Long Pimple Attack Against Backspin | PingSkills | Table Tennis

Long Pimple Attack Against Backspin | PingSkills | Table Tennis

In this lesson we’re going to show you how
to attack with long pimples against a backspin ball It is a little bit harder to make an attacking
stroke with the long pimples because you can’t generate your own topspin because there’s
not enough friction on the pimple. But off a backspin ball, the ball is going to hit
your long pimple and go back with topspin. So you’re going to have that natural topspin
to work with. Because the long pimple doesn’t grip the ball
we don’t need to open the face of the racket too much. It’s almost like doing a flat counterhit
against the backspin ball. So the backspin is coming in and we can just go straight through
and up like we would in a normal counterhit. Think about hitting that ball right at the
top of the bounce because that will give you the best angle straight down on to the table
when you’re hitting it faster.

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  1. Why use a pimple paddle? Does a normal one have different techniques

  2. thumbs up! I've been having ideas eversince of hitting the ball earlier with pimples, but I wasn't sure if I was doing it right, but thanks to you, I could fix my gameplay

  3. Same applies when using anti spin against backspin

  4. when I use the shake hand grip, I can barely hit the ball

  5. i guess your the Coach across the whole World and it helped a lot

  6. The best lesson in this topic. Thanks a lot!

  7. Is this possible with penhold grip? tnx

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  9. Lefthand and long pimples , the nightmare of every tabletennisplayer 😀

  10. i have an question can u tell me that if a person is defender than he is using pimpled and if a person is attacker than he is using simpled but a good spin racket etc…than can u tell me is defending is beneficial or attacking

  11. akkadi l2 have sponge or not

  12. Hi thank you for the tips.can you pls tell me if this is applicable for ox rubber long pimple

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  16. It's very difficult to play against super antispin players, plz suggest me the statergy against them.

  17. Do you hit the ball on the side, or on the back, I can't tell. And do you go under the ball, do you use wrist

  18. 1 day ago i so bad used the long pimple. After i trying this trick all off my friends lose against me. Thanks a lot of this tutorial. Dont comment if i bad at english

  19. Against top splin please

  20. When the LP hit the ball it sounded really sharp

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