My dream is definitely to become a YouTube star. Soooo, that’s what I’m gonna traeh to do. -laughs- Great11!!1 Another kid on Dr Phil that wants to become a YouTuber. Starting to see a pattern here. -on left hand-
Psychopathic kids. -on right hand-
YouTubers HMMmmMMMmm -hmmming transitions to weird groans and sounds- MmmaUEHUAh -in high pitched voice- What’s up guys? Leafy here and welcome to, call out children week *clap* clap* Remember last dr. Phil video? The spoiled brat kid? NoOoOoOoOo (spoiled bratty cries) Before we get into this Logan Paul look-alike, let’s do a quick follow up Hey, what’s up Nicolette, how’s it going? You doing all right today? Doing all right Hey, so listen so there’s like a lot of people like on the internet that are kind of like hating on you and they’re like Oh don’t make her famous and she doesn’t deserve to be famous They’re just jealous. They’re just jealous of me because obviously I live a great life. – Uh-huh.. And they want my money, they want my car. I like how the interviewer can’t– He just breaks out in laughter. ThEy wANt M y MoNeY. TheY’Re JusT JeALOs They just want your lifestyle? They want it all and they are hating on me because they’re jealous. That’s a good thing. So are you still gonna get your, uh, your g-wagen that you talked about on dr. Phil Yeah, my mom ordered it for me cuz we got some stuff custom. What? I’m sorry, w h a t Even the guy in the back reacted. Dude what? After all that the mom still bought her the car? Are you kidding me?? Hey guys, so I’ve been having a very rough night and day and I thought that I should just rant to the camera because I literally need to vent and nobody wants to listen to me. Well, you’re not wrong about that. What the– she’s sitting at the g-wagen and she has all the bags in the back! And she did a ton of surgery and she’s 15 Jesus Christ, dude. What the hell? Hey, hey, it’s call out children week. It’s all allowed. It’s all okay, it’s okay. We got to move on though I do have three YouTube channels. It’s almost my older videos are me doing makeup tOOtoriel. Wait she has three channels? Reminds me of 2014 YouTube where everyone had like
“Here’s my vlogging Channel. Here’s my gaming channel because I love gaming Okay, not because it’s just popular because I am a big passionate gamer. Okay, and this is my tech review channel This is my–” -chuckles- I also have some videos up on my youtube channel called dare Mondays “dAAre.. mONDayyyyy” In one episode I was dared to eat baby powder. *spits baby powder* *pewds losing his shit* This was before the laundry detergent phase if this happened later she would be gone by now. Dare Mondays, It’s my favorite show. Okay, it’s my favorite show on YouTube. I love her. I love her dare Monday stuff. It’s the best. None of my videos have actually gone viral. The most views I’ve gotten on my youtube channel was 85. Only 85 views? Well, you know, it’s not like I used to refresh my old videos. -cue sad music- So that it would look like they got more views. That– That never happened. Okay, so don’t feel bad about– You should definitely feel bad about getting 85 views. That’s just pathetic. Also, I don’t understand, dare Monday seems so good. Okay number one, Joey Graceffa He -exhales- Okay, he’s perverted like Shane Dawson. But when he’s not, -weird snort- EEE They need some sort of age restriction on YouTube. What if I started doing videos really early Imagine how cringe-worthy that would be if people saw my old videos. That would just be the worst. Alright, how’s it going boys and girls. My name is Peeewdipah, and welcome to a blackops commentary. Ugh. I like how I liked my own videos back then. Alright, okay fine. She wants to become a YouTube star but what’s actually wrong with her? I feel like I have a bright future ahead of me I just think that Kimber needs to step out of my life. 🙁 I called my mom by her name Kimber . Wait, her mom is literally, Susan Wojcicki, see you over YouTube. So we got Logan Paul and Susie. -chuckles- since I’m not in high school right now, I normally go to the skate park. This is me, at the skate park. Really good vlog. Really enjoy that vlog. This is me at the skate park. I won’t lie. This is definitely me when I’m driving. I won’t lie. Okay. All right. Let’s see the sit down with the man, the legend Doctor Phil. Why is every comment you make… Sarcastic? Because I think this is funny, like I’m not even that big of an issue The issue is sitting right there. (BDAGHSHDAGHDA) But why– Man she really hates Susan :(. Her videos must get demonetised -laughter soundtrack- Why is everything you say defensive and sarcastic? Because You’re gonna try and knock me down and pick me apart and find my weak spot I don’t have a weak spot Now, I would never make fun of a 15 year old, but I could probably I could probably find a couple weak spots Just from the get-go, looking like Logan Paul. It’s probably not the greatest thing. How– How do you know what I’m gonna do? I just know. I’ve watched you ever since I was little. I know every aspect on everything. -Audience laughs- *laughs* HHWUHWEUEUUE -creepy music- Well, I’ve been studying you. Doctor Phil. I watched you since I was little. I know every aspecc of everything She sounds like that kid in school that watched porn before everyone else and was like “Guys, I know things, okay? I’ve seen the prophecy. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it all okay? There’s nothing you can say to me cuz I know it all already.” I mean it’s television. It’s not that hard YouTube versus television everybody. Didn’t you say high school was stupid It is! But you do have to get some sort of education, Or else you’re nothing. You won’t ever get a job. You can’t do anything. Well, what happened to becoming a youtuber? You don’t need anything to become a youtuber! I feel like this is the dream of kids these days. It’s like the easy way out now. You can just become a youtuber Oh, you don’t even need to go to school. You can just play games. I still see people posting like “Pewdiepie only plays video games for 10 minutes, and that’s all he ever does.” You’re not– I’m not saying you’re wrong, but guys, it’s really hard. Okay? I’m planning on going to college for cosmetology and crime-scene investigation -CSI:Miami opening soundtrack plays- Hair and makeup, and crime scene investigation everybody. The ultimate match. Why hasn’t anyone ever tried to study that before? That’s all the education you need to become a youtuber. I’m gonna study music and I’m gonna study frogs, okay mom? And if that doesn’t give me a job, I don’t know what will But we don’t get to know that cuz we’re not in her bubble. Why is that funny? Like– Why is that funny? Huh? Why is that funny mom? Why can’t I study hair and crime scene investigation? (so that she can give the corpses a makeover) Yeah. What is a psychopath? Um, she’s ruined my life for the past six– No, I mean, define psychopath. You said she is– Psychopath is… She’s constantly– Not only her just– You said she’s a psychopath, define a psychopath. Psychopath is… you mentally cannot think straight. You mentally do not think your age and you have… Like you just don’t think right. You don’t think like a normal human would. It sounds like she’s describing herself. You don’t have a thought process. Hmm (ahegao) Woah, woah– WhAT THE WHat? What was that?! You don’t have a thought process. -gets possesed- Don’t have a thought process. -demonic sounds- bwjHAAAAAAAA Well, that’s not what a psychopath means at all but– Okay, then define it. I think what you’re saying is you two don’t connect. I want nothing to do with her. But last night you wanted me to come over and rub on your legs and do things. Yeah, cuz I want you to do things for me -Double Facepalm- She rubs her legs? I hate you I want you to go away you’re a psychopath Come here and rub my legs mom like as soon as I get my GED I can start my life Because I’m already an adult. I’ve been an adult since I was little. -hattata puttah putteh- By your definition: Literally a minute ago, a psychopath was what, exactly? You mentally do not think your age, and you have- You mentally do not think your age. “i eM an adOLT” I haven’t done anything for you at all? No, you don’t do anything. Nanny and papa do stuff for me. They have bought me everything. You didn’t even buy me a car! What is with these kids and getting cars? I never got a car when I was a kid. Wah! No wonder so many youtubers are psychopaths! Because all psychopaths want to be youtubers. It all make sense now! Now Logan Paul makes sense, finally Let’s see the parents’ perspective. I’m curious what the parents are gonna say to defend themselves. There is some things that I have done, That I have not done right. We have not parented well.
-We didn’t. There’s not a book about that and I have no clue. Like hell there’s not, I wrote one about that Why didn’t you just buy my book and this would never have happened! That’s a weird look. I do think it’s interesting though How many kids seem to appeal to this idea of the youtubers being so, you know… They’re famous. They make so much money. And you know, you don’t have to go to school You don’t have to do all these things. It’s like a– it’s like an easy way out. It seems like and yEAH, it is Thank you guys for watching this video leave a like if you enjoyed watching and let me know what Since I’m basically the new leafy let me know what kids are should be called out next, Let me know in the comments and leave a like if you’re a kid nine-year-old. And– Oh wait, I can just call out you guys.

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    psychopaths (plural noun)

    a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.


    madman/madwoman · mad person · deranged person · maniac · lunatic · psychotic · sociopath · loony · fruitcake · nutcase · nut · nutjob · cuckoo · psycho · schizo · head case · headbanger · sicko · crank · crackpot · nutter · radge · screwball · crazy · kook · meshuggener · nutso · wing nut


    an unstable and aggressive person.

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