but its too big!

  31. Did anyone noticed that BAILEY was not shown in her Mermaid Suit??? I think all of us missed it… Do agree "LIKE" ….. if not "COMMENT" why not!!

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  33. Your video change my life forever thank you ?

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  35. My name is Janaya and I want a Fin Fun Mermaid Tail so bad can't you guys said you're selling away mermaid tails and I really want one and so my birthday is November 13th and I really just want to mermaid tail for my birthday and I like mermaids cuz they cool different to swim with all I dream about is mermaids I wish I was one if you give me one you can just send it to me cuz if you do I'll subscribe and I am I'll hit that like button and I'm subscribed and I'm still subscribed to you


  37. When I was little I watched this all the time! ?

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  48. I have my own fin fun mermaid tail. mine is emerald green with black bwetteween the skills and its simple like Rlyan and I am good with swimming with it and its fun to swim in. I can tell you more about it like the safety stuff and how to put it on if you reply to this ciomment and like this comment

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