Liverpool 5-2 Everton | Five-star Reds win Merseyside derby | Highlights

Liverpool 5-2 Everton | Five-star Reds win Merseyside derby | Highlights

Sadio Mane has it, and that’s for Origi, and Divock Origi’s done it again! Always scores against Everton
at Anfield on derby day. Mane’s clipped it through, Shaqiri! Oh, my, oh, my!
That is absolutely brilliant. Davies, Iwobi’s cross… And it might come for Michael Keane! Who rattles the ball beyond Adrian. It’s been the feistiest start
to a derby we’ve had for a long time, that’s towards Origi, glorious take, Divock Origi! Route one from Liverpool results
in another Divock Origi goal. And Mane,
there was an attempted foul on him by Iwobi, but this is Alexander-Arnold
and he’s got Shaqiri in support, and he’s got Mane as well! One end to the other –
unbelievable first half. If they get one before half-time they might
think they can get back in this – and they do get one back, it’s Richarlison. Jordan Henderson, look at Wijnaldum’s run. It’s beyond him for Sadio Mane,
what a first touch! That was the derby wrapped up for Liverpool,
and Sadio Mane of all people. He’s given Holgate the run-around,
Gini Wijnaldum! Wraps it up for Liverpool!
Number five with number five! And it is all smiles on derby day now.

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  1. Não vejo nada demais nesse time. Flamengo tem chance de ser campeão.

  2. I cannot believe Jordan Pickford is England's best goalkeeper..

  3. who noticed the ref ran to celebrate shaqiri goal

  4. And mane ending at 4th place of golden ball…..????

  5. Flamengo tá chegando porraa!!!!!!!

  6. Sadio iis the new Pelé. Wait and see. The battle to the best is just starting

  7. Why wasn't Richarlison booked for his collapsing, holding his leg, seemingly in agony, when Wijnaldum didn't touch him? Don't give me delayed reaction to the slight scuff from Alexander- Arnold. To compound the felony Everton get a corner from the free kick and Kean scores!!

  8. is moe sala left liverpool

  9. What a play from sadio mane, genius football play. He Should be placed higher than 4rd placed for ballon d’or

  10. so this is the team that will lose to flamengo

  11. Gini with the TrapMash celebration

  12. Everyone's reaction when team was announced before the game. ?
    After the game everyone's reaction, Klopp is bloody genius! ?

  13. Sadio mane besth player in the world

  14. Vaaaaammmmoooooo Liverpoollllll, fuder com a mulambada…

  15. Origi be like: Glad that I scored only two. If more than that, opponent's GK will retire right after this match. So I still respect the GK.

  16. Benar2 perkasa….

  17. O ANO É: 1981
    ?⚫ FLAMENGO?? 3 X 0 ?LIVERPOOL???

  18. Gini's celebration always makes me so happy!

  19. Good game but i dont think you Will win the league. Have you seen arsenal in their last games they play amazing and i think they Will beat you to the tittle

  20. Damn
    Sadio mane MOTM
    2 assist 1 goal

  21. Wonderful !!! ❤❤

  22. Una maquinita perfecta!

  23. Love accurate long through pass the most. So beautiful for me.

  24. Mane is great player , i dont know how, people still think that Salah was the best

  25. They say that in Brazil there is a Flamengo guy who wants to be world champion! ??

  26. Liverpool

  27. I love liverpool…

  28. origi & mane led strikes again.

  29. next Bournemouth baby's & another's easy victory strikes again..

  30. annoying defense & GK PROBLEMATIC STRIKES AGAIN!. or hilarious.

  31. EPL TROPHIES confirmed baby's. can't wait.

  32. So glad for my boys Big Shaq and Origi

  33. Sadio Mane deserves to play with Messi so come to Barca

  34. Wait, Flamengo hehe buai
    Edit: its hard i want to win,liverpool is strong.

  35. Liverpool 7×0 Flamengo

  36. What do you think of Trent Alexander Arnold

  37. Tell me one position that is weak in theLiverpool team?

  38. Klopp shd sub more players eg origi, shaqiri cos they r great too

  39. Get ready Reds We gonna spank you all in the final.Mengo is coming!!

  40. That no.2 player from everton seems to be enjoying a leisurely sunday morning jog. He seems to want his manager sacked really badly. Look at all the goals n even mane's miss. Zero effort from that bozo. Granted, i didnt watch the game, but seems that from the highlights that serge aurier isnt the april fools joke of a footballer. This guy takes the cake. Liverpool should award him a win bonus.

  41. heyy ,i came from the futere and i just wanted to say that FLAMENGO will destroy LIVERPOOL in the final of the FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP 2019

  42. Liverpool wapewe kombe lao tu ? the

  43. Liverpool vs viet nam?

  44. Shaqiris was d kind of performance..which shud bench the great Salah…it wud be unfair if Shaq still doesnt get enuff game time


  46. Firmino,,you are so cruel?

  47. Mane is on fire????????

  48. 609 dislikes from Evertonians.

  49. I'm watching this after our loss. I miss good football. Cheers Liverpool

  50. If the goal from origi to go 3:1 up isn’t in the goals of the month for December I’m gonna b raging

  51. Champions league √
    Super cup√
    Club world cup?
    Carabao cup?
    FA CUP?

  52. Flamengo vs Liverpool World Cup final place your bets

  53. Liverpool means business!

  54. wijnaldum celebrating gabigol?

  55. yea am subbing to anyone who likes and comment

  56. Mane Origi Shaqiri.. Is better than Mane Firmino Salah.Each game they play, Liverpool must score than 2 goals.I wonder why Klopp wont give them more chance, Imagine if Ox was in place of lallana, Shots would have been flying anyhow.

  57. Look at your missus the way Gini looks at the Kop

  58. 1:25 homenagem ao gabigol KK

  59. “No Salah, no Firmino, no problem for Liverpool!”

  60. Shaq sacked another Manager

  61. Shaqiri….? Had forgotten about him…

  62. Где Салах????

  63. Não adianta puxar o saco do GABIGOL não, vamos furar a rede de vocês!

  64. Firmino vs. Holgate was the main highlight here hahaha

  65. 1:17 When you realize that Bobby celebrate his assist with Big Shaq's style ?

  66. Origi at Liverpool is on his way of becoming something similar to what Inzaghi was at Milan and that is awesome!

  67. السلام عليكم حبايبي ان شاء الله يعجبكم الفيديو و تستمعوا فيه

    لا تنسوا تشتركوا في القناة و تحطوا لايكات

  68. Mane all ways the main man!!

  69. Give Divock more matches please. I dont want him ending up like Sturridge

  70. Origiiiiiiii ?????

  71. That celebration and beautiful smile of gini?
    Brings back hope in life again

  72. Let’s think about the very first man behind Liverpool come the past years : Mr. Klopp

  73. Can Liverpool win this league?

  74. Mané Acabou com o Everton! Hahaha

  75. Flamengo is coming!!!

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