Love at high speed: Jamie & Christian | A Game For Two

Love at high speed: Jamie & Christian | A Game For Two

I am Jamie Greubel-Poser and I am a bronze medallist
in women’s bobsled. I love bobsled so much because
I’m a very competitive person. Growing up, I was really
competitive with my brother. Anything that we did
we were competing, whether it was a simple thing
like getting in the car first or who could get
in the bathroom first. That’s where
my competitive nature began. I’m Christian Poser,
bobsledder and World Champion. I began in 2008
with bobsledding, and before, I was a former
track and field athlete, I did the 100 and
200 metre races. One day, someone
from the bobsled team asked me if I wanted to try it. I just did it and tried it,
and I think I did a good job. So that’s how it is. The first time
I ever got in a bobsled I was terrified and I hated it.
It was really intense. After my first time
down the track I never thought I’d do it
again. I come from an area in Germany where bobsled or winter sports are not so common, so that
was kind of strange for me, because we have
no big mountains here. I had actually gotten
into grad school at the time and the same girl who took me for my first ride
down the track called me and asked me if I could come
do two competitions with her. Once I got to compete
in the sport of bobsled I totally fell in love with it. I suddenly had
a new passion to pursue. My first competition was,
I think, in 2009 at the Euro Cup. I was pretty nervous. My biggest victory was in 2011 because we won
the World Championships. I was still young
and I learned a lot. We had a great team
and I really enjoyed it. My best moment as an athlete was winning the bronze medal
in Sochi. As an athlete,
you dream about the Olympics your whole life and to actually be
at the Olympics and compete was totally surreal. For me,
it was such an amazing moment. It was very special for me
to have my family in Sochi, Russia,
for the Olympics. They were actually in the stand
when I crossed the finish line with my husband, Christian. To have everyone together to share that moment with me
meant so much. The last Olympic games in Sochi
were really different for me because the German team
did not do really well, while Jamie did really well, so I had a laughing eye
and a crying eye. The most difficult moment
for me in my sports career was when I was injured in 2012. We had a national team camp
in Colorado Springs and we were playing soccer
as a team-building activity. I went to kick the ball and my coach
went to kick the same ball, except he kicked right through
my knee instead of the ball. I tore my ACL
and it was pretty devastating because I had trained so hard
that summer. It was a pretty hard time
for me. I think
the best quality of Jamie is that she can be, like,
extremely focused on something
that she really loves. What would I change
about Jamie? Actually, there’s nothing
I would change, but sometimes it would help her
taking stuff not too seriously. The first time
I ever met Christian was at a World Cup in Whistler,
Canada. We were in the start house and I noticed him
looking at me. He kept looking at me
each day at training and I eventually decided
to go over and introduce myself to him. I just tried to talk to her,
but it was really, really hard because, at this time, my English was actually not so
good. The next time
I spoke with Christian we were in Lake Placid and I was waiting in line
for the bathroom. He came up to me
and said that he liked me and he asked me if I was going
to the party for the World Cup. The day after the party,
Christian went back to Germany and I wasn’t sure
if we would continue to talk. Sure enough, he found me
on social media and he got my number somehow and I started getting
all these messages from him. Over the next three months we had to use
a translator to talk because I didn’t know
much of German and he didn’t really remember much of the English
he learned in school. The most romantic time
with Jamie was for sure our wedding because it was in a romantic
place, like a little castle, and with just our families. So that was extremely romantic. The first time
I came to Germany and Christian showed me
all around Potsdam, I was really excited and amazed
and I thought, “Wow, people really live here?” To me, it was like a
fairy-tale, with all the castles. When I asked her to marry me
I was extremely nervous. Also, in America,
it’s the tradition that you have to ask
her dad first, so that was also not too easy
for me, but I just did it. When Christian proposed to me we were home
at our apartment in Germany and I was taking a shower.
And while I was in there, he put candles all over the
house and dressed up in a suit. When I came out,
he asked me to marry him. It was a really
special moment for us. After our wedding in the US, I actually didn’t get to go
on a honeymoon with my husband. He left for Germany and we didn’t see each other
for four months. It’s hard to live
in different countries, especially when they are
over the sea, but we knew before
that it wouldn’t be so easy and, at this time we have now,
where we have, like, cellphones and the internet,
it makes it a lot easier because you can see each other
in the phone, you have Facetime, Skype,
and all these programs where you can talk
to each other. That makes it a lot easier,
but it’s still not the same. It’s hard, but we know some day
there will be an end of that and we will finally
live together. Then it’s over with the long
phone calls and all that stuff. It’s, like, also a training
for us because it’s not always easy
and we have to work on that and relationships are something
you have to work on. This is like our training. We train every day
to stay in touch and still give that other
person the feeling that you are
there. It’s good training. The most unexpected surprise
Jamie got me was when she told me that
she would move to Germany and leave her family
and friends at home. So I was really surprised but also happy
that she would do that for me. I know that’s a really big step
for her and it’s not easy, but one of us has to move
to the other country. So I’m glad that she did it, and I’m proud of her that she
could make this step for me. I’m a teacher and, for me, I’m a little more
flexible with where I can work. Luckily there are some options
in Berlin to teach in English. It’s definitely challenging to have such a long-distance
relationship. Sometimes it’s an 8-hour time
change between the two of us and with jet-lag
and our training it’s hard to fly home for
the weekend and see each other. Normally, during the season, we see each other
almost every day, but we are not
in the same hotel. In this way, we can live
together for part of the year but part of the year
we have to live apart. It’s not perfect,
but I think it’s OK. We decided to have two weddings because our families
come from Germany, so in April I came to Germany and we started looking
at venues. The first time
I ever visited Christian, I was really blown away
by how many castles there were and it was always my dream
to get married in one, so we started
looking and planning and it was really exciting. We were actually able to find
a castle to get married in. For me it was good
because we had two weddings – one in Germany and then one
with Jamie’s family in America. After we get done the official wedding
in Germany with my family, I really could enjoy
the wedding with Jamie’s family in America because it was more like a big
party, and it was really fun. – We enjoyed it.
– Yeah. One day,
we’d like to have a family and we’d like them
to speak English and German because those are our roots. Right now,
I’m still learning German, but I think I’ve come
a long way in four years. Hopefully, it will be a little
easier for our kids some day to learn German and English
in the beginning, right? Yeah. Jamie did a great job
in learning German in just a couple of years. So I’m really proud of her and, yeah, I think one day it’s time for
a kid, maybe two. We’ll see.

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