Ma Long Training: Powerful Forehand Technique

Ma Long Training: Powerful Forehand Technique

Welcome back to the channel of coach EmRatThich. This is the training session
of Ma Long in Werner Schlager Academy (WSA). From this video, you can learn
the footwork and the forehand techniques of Ma Long. The forehand topspin technique of Ma Long
is very good, textbook quality. The full
stroke always has 3 steps: “In pai”, acceleration, and recovery. Ma Long generates so much power from his waist. He rotates his waist to hit the ball
forward. This is the main reason why Ma Long forehand
is so powerful. If you topspin loop with just the upward force
(hit the ball upward), you will never have a powerful forehand attack. Let’s see coach Wu Jingping explained this concept. So coach Wu advised Manyu to hit forward,
and close the racket. But if you close your
racket but don’t rotate enough, your ball will go to the net. So the concept “Power
from the ground” is to use lower part of your body to generate forward force. “In pai” is a very important concept in China. I will explain it in another videos. It is how you prepare before the shot. Look! Ma Long dropped his racket very low, and
well prepared before the ball comes back. “In pai” is the main difference between pro
and amateur players. Pro player knows how
to use time to prepare the shot. While amateur player don’t prepare it at the
good time, and then don’t have enough time for the next
step. Amateur players can also hit very hard like
the pro. But the pro is trained to do the
small things correctly. So table tennis is very technique. Power is after, but learn the
basic first. That’s why if you know about “in pai”, your
table tennis will improve quickly.

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  1. Please anser me on facebook #fox-el-taha

  2. Both players looks like twin brothers??????

  3. why were they at the WSA ?

  4. why were they at the WSA ?

  5. waiting for next video of "In Pai"
    Super excited about that concept

  6. i wonder if we can apply chinese techniques when the china national team uses special rubbers.

  7. Is Ma Long Training/Playing again? Is this a Recent Video From This Month? Or Old Training Video? ?

  8. Emrathich in the video '' power from the ground '' you say '' EJ '' what is EJ ? And waist i do not Know what that means ? It is a part of body ?? Thanks !!!

  9. What does It mean '' in pai''?

  10. Hey coach!?I love your videos! When I am having a bad day I just look at a video you have taken your time and made, it always brightens my day, Thanks! I just wanted to ask if you are doing anymore giveaways? I unfortunately missed you other giveaway because I am not allowed to be on Facebook or twitter. I need a new paddle. My paddle was $15 U.S dollars. The wood is very cheap and cuts into my hand! Keep up the great work! I love every single video you have made it has helped my game a lot! Thank you!

  11. whos the white guy training with Ma Long?

  12. nice commentary and training clip

  13. hey emrathich, how are you my friend, how you define your style of play? i started j-pen, change to chinese penhold, change again to chopper, and now i wanna play classic style again, can you please help me?

  14. Thanks for the video!

  15. Emratthich have you had time to check out my video? We wrote over e mail

  16. Can anyone explain the rally at 6:34? Gacina receives the serve and Ma Long responds with a super spinny slow ball, which Gacina just blocks lightly. But when Ma Long tries to chop it back it looks like the ball has heavy underspin, while it should've been a slight topspin – the reflexion of Ma's own topspin after the block. Where's the backspin come from if Gacina didn't slice the ball?

  17. love all your videos, i learn a lot just watching and listening to you break things down

    I think you can try new videos that will be useful — primarily taking certain pros or semi pros or even amateurs and brekaing down their form issues.

    We learn by imitating thebest, but we also need to see weaknesses (since we cant see or understand them ourselves!)

  18. Friends, mind you never play with the ABC plastic balls.  It has no good control, not spinny at all, haphazard bounce.  ABC plastic can wreck you play badly.

  19. i cant wait to see what in pai mean =)))) , cant wait bro

  20. is the person at 2.24 coach em rat thich?

  21. what role do your feet play in when you do a forehand topspin

  22. The correct pinyin is "Yin Pai" lmao

  23. Greetings
    Any comment on blades that has veneer and how does it change characteristics compared to pure ply blades?

  24. Xu Xin forehand much better ! ( in my way)

  25. Where did you get the video about Wang Manyu?

    About "Yin Pai"(引拍),You can take a look at these videos first

  27. Its force not fox…fors

  28. Hi . What is the"in pia"

  29. For what reasson do they get closer to the net and touch the table?

  30. Please make your new video on concept'in pai' .It will help me to improve my game.

  31. I actually feel that ML FH is not so powerful compared to ZJK or WH..

  32. Hi coach! I'm going to China, can I train with you?

  33. Read more at:

  34. Hei coach speaks about TT in generally not inly chinese thank u. Rubber from china are shit

  35. sir I practice so much but i can not defeat a guy who practice as much as me i practice all your concept still i cannot defeat him though year

  36. this video is good, but I would love to see a video demonstrating the different types of forehand loops

  37. He seems to stand so uncomfortable, hes shoulder drops really low, doesn't this cause back problems of some sort?

  38. Can you guess the fifa world cup players in this emoji challenge?

  39. You said in one of your videos that the elbow should be elevated when performing the backhand loop in order to give more rotation to the forearm. If this is true, how can you make an effective transition from a forehand loop to a backhand loop? Are you suppose to keep your racket low and elevate your elbow at the same time when making the transition? Please explain, thanks.

  40. This is so true dear coach. I think this is how Chinese forehand differs from that of European because I watched the forehand slow motion of Ma Long hundreds of times and learned the same technique but my European local coach is saying that I need to spin more than pushing forward. I just listened to him and nodded but didn’t believe in what he said. In European forehand style, I see they use only most power from their wrist and try to create too much topspin, which lacks power and speed. Whereas in Chinese style they use their power from waist oriented from the ground (as you said “power from the ground”). This has way more power and speed as compared to the European type of forehand. This is how I see the difference between these two kinds of forehand. Could you guide me through, if my analysis is wrong dear coach? Or any constructive feedback are always welcome from anyone. Thank you very much in advance??.

  41. Anh đã làm sub Việt cho video này. ERT kiểm tra lại và duyệt đăng nhé! Cảm ơn nhiều!

  42. power is depenbing of the lengt of the table…

  43. I read it like my long fore hand..

  44. 5:06 Someone said 'ai yo wo cao` = `fuck me` lol

  45. It’s actually not the waist, it’s the left hand swing. He crosses his left arm to the right side, causing his body to have a strong position to the forehand top spin. The waist movement is also stronger because of that.

  46. 中国队教练的话如同圣经

  47. enter my channel. I show contents of table tennis. Greetings from Argentina

  48. ma long is so pro this day that he can make serve and enemie returns and ma long would make fast smash win point at once exacely like ma lin ma lin was ma long bigest fear man ma lin in his prime beat ma long many times one time ma lin humiliated ma long totaley 🙁 dang shame THAT MA LIN STOPPED PLAYING HES A BEAST !

  49. Another description on power is thinking of the forehand the end of a whip with the off shoulder as the handle. The end of the whip has the most speed and yes you need to move forward for most of your shots. sometimes a spinier shot where the bat moves more up can be useful especially when moving a chopper in and out.

  50. I just got my hurricane 3 provincial not boosted and everytime i hit forward it always hit to the net but when i use my donic bluefire my spin is consistent. . Is there something wrong with my rubber or i need to adjust and generate more spin in h3? What should i do?

    My set up is hurricane 3 black donic acuda s2 backhand nd ovtcharov blade

  51. Что за европеец с спарринговал с Ма? Не первый раз его вижу. Не плохо играет. А на соревнованиях не видел.

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