Long Distance Loving – Let’s Play Telling Lies Blind Part 6 – PC Gameplay

Long Distance Loving – Let’s Play Telling Lies Blind Part 6 – PC Gameplay

The rally, that’s a good one to look for later on, too Who’s that guy? Yeah, you’re really good at that, huh, David? Huh… He’s trying to get into the group Yeah? And one of them was Eric; the other
one was the spy that we kicked out before, right? Simon McMillan, Chris, I think? I’m not quite sure, don’t recognize their faces that well December 15 Uh, what’s it again, Simon (Chris) Still trying to get in with them Shooting game, just to remind myself a little bit. Um, you know what? I think I’m gonna
start a new section here just to have keywords to remember to use if
I ever run out of videos to watch which I don’t think will happen, but
important words, “rally” “Prosperen”–I don’t think I’ve even tried that yet Prosperen and then– I feel like I had more when I was
watching, but I don’t remember now Okay… Mmm Well, we’ve been following this line pretty closely and I feel like I want to go back to the camgirl a
little bit because we haven’t seen her in a while And I wonder what her thread to all this is, so I remember before, we–I think we searched
“blondes” and we saw her, so I’ll start here Yeah This is nice. Oh, and these are pairs, wonderful Whoa, whoa, whoa. My monetization, stop
(Welonz chuckles) I don’t know, man. I still like her first
look better. It’s more natural She’s being pretty truthful with him I think about what her role in this really
is, and David is a professional liar but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel
things especially if he says that, “I smile at people because it’s real,
I really do want to smile at them” Then…is he kind of going to the cam girl because he’s really stressed out and he wants somebody to talk to who doesn’t have to– where he doesn’t have to be a liar and a cheater? Hey, my Wi-Fi signal just went
down a little bit. (Welonz chuckles) I can hear what you’re doing in Apartment 3 Oh, wow, we can actually click on these, that’s insane Huh. Don’t suppose we have the
password for any of them, though Okay By the way, do we ever check out like,
uh, the other stuff here? Trash? Hey, I never looked at this before, right? Just art paintings–is this my personal computer
or like, a work computer? I don’t know Weird Hm And I don’t think we have
anything else here. No, not really Anyway, back here Yeah, and then he probably ends up telling her
a bit too much and then at the end there, remember their relationship is like, “I now you’re an FBI agent, David blah blah blah.
This is all fake, snap out of it” This is…February 2nd Um….Yeah, so, pretty early on in the month Have we seen the Snow White one yet?
We’ve seen Sleeping Beauty Does he feel kind of duped ‘cuz it’s all fake? He’s falling in deep “You sound mad” You do She’s even helping remind him that
this is a fantasy land, but he’s…fallen Is he talking about Peter? Yeah So this is real. He really feels angry about this If he didn’t care about Ava, he
wouldn’t be talking the the cam girl about this Hm I put Melissa down here, but it’s not even–Um. Yeah. Little pieces here and there, if he keeps telling her she’s gonna get to know more and that’s how she found out that he’s an FBI agent probably ‘Blonde’ as opposed to blonds? Same thing, ‘brunette’? There we go November 9th November 9th after the rally Oh, my goodness Are we doing “Sleeping Beauty” again, today? (Welonz chuckles) She’s like, checking the screen Is she waiting for a customer to come? The dinging sound How long is this one? Shiz it’s
9 minutes, we got to go fast She’s bored waiting for someone to come Is anybody coming? Her setup is so high-tech, seriously.
She’s not just moving the camera Another dinging sound Don’t think anybody’s coming Gonna go faster I can’t tell if anybody’s here or not; like,
is she trying to entertain anybody or she waiting for someone to come?
She’s definitely not saying anything But she’s also posing Oh. I want to see her face right before this, like– does she change the moment he comes in? He’s telling her more and more Girlfriend, let’s search “girlfriend” later (Welonz chuckles) She knows he’s a cop Oh, my God, she knows that, too Did he tell her willingly, though?
That’s what I wonder about He’s an agent but he can’t find anything on her Real name (Welonz chuckles) Y’know, she’s really damn smart because probably what happened is, he kept
bugging her about her real name and she’s like, “Okay, fine, I’ll just give him
another fake one and he’ll think it’s real” ‘cuz she’s still willing to sell him other
details, which makes him think that whatever else she says is–like,
she’s not telling you everything, but what she is saying is probably
real, a.k,a. the New York thing, which we know is not real;
she does not live in New York. Yeah…and then, “Oh, it’s Melissa”, but it’s not She’s a really smart She needs to be to protect herself and And judging by what we’ve seen so far, the only person who’s made it out of this
whole thing unscathed is probably her Okay, 8:58. “Real name” 8:58, 8:58 They are in the same time zone Which makes no sense if you think about it, but he doesn’t have access to this data, that’s why ‘cuz she lives in New York, that’s on the East Coast
and he’s in the West Coast, though so they shouldn’t be the same time, but
they are because she actually lives in, Ohio Wait, you know how in the beginning.
she wasn’t talking for like, 20 years? Has he been staring at her the whole time? Without making himself known, though?
‘Cuz the video length is the same What–the hell’s he doing, he’s like,
turning around and pretending to not look Maybe he’s wondering, “Oh my God,
should I go talk to her? Should I tell her more?” “It’s bad of me to be doing this, but I’ll do it anyway” And then he’s like, “Okay, fine, I’ll do it” Maybe Yeah, man? He goes in. “Hi, Davey” “Davey” would be a good one,
if we want to see more camgirl videos His lip is still busted from the rally. There was a rally, there was a protest “Have you talked about this girlfriend before?” She’s the same as you You know, the weird thing is, he–
this guy is a professional liar but he gets really emotionally caught up in
all these things that he’s trying to lie about But Melissa, I’ll call her “Melissa” for now. She is the one who’s
the real liar because she can do it without feeling emotional about it. She’s the one who’s not getting hurt A little bit She’s telling her story about the real estate stuff “Your name is not Michelle”? Makes sense. Oh, now she’s talking about the real estate Oh, my God, he’s buying everything But then he says something
that’s almost like an admission of guilt By the way, I just remembered The rally, I put down November 4th, but I think in the November 4th video,
it said that it was tomorrow so it’s actually November 5th, somewhere in that range 5th or 6th, and it seems that he was being up by a to mix and better with the people who will not think he’s an officer because
of that. That’s pretty smart, I guess A lot of other little videos here November 28th August 15, that’s at the very beginning Yeah, he’s–he uses the same pet names
for different girls; Ava is ‘boo’, his daughter is ‘babe’, ‘honey’ is his wife Okay “Isabella”? (Welonz chuckles) Seems like things are taking a sexy turn? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Not you, too Isn’t that amazing though? Just by his facial expressions, we can tell what
kind of turn the conversations are taking That’s really all on the actors.
They were doing a good job Oh, this is not what I want to see. Oh. Hey, what happened?
Somebody else came in the room? (Welonz chuckles) His daughter came. Ah, he called her honey, too Hm, Alba is talking a lot Hm? How come he’s not saying it? “I love you, too”? Is he–maybe she’s trying to guess what he’s saying? “Night”? Video still has one more minute to go.
I expect Emma to come back Now he looks like nobody’s there Oh–maybe somebody fell asleep? 5:45 Isabella (Welonz chuckles) Oh, okay Oh, my goodness Same necklace she wore with–
when she was on a date with Steven (Welonz chuckles) Oh, my goodness (Welonz snickers) That’s so sad, they were having so much fun.
And then the freakin’ daughter comes out of nowhere He was talking to his daughter without
pants the whole time (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) “Why are you naked?” (Welonz chuckles) Oh, daughter. Ahh. Daughter ruining everything Memaw’s cat. Memaw is still right now
already, right? It’s November I mean, I guess so Aw, this is so sweet, though Whole family Skyping Ahh, they’re trying to not wake her up “I want you” No? It’s something I want you, he thinks
she said “I love you”, but it’s “I want you” Heh, I got no clue. Goodnight. And then they just go to sleep with a computer on and he stares
at them for a little bit just Missing his family How can they sleep with all these lights? Goodness This kind of thing goes to show though, you know, be– be aware of what you’re doing on the internet even if you’re not recording yourself.
because somebody out there is Okay Yeah, not–nothing of note here they were
stilll pretty happy. That’s all I want to go back to the camgirl, we’re seeing so
much of the–like, everybody else but like, where is she? “Davey” Here we go, jackpot Hmm…these are pairs. We’ll watch this one first, I guess Halloween? (Welonz chuckles) Oh yeah, that’s
what his wife did too, the vampires “Except for you” Oh, did he tell her already? She gonna tell the real-estate story again? Or her friend? “Earning the big bucks” He’s ‘s actually being truthful My goodness Romanticaly? Is that what inspired you to become an FBI? Ah… He told her a real story Did you become the kind of FBI agent
you dreamt you would be? Oh, boy Now he’s listening to her story Which is also fake, probably Not “probably”, we know this for a fact.
“Yeah, is that a real story?” The one on her chest? Hmm Not so much a sexy talk as uh,
it’s a more normal talk. November 3rd Last year Yeah, he’s been… talking to–er, yeah, he’s not an Emma
but Laura…but at nighttime It’s time with a girl. Oh, wow. Nice costume. She really does
look like um, she’s gone to a Halloween party Thought that was more a woman’s fantasy She understands what she’s doing very well I wonder how the payment works;
is he paying by the minute or–? Usually, for this kind of thing,
would she even be able to see Davey? I would have thought that people
would go in anonymously He just wants somebody to talk to He told her already, though, that he’s an FBI “Why’d you become an FBI”? Mhm. She makes sure to pose nicely
and all throughout the whole story, it’s her job, she’s good at it She also makes sure to not give away the goods too early because you know, paying customers and all that This story is kinda bullshit, right? Hey, the word “divorce” came up, but I didn’t
get it earlier; I didn’t get this video earlier Ban them. “Is that a real story”? Of course not (Welonz chuckles) “How much I tell you depends on how much you pay” and even then, still not gonna tell you the truth Hmm Yeah, these are all just establishing their relationships a little bit more, but we–we’re kind of missing the really explosive ones Yeah. Their cam talks usually happen at nighttime Uhm… There’s two more here, but I wonder about “Max” Is that story real? Oh, there is quite a few more.
Who the heck is this guy? Hold up. Okay, well, we can continue here November 3rd? Yeah, that wasn’t really anything. Oh, but we don’t have the other video to
that do we or–no, we just watched it. This is November 27th She’s gonna keep track of her lies very well Another different look She looks sleepy Yeah, but there’s no visuals. What’s her theme today? Oh, they’re actually doing the phone thing Oh… You get our voice next to your ear And you keep watching her She makes sure to breathe super loudly, too Oh, my goodness That’s probably not her real phone, huh? Her work phone She’s calling him. That’ll expose her own number She’s way too smart for that though,
from what we’ve seen “I cheat on my wife with multiple women including you” They’re like, doing phone sex here but not sexy cuz apparently that’s not what he wants He’s telling her a long story She looks kind of solemn, though Oh shit, he talked about Paul, right? Yeah (Welonz exhales) This is like, a
grocery store romantic novel Oh, my gosh. As a thank-you? Is that ’cause it’s fake? Now he’s just talking back Oh–That’s it Okay Hm, these videos are just them talking back and
forth and getting to know each other and David confiding in her, I guess but at the end of
the day, these aren’t the most important things No Uhh–which keywords can I use from that? I’m not sure. I want to find the other one “Story”? Oh, “phone” how about “phone”? “Phone” Cuz you had to have given her
your phone number. There we go November 27th. I mean, we can put it down
but nothing of importance really happened here Uhh– What did we call her again? I forgot suddenly Melissa, that’s right Oh, they’re in public, I forgot about that Making sure they don’t do anything sexy, but then
she started on with the whole phone business And yet you’re on the computer Okay, I’m game Give me your number and I’ll call
you then you will pick up your phone She’s breathing “Does this make the hair on the back of
your neck stand?” (Welonz chuckles) The phone, “only do it with my favorite customers” That’s so sad, he’s making a ton of new friends here
but he’s really–he really is seeking intimacy He’s so far away from his wife with a new girl,
Ava is someone that he’s not really–oh, Jesus Like, who is the real David?
He has many different identities How did he even get off the hook, though? Just by saying that Paul is a dangerous person? And then Emma just…went along with it. Eugh… “I don’t think your wife would say the same” And then she talks about the story of
how she lost her virginity I’m not sure if that’s a story he really wants to hear Maybe not, judging by his face. He’s very solemn here It’s kind of a sad day for him, huh?
He looks pretty sad the whole time Maybe we should link it back up with the
timeline and see what happened around here His work not going so well, maybe? Oh, my God Well, that’s pretty much it Hm. Nothing too big here Wait, am I home? That guy was naked Might have been like, my husband, or something And that was my cat too, right so–
no, I am home then, it’s not an office It’s just that I work from home and I am tired
because it’s 4 in the morning cuz I don’t have time Why don’t I have time, again? Why don’t I have time again?
We have that little message here before Something bad happened, we need to figure out what that something bad happening is–the rally I’m a vampire–I am a vampire Yeah, I’ve been watching videos for 2 hours straight now, so I think I’ll I think I’ll take a break right here We need to figure out what the bad thing happening is probably when we come back let’s–
let’s go with “rally” or “Prosperen” or something We need to–we keep dancing around the main event, but what’s the
main event? We need to figure that out

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