Live Tv on Smart TV PC Laptop any Browser on any Internet | Watch Live Cricket Score 2019

In this video, we learn about how to play Live TV on any network or internet On your PC, Laptop, Smart TV on any deiveces watch on any network or internet connection You don’t have to restrict on Jio Or Airtel network I’ll tell you two ways to watch live both technics are so simple and easy befor that I want to tell you something, when ever you search on Youtube or google how to watch live tv you got so many wrong and misleading technic that most of them in 2019 90% of them don’t work another 10% don’t work on slower laptop or PC. They suggest to install android immulator but in slower Laptop like my laptop if my youtube video raw file size more then 2-3 GB then it became hang if I install another software or if i instal I have to use network specific tv application to run network specific application works on their sim or network only if install jio tv from India then you have to put Jio sim in your smartphone then wifi thered to your PC or Laptop or you have to buy extra jiofi router that cost extra money to invest second way that we find on internet that you cromecast or make connection through cable these technics are time consuming and painful if chromecast then you drain your smartphone battery and not getting sufficient buffer if you watch on smartphone then it’s screen size is small to enjoy and you want to watch on your PC, laptop In my case I work on laptop along with I want to watch business news anytime. If youu want to watch on your PC, Laptop on any network want to watch live tv then you must watch this video completly. Let’s come to the laptop screen. The 1st way is go to chrome webstore search for Jio TV Web then enter install JioTV Web Universal extension this is a simple extension install and click on the extension this is first way if you don’t want to install any extension then the second method is type on your broswer or or all links are in the description you may click on that link you can easily enjoy the live tv I can’t play the content right now due to copyright issues onYouTube you try that link on your broswerand enjoy Wheather it’s HD or SD any live channels works in this method and the nice thing is that you don’t have to install any thing and no network restriction. Now the main question is If this method break or change then what you will do? For this you have to show your subbort by subscribe and press the bell icon so any changes on link we’ll update you about this and you’ll get notified Thank You so much for watching this video if you like our video then Like Share and Subscribe because we deliver more video like this.

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