Liverpool 2-1 Brighton | Van Dijk headers see off Brighton | Highlights

Liverpool 2-1 Brighton | Van Dijk headers see off Brighton | Highlights

It’s still Mane. It’s Roberto Firmino! Super stop. That’s a really good hand by Mat Ryan. Liverpool’s free kick, it’s Alexander-Arnold, and Van Dijk jumps! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Another Liverpool set-piece, Alexander-Arnold
has already set one goal up… Make that two, same combination. Virgil van Dijk is the Premier League’s
top-scoring defender. That’s Propper.
Nice little interchange of passes. And Propper’s effort
had to be saved by Alisson. That’s a foul by Propper,
Mane rides it beautifully though. And on to Firmino, and now Salah, and Oxlade-Chamberlain! More defending for Liverpool to do here. That’s come down,
off the head of Lewis Dunk. Brilliantly won back, Andrew Robertson. Just wanted it so much.
And it comes to Oxlade-Chamberlain! How’s that not gone in? Forward looking for Trossard. And Alisson comes for it. Now then, has
he handled that, the Liverpool goalkeeper? It’s Dunk. Oh, he scores
and catches Liverpool out! While Adrian was setting his wall up.

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  1. Dunk is incredible ☠

  2. Dunk did a "Barcelona 4-0" set piece on Liverpool

  3. VVD best player of 2019!

  4. It's good that we are complaining about not getting a clean sheet, that means it became boring getting 3 points because we always get them anyway so we have to aim for clean sheets to make the match more exciting. YNWA

  5. VVD vs B&H Albion 2-1.

  6. صلى على محمد.

  7. Van Dijk is not only a defender but also a striker defender.

  8. Liverpool is best team this year

  9. Virgil is the best defender and for me the real Golden Ball 2019 (no Messi and no Ronaldo! !!). YNWA

  10. Massive headers by VVD


  12. Adrian is not Liverpool level player

  13. I hope that idiotic refery loses his job because he always does the same thing with liverpool. Plus why would Alison do such a thing.

  14. เเพ้บ้างก็ได้ เลสเตอร์จัะได้สนุก

  15. To be honest, it is really a useless red card……

  16. Good win it wasnt the best performance but we still won ?

  17. Scoateti canalele de de sports de pe pagina mea de youtube prostie escrocherie

  18. All who say liverpool live a like liverpool is my side from I little till now

  19. everybody know Martin Atkinson hate liverpool , he use he's power try to destroy liverpool. because he's dog(man utd)

  20. We were changing as club when Klopp said he rather win 2-1 than 5-0.

  21. Martin Atkinson is cheater

  22. With this Squad, Im pretty sure Liverpool gonna win the PL and UCL, Such a great team, Klopp & the team build this team from scratch to an Incredible strong team. Hats off to Rogers too

  23. Still in 1st gear.

  24. When you'd rather get sent off than spoil your clean sheet. Love Alisson!!

  25. Van dijk balon de oro

  26. We are gunna SMASH neverton Wednesday ! ……2-1 ?

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  28. Thanks god for everything.??

  29. Liverpool lagi wintrik

  30. The champion The Reds LIVERPOOL

  31. Legend says Adrian is still placing the wall

  32. Claudio bravo ? Alisson.

  33. VAR helps liveropool to become champion.?

  34. Van dijk=Merih Demiral liverpool defense

  35. Was that VVD's screaming "MINE!!!!" right before each header?

  36. Virgil Van dijk king of header

  37. Next few weeks or so will make liverpool more sceptique about title … 24 rounds to be over… too far… weak up 🙂

  38. Liverpool. A team who only win a game 2-1. How useless.

  39. What was Becker thinking? ?

  40. Van dijk performance allways on top

  41. Yeah we know Alisson was foul.. but hey referee can u give at least 10seconds for Adrian to prepare himself….. uh?

  42. This year 19/20 Liverpool may be win premier league antil 30 years Liverpool can't win eny premier league

  43. Wow keepers on fire

  44. Miss liverpool jokes ?

  45. Atkinson OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Why highlights liverpool never hav replay scene..we want replay for the goal

  47. Почему не кроют этого Дейка?

  48. Liverpool wapewe kombe lao tu ?

  49. We almost lost the game .
    Lets see the next game now i hope you play one team one goel one dreams.
    You human's are selfish always want more .
    For some reason they believe in their self more then they believe in the team. With out Liverpool you are nothing am talking to all you players. Can we please win as one team like some one said please let us win this Year after that u can go to hell.

  50. Why liverpool struggle in the CL but nailed it in PL ?

  51. Liverpool 2019-20 #19 incoming..

  52. Martin Atkinson is a nonce, spread the word

  53. Alisson foi expulso Liverpool tomou gol

  54. someone please educate me on the referee‘s thinking process.. adrian still at the post arranging the wall and that *** blowing right away?

  55. Shame. Brighton celebrate THAT goal? That is the worst and most unfair goal I’ve ever seen.
    Anyway, great performance from our wall.

  56. Leicester win premier league

  57. Who is that shouting right before the Van Dijk goals??

  58. Liverpol nao tem mundial, nem copinha

  59. Van Dijk ballon d'or

  60. Salah mane firmino

  61. Lol I instantly skipped to his header

  62. Liverpool is the best

  63. Apparently Brighton's goal should have been ruled out. It said when 3 or more players make a wall the opposition should be at least a yard away. I did not know that. Bring on Everton.YNWA

  64. Freekick Dunk vs Corner TTA ?

  65. best save in the match: 1:14

  66. Quem é Mengão e tá vendo os jogos do Liverpool da Like

  67. In future with these free kicks, we should have someone to stand right in front of the ball until our wall is formed, or find some other way to delay the free kick.

  68. Andrian. I could of saved that

  69. Love ?? love ?? ?? the video

  70. Who's here after he was snubbed, PS imma United fan, I hate Liverpool but VVD is amazing

  71. Manchester United fan since I was 8!! But can’t hate on this team! Amazing! The coach, the players! Damn what I would do to have Klopp at Manchester United..

  72. Full back assists defender.. twice

  73. after join liverpool , Adrian to be a star 🙂

  74. VVD is the best defender Liverpool ever had! Like if u agree

  75. That is not fair referee

  76. Ai ai ai cool van deik ??????

  77. 0:17 Football is not on the corner marker. Does it mean that such goal could be disqualified by VAR if appealed? I'm a Liverpool fan. Just wanna know the official rules on this.

  78. "Free kick taken quickly"
    KARMA ??
    What you do to others will also be dobe to you

  79. come back when you have won the prem 13 times fact

  80. Hi Brasil ????????

  81. next merseyside derby

  82. Why Van dijk didnt win the golden Ball. Why? ?

  83. Can't we wait until April before starting to talk like we've already won the league? FFS

  84. alisson is in bad form give him more trainings for him to recover


  86. Sad times Alison becker????????????‍♂️??‍♀️??‍♂️ just sad

  87. Dia 21 /12 / 2019 FLAMENGO 3x 0 LIVERPOOL

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