Machine Spotlight: Artificer, the Old World Scientist

Machine Spotlight: Artificer, the Old World Scientist

– [Stingray] Hey there, I’m
Stingray, and this is Artificer, the old world scientist. Artificer is one of the
oldest people in the world of Heavy Metal Machines,
if not the oldest. She was born even before the apocalypse, and dedicated her entire career
to science and technology. – [Artificer] Faith is ignorance. – [Stingray] After the metal
dominated the new world, Artificer was perceived as a crazy hag and was persecuted by the Sect of Metal. Artificers’ specialty is Repairing. Her vast amount of knowledge allowed her to develop a machine capable of repairing allies
and disrupting enemies with pure technology. – [Artificer] Eureka! – [Stingray] Artificers’
passive weapon is Metallic Bond. This ability ensures that she, and everyone around her, gets repaired. Artificer automatically
connects to other machines to support short and
mid-range distance allies. Artificers’ weapon one
is Ride the Lightning. Due to her amazing technological capacity, the projectile flies through machines; repairing or damaging multiple targets. Artificers’ weapon two is Thunderstruck. To get rid of enemies who attack
her from a short distance, Artificer casts a thunder storm that damages and pushes enemies around her while repairing allies. Artificers’ weapon three
is Electric Engine. This weapon concentrates the
power of her electric engine to gain speed and flee
from risky situations. This is super useful since
Artificers’ HP is pretty small compared to most machines. Finally, Artificers’ special
weapon is Thunderdome. After charging the machine
to its’ maximum power, the scientist generates a dome
of static energy around her. It’s capable of repairing allies inside and repelling enemies outside. This ability can be used
in tons of strategic ways. Such as creating an
opening through enemies to score points. That’s all for Artificers’
machine spotlight and she is already available
in Heavy Metal Machines. Play now! (heavy metal guitar riff)

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  1. muito legal! vcs pretendem fazer do metal herald tbm? e incluir uma passiva?

  2. Artificer is the one I feel comfortable playing with

  3. A mais op atualmente do HMM

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