Liverpool 2-0 Watford | Salah’s sensational double sees off Watford | Highlights

Liverpool 2-0 Watford | Salah’s sensational double sees off Watford | Highlights

Sarr. And the delivery was for Deeney, Here’s Salah.
Lovely spin. Well, he had two waiting in the middle. That’s a nice ball, Liverpool caught out,
Etienne Capoue’s made a brilliant run, three wait in the middle. Oh, the pullback was
for Abdoulaye Doucoure. It’s on for Mohamed Salah. Absolutely marvellous goal. Stunning. It’s a really good run. Decent ball as well,
it’s gonna come to Ismaila Sarr… Oh, my word. That’s a horrible miss.
They might still have a chance… Shaqiri. That’s his ball – oh, stunning! Sadio Mane, absolutely brilliant. ..that Sadio Mane was offside,
and that line is perhaps telling you that he is. Here’s Milner – oh, glorious pass, on to Salah. Ball running away from him,
and allows Ben Foster to make the challenge. Now what can Watford
make of being gifted a corner? Deulofeu’s hit the woodwork. Here’s Mane at the other end. Salah waiting, it’s pulled back, Divock Origi – Mohamed Salah! How on earth do you finish like that?

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  1. Flamenguista ainda tem coragem de dizer que o Flamengo vai ganhar do Liverpool de salaah

  2. Forzaaaaa Liverpool ❤❤??

  3. Vamos rayados!! Ⓜ️?

  4. Tigres di Monterrey you are dead

  5. What a great performance from salah

  6. Манэ, забил=чистый гол.

  7. how salha making room for the ball going into nets like a straight arrow was really fantastic to watch…

  8. Mohammed Salah ❤ Sadio Mane ❤ ??????????

  9. Why are people so dumb … Mane was offside, don't blame VAR,blame the rules

  10. We are waiting for Liverpool on Club World Cup
    , Go Monterrey Mexico

  11. the commentator said Mohamead and this is correct name
    Very Thank to Him

  12. Can my brothers support me by watching, may God protect you

  13. Salah is king in liverpool

  14. Now every one know why liester City and many clubs want to make injury of salah
    Injury of salah = many milions uk pound loss for liverpool

  15. Just only one thing for salah i want to adjust
    You salah must celebrate with your team
    Especially the one who make assist like origi he was wonderfull speed for assist
    Salah and origi too much speed passing

  16. that nutmeg was subtly filthy

  17. Don't forget the assist maker salah run for him and celebrate together
    You are best player but you don't play alone

  18. People who were saying 1 season wonder….. Here you go

  19. Watford chances are hilarious ?

  20. Fantastic goooooooooool from Mohammed Salah انا مصري

  21. The Egyptian King??

  22. فخر مصر و العرب

  23. صلاح ابننا هيفشخ اوروبا ب اكملها ?
    عربي مر من هنا ?

  24. Why did mo salahs second goal go to var? There was a defender on the ground past the keeper?

  25. When you realize Origi is meant to pass
    But the style looks like he missed the ball
    Smart indeed

  26. محمد صلاح ابن بلدي مصر ??
    فخر العرب ♥♥?

  27. God blesse you my dear shala

  28. This year is our year

  29. صلاح العالمى???

  30. Lipo hv too many killing machine. Origi mane salah fermino

  31. Mohammad salah is the best

  32. صلاح العشق ?????☺

  33. if without VAR, it would be 3 – 0

  34. I think liver pool has already won this league….

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  36. I like Liverpool ?

  37. maybe the wind change the direction of the ball

  38. The VAR is ending the excitement and magic of football.


  40. watford's finishing was the exact opposite to liverpool's wow

  41. Mo Salah Mo Salah Mo Salah

  42. Liverpool,,, welcome to QAtar ❤️❤️

  43. Je quif Liverpool FC c'est mon club préféré

  44. Dissapointed they didnt show firmino karate kick

  45. wait, what? that wasn't offside

  46. 1:25 guy is literally ON the line and still raises his arm for an offside ??

  47. مين عربي يعمل لايك

  48. flamengo ta ferrado

  49. Salah goal was amazing..

  50. Salah’s second goal deserves Ballon D’or alone ????????

  51. van a perder con los rayados… viva méxico

  52. Champions and monterrey


  54. Te espero na final do Mundial….
    Obs = sou flamenguista ✌️✌️

  55. nossa o que errou o adversário não esta escrito kkkkkk

  56. Flamengo ganha de 3 a 0



  59. Flamengo campeão de novo

  60. التعليق الاجنبي يرفع الضغط

  61. How on earth you finish like that …
    Well said….


  63. Com esse jogo aí que vai ganhar do flamengo, mais homem não mim faça rir.?⚫?⚫?

  64. Esse Liverpool nem é isso tudo , Flamengo vai deitar e rolar nesse timeco sem mundial ?⚫?⚫⚫??

  65. Flamengo campeão ?

  66. The VAR in EPL is a disgrace

  67. Villa 5 Liverpool 0

  68. Mo Salah Egyptian king ? ??⚽️?✌???❤️

  69. Never mess with mohamed.S

  70. Mo salah the best player in the world after Lionel Messi ❤️

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