Live PD: Police Games (Season 4) | A&E

Live PD: Police Games (Season 4) | A&E

We’re en route to a unit, he just had a you just had a chase on foot, I believe he’s got the individual in custody right now so we’re heading over there to see if he needs any more assistance, not a whole lot of information at this time just that he was chasing one. I told you if you ran then I would chase you You wanna know what happened? So when I put him on trespass last week he said, so I can’t come back right, and I said no you can’t come back he said well then I see you I’m gonna run, and I said well if you run I’m gonna chase you he was like well you’re gonna put out an APB on me I said how about this I’ll make you a deal, if you run and you get away I won’t take out a warrant on you, but if I catch you
you’re gonna take your charge like a man I’m a man of my word too though, right? I told you I was gonna run. He got me for the trespass and then we made that little deal So you had to go back for em? Stopped you
for a minute. Oh man did it break up em? No. So you still got shades. Still got em. That’s the end of that story. but he’s still a good guy
he’s not locking me up he’s giving me a citation. What is a summon of the court? So the game will continue is what you’re telling me? No that was the one and only time. One and only time for running you’re just not gonna come here anymore? Yeah I wasn’t playing I wasn’t supposed
to come over tonight I just was at the store and I seen a familiar face and just thought I’d try my luck and my luck is bad today So Pitts recognized him from placing
him on trespass within the last few weeks and recognized him to be on this
piece of property where he was told he’s not allowed to be so that’s why he ended
up getting out with him and then the agreement took place where the foot
chase was on trying to catch but they both held up their end of the bargain
Pitts said he would just give him a ticket and he owned up to it said he was
caught so sounds like it all worked out pretty well. Alright dude until next time. No more games? One time deal? alright man be good. Go take a nap. you

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  1. He took it like a man!;)

  2. Playing tag with your friends except whoever is it goes to jail ? this is so wholesome.

  3. See he didnt get shot

  4. Cops are people too!?

  5. Sounds fair to me lol

  6. Kudos, Mending fences building bridges.

  7. USA logic:

    Get caught with a little bit of weed ==> jail
    Run away from the cops ==> a ticket and a fistbump from the cops

  8. A nice game of cops and robbers

  9. All time favorite episode! Just wish we could have seen the chase and catch! ??

  10. I would have loved to see footage of the actual chase. They were probably giggling like it was a game of schoolyard tag ?

  11. Real life cops and robbers

  12. this is what happens when everyone is treated like human beings dude made a .mistake he owned up to it he didn't get shot choked or arrested he was treated with respect which in return he got respect for them it can be like that all the time just takes respect and dialogue

  13. These cops are cool! They were actually cool.

  14. Than the cops and the guy smoked a blunt together after the cops finished their shifts.

  15. A video that actually made me laugh… The guy was funny..

  16. I bet they were running fast

  17. Superhero tattoos would have been all "sorry but you misheard, you going to jail"

  18. Did you know you can’t breathe and smile at the same time? ?

    I know you can, just wanted to make you smile ♥️

  19. It’s garbage like this is why the Richland County Sheriff Department is a joke. They talk to criminals like they are friends. I wish this department would leave Live PD.

  20. Anyone get that ad with the guy from buzzfeed

  21. He’s probably well known by the Officers in that area lmao

  22. Cool cop. Need more of that

  23. You wouldn’t leave your windshield wipers on with no rain in your personal car but you’ll do it to the car provided to you with taxpayer money…

  24. This was a good one

  25. How it should be done.

  26. the 2 cops in the beginning look like twins

  27. What even is this, lol

  28. Love it when you see things like this

  29. Good break of pacing for the show.

  30. Funny and fun, but probably not a great idea to encourage running from the police

  31. See God is in control

  32. Why is Live PD on trending all the time now???

  33. Must be nice to have black privilege. Cops are so afraid of being called racist that they let blacks do anything they want. If I trespassed and ran from the cops, I'd go to jail, not have them write me a ticket and joke around with me.

  34. Wish cops would be more like that here in Northern Ireland, you have to proper boot lick in order to get away with a warning / ticket, would love it if they where more down to earth and communal about it.

  35. They probably solicited a trespass, or illegally gave him a trespass meaning the officer had no rights to give him a trespass. A&E and Live PD are actively conditioning its viewers to allow the police to violate its citizens rights by showing police breaking policy and/or violating the rights of its citizens, in a light of acceptability by airing it on television as if they're not doing anything wrong. When they clearly are.

  36. I wish the cops that got me was like this??‍♂️

  37. this is by no means a happy time for that man, when the police are making money off of this interaction by ticketing him. He will incur fees upwards of over $200.00 that if isn't payed warrants will be issued for him to be brought before a judge to respond to his non paying of fines and possibly jailed for non payment of fine plus his driving privileges will be suspended in a vicious cycle made to keep the poor poor and unable to succeed. Sure he could've never shown up to that area and its his own fault but we dont know his situation as the police want us to excuse poor police behavior because we dont know what situations an officer was in on his shift, well we dont know what situation that man was in thats causing him to show up back in a place he was trespassed (which we dont know if it was a legal or a solicited trespass, -which makes a difference) police are not good people statistically so keep that in mind. If they are unwilling to consider what a person is going and excuse that man then dont expect for the public to excuse police officers poor behavior.

  38. Awesome ? Love Cops?

  39. Had a cop like him, where he'd let us slide I on certain things and would ask if we're doing good in school ?

  40. Need that cop around my area ?

  41. Cops in Richland county are mostly cool. People run for dumb petty charges when they will help you out by putting in a good word if you don’t run anyway.

  42. That was pretty cool .. why he would go back ion know but very funny ?

  43. This a ????? example for you black folks stop smoking ????? ?????

  44. It’s nice to see some officers that aren’t trigger-happy

  45. First time seeing a genuine good cop.

  46. White Racist Police. Stopping innocent people because of the color of their skin.

  47. Hello, Humans.
    "You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist." -Indira Gandhi


  48. This was my favorite clip to date reminds me of some of the cops in my town half are really cool and the other half just take their role to serious.

  49. More officers like this please


  51. I use to live in small town and the town cop would dare us to come out and try running from him past cur-phew

  52. I read the title as Life PD

  53. I need this song every time i walk into the room.

  54. It starts with officers like THESE….

  55. I love it when a plan comes together

  56. I’m proud to see some grade A SC officers

  57. Now why didn't the cop shoot him in the back isnt that what all cops do to black men

  58. Cop was thinking "def releasing him just so we can do that again"

  59. He probably saw him run like this before and so he didnt have a problem challenging him

  60. Nice refreshing clip

  61. See. If you're cool with the cops you can even run from them and get away with it

  62. I believe his teeth were interfering with his ability to think clearly. "You didn't catch me, I fell"

  63. This is how "cops and robbers" should be.

  64. That copper is cute

  65. What a wholesome clip lol

  66. I love these officers

  67. In a weird way this is what we need, more of just the civility I guess

  68. man these are cops bro. I have nothing but RESPECT for these officers.

  69. "I fell man" ??


  70. If the guy was black… Oh wait

  71. Sargent gonna be pulling that officer into his office for this one ?

  72. Great example of white cop/black "suspect" gone right. Cool guys right there, hope the guy trespassing gets his stuff together better he's got potential in life if he doesn't already got something coming. All you need in life is a good attitude

  73. He will be back again….and again and again and again……

  74. Cops shouldn't be cutting deals with criminals lol

  75. This is the chillest cop ever bro, I really wanted to see the agreement part with js them two tho

  76. Both of the parties involved were really cool in all honesty.

  77. This is also great.

  78. So proud of being ignorant

  79. "If I ran and got away he wouldn't put out an APB on me"
    Life goals!

  80. Today's police and politicians of the U.S ARE domestic terrorists

  81. Cops and robbers adult edition

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