Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Arc 2 CH 1 ep 3 VS Neo Magius & Promised Blood

Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Arc 2 CH 1 ep 3 VS Neo Magius & Promised Blood

Sana:If you have a strong magical power, you can get an automatic purification system. Sana:Who did you hear it from…? Kagome:Isn’t it Kyubey? Sunao:Yes,I asked Kyubey. Ui:….Kyubey Kagome:Um,uh why are you all silent…!? Sunao:Um it true though!? Sunao:I don’t think Kyubey would lie. Tsuruno:Ah, I don’t vomit imagination. Tsuruno: I don’t know what to say but I feel like there is something Felicia:Ah?What are you including? Tsuruno:I wonder if it has any purpose.I wonder if I’m telling you. Shizuka:Don’t worry to much. Shizuka:We have the great power of turning into magical girls. Shizuka:Of course you wouldn’t understand. Shizuka:However,that automatic purification system? Shizuka:When you get a mysterious power that doesn’t turn you into a witch. Shizuka:Certainly everyone will not be taken away or change at all. Kagome:Yeah,that’s right. Sunao:I came to Kamihama, but I don’t want to be a bother. Kagome:This is a problem. Ui:Oh,then the story we just talk just now lets tell Touka-chan and the others. Kagome:Touka-chan? Tsuruno: Speaking of Kyubey Space-Universe is Touka. Tsuruno:I think that you can understand if you talk with each other. Tsuruno:Iroha-chan and Yachiyo are going to so it’s a good timing. Ui:Yeah Ui:I’ll send u where big sister is at right now. Tsuruno:Hey! Ui:Is that a message from big sister again? Sana:Hmm? What’s wrong? Ui:W-What should I do! Felicia:What is it? Is it an dangerous enemy? Ui:Possibly. Felicia:Are you serious! Ui:Touka-chan and the others could be in danger! Ui:Bring everyone! Felicia:Hey could it possible be those people from that time!? Sana:Magical Girls from Futatsugi City… Tsuruno:We better hurry up! Tsuruno:Sorry Shizuka-chan and others! Let’s talk more about this next time! Shizuka:Wait a minute, Isn’t it an emergency? Shizuka:Then we will go. Tsuruno:eh Shizuka:I finally arrived here and I’m causing trouble for my friends. Shizuka:Let us help if u want more friends to help. Sunao:Yes,we will help out. Kagome:I’ve got a lot of stuff going on today, and I must return the favor. Kagome:I will take care of the bad guys! Tsuruno:Tsu,Thank you! A big wave that swells and hit Kamihama.The story of the magical girls and the bracelet is about to go around town soon. Meanwhile,that child is delivered to my ear.Also, with a gentle word like a small breeze. Magical girls are moving.Also, it moves with a big swell. My legs are slow,my body is small,and my motor nerves are not good at all. It finally whispered to me when I arrived.That child. For me who can’t feel anything, it is strange moment that seems to be an animal. Something went straight through the deep forest in front of me. Kagome:Haha…haha…haha.. Kagome:Did you go to the back now? Aru-chan:maybe a person? Kagome:is it a magical girl? Aru-chan:That’s right because she said that. Kagome:Right Aru-chan… Kagome:Can I go with my feet? We are not just going to release. I…Touka-sama Idea… It will come true. you guys… Iroha:Isn’t it just a Wings of Magius…? So then we are Neo Magius We Inherited the Idea of Touka-sama and Nemu-sama and revived the group in our way. Starting at the end of the release. Everyone is waiting outside. Yes,we are a sissy but nothing is wrong with us. Touka-sama and Nemu-sama will make everyone special. Yachiyo:What are you saying,Special? Nemu:I see,I’ve got a point… Touka:I have only one heart… Touka:Can I ask you more about making that special story? Magical girls have evolved by changing the history of mankind. It also has excellent physical abilities to fight witches and protect people. Should be respected more than any person. I asked the two of them. So I want everyone to admit. Magical girls are better than just people. Isn’t it strange? Iroha:Touka-chan, Nemu-chan… Yachiyo:The past is chasing again… Touka:Thought of “magical girl supremacy” still doesn’t change much now. Touka:But it was the answer I expected. Nemu:There is one difference. Touka:Yeah Touka:We haven’t evolved the Magical Girl. Touka:Rather it has supported development. Touka:Kyubey says,if there was no magical girl. Touka:Humanity seemed to have live in the hole. Nemu:The feats of any sages who are known in human history. Nemu:We may have a magical girl involved in the attack. Nemu:I didn’t mean to make a strong argument in the speech. Nemu:I didn’t expect a group of magical girl would gather. Iroha:But this is how it comes… Touka:By the way,what did you decide to do? Touka:Isn’t there any real home now because I’m here to invite you? Um… get an automatic cleaning system… And only for those who believe in our thoughts. I don’t want people to use it. Go away After that, everyone knows to mankind and the magicial girl stands on top. That’s what I think Touka-sama and Nemu-sama. The magical girl can also evolve healthy humanity. And we can spend a peaceful time Oh,of course, we will make an effort to expand the automatic purification system to the world! Yachiyo:That said, it just eliminates the disturbing person,right? Yachiyo:Don’t think of a person, the former Magius’s roar(Arc 1-Chapter 8) Yachiyo:You’ve taken over the bad part, you guys… I don’t want to hurt the magical girls or the human race. She believes that magical girls are good. And just respect me. iroha:As they both say,I think there are many things that are excellent. Iroha:We are supported by family,friends and people around… Iroha:So it may be frustrating. Iroha:You’re on top of your dad and your mom right? Touka:Is there any way to get an automatic cleaning system in the first place? Touka:I don’t even know where it is. I don’t know the details. But it feels like your bracelet. I heard you had to get some strong energy Iroha:Do they both want this…? 10,000 Year Sakura:If you both hurt and take away Iroha, I’ll eliminate you both. eh!? We’re not going to fight. wawawa That’s right…! I just wanted Touka-sama and Nemu-sama to join us. Besides, we don’t need to take it away. We should get it soon…. Neo white feather:Did you detect strong magic power here? Neo black feather:Yeah,okay Neo black feather:Besides, other feathers are waiting for you and will tell you when you get close. Neo white feather:I got it. Neo White feather:I hope the persuasion of Touka-sama and Nemu-sama goes well. Neo black feather:I hope so too. Neo black feather:That alone will be our comfort Neo White feather:We must do our best to get it. Neo black feather:I think the opponent is a strong enemy and I have to be careful… Nee-chan it might be easy mode than I thought. I guess so. The shadow of that robe are the same as the one we caught. It seems that they noticed a strong magic reaction in the east. The direction that I and Hikaru found is the same direction~ I can’t wait for the next one. And that’s how it goes… The choice is bad end no matter what. Huh? Well little sister do you have any other plan for this? Fufu When this happens, you can swim and get on the other person’s flow~ It’s a sign of life, and might be a good hand piece. I see,If it decided then we will chase them. After all,You’ll cut your head. Tehee Momoko:What? Magical girl supremacy!? Tsukasa:It seems that the feathers with that thought are headed towards the radio telescope Tsukuyo:Nee Momoko:Again, some nasty words came out… Rena:Anyways is Touka and the others safe? Kaede:Yeah,right now you can’t transform because you were restricted right? Tsukuyo:Mifuyu-san and Kanagi-san are alright. Rena:Oh,there is also Sakurako with them. Tsukuyo:Yes. Tsukuyo:So we wanted to prioritize other things. Tsukasa:Because I was worried. Momoko:In other words, that is why you called me Rena:Was there anything around here? Tsukuyo:Actually,there was a magic reaction other than the magical girl of Kamihama. Tsukasa:It seems like they are gathering because there are so many. Rena:Say what? Tsukuyo:I wanted to go check it out. Tsukasa:I was worried that there were only two people. Kaede:I’m scared that Iroha-chan would be surrounded like last time. Momoko:Because there is a magical girls who makes Atashi and others an enemy… Rena:There are magical girl supremacy and crazy guys. Rena:It looks like the situation is getting worse…. Kaede:Fuyu are they okay? Rena:I thought you got a little bit stronger,but are you still saying that? Kaede:Don’t say that. I’m not scared of it compared to Eve. Rena:Well then,it will be fine. Rena:Let’s have a meal later. Tsukasa:Eh!? Tsukuyo:I didn’t think you were hungry… Momoko:It’s okay,don’t ask. Momoko:Let’s go to the place where the report was raised. Ryou:Heey Momoko:Hmm? Ryou:I don’t see Karin-chan over here!? Ikumi:I’m sorry Ikumi:I tried hard and chased after her but i seem to lost her. Tsukasa:Was there any reason why you lost her? Ikumi:Actually I talked to the New wings of magius… Ikumi:Then I thought maybe Alina could be in this group. Ikumi:Jumped off… Rena:You didn’t believe that Alina was a Magius? Ikumi:Is that so… Kaede:I don’t think it matters. Kaede:Even me,Momoko and Rena have disappear before. Kaede:If you get a clue, I’ll go looking for it. Momoko:Well,that’s right. Momoko:For the time being,the direction and the direction where the magical girls gather are the same? Momoko:Then lets look for them together. Tsukuyo:That’s right. Tsukuyo:They might get captured. Ryou:Midori-san will go with you. Ikumi:I’ll come too. Strong energy can be obtained by other feathers. That’s why there are two people left. Touka-sama,Nemu-sama would you like to join us? If you join us… The world should have it. To show the order of life? Yup.. And I want you to guide us… Iroha:Touka-chan… Yachiyo:Hiiragi-san… Touka:Kufu Touka:The answer comes out from the beginning. Nemu:That’s right Touka:N–No! Nemu:I will also decline. Why… Nemu:Showing the right order isn’t relevant to them both. Tsu… Nemu:In your words are scattered all the particles of anxiety. Nemu:The purpose is to establish a standing position in the world without a noble purpose from the beginning. Nemu:I think that the release of magical girl is certainly something I want to make. Nemu:You just want to get out of your miserable self right? Nemu:Even if you’re stpuid,messed up, or a person who isn’t good at anything. Nemu:If your status as a magical girl raise your value Nemu:Because it’s placed at a glance. Nemu:Do you accept objections? ….hit Touka:Well,I think if it were our past selves we might of go out with you. Touka:If humanity evolves, it may approach the truth of the universe! Touka:But me and Nemu forgot memories about ourselves. Touka:There is a reason why my memory came back Touka:Sacrificing someone would upset Onee-sama and Ui. Touka:I still have ambitions. Touka:Kufufu What’s wrong…. Iroha:Oh,well… Iroha:I used to be alone in the class before. Iroha:I had to be careful not to be disliked,you can’t melt anywhere…. Iroha:But little by little,I got more confident. Iroha:So you don’t have to rely on that idea. Iroha:I think the both of you can become strong. Yachiyo:Yeah. Yachiyo:You don’t have to give up and think. Nemu:Let’s expand the automatic purification system together without competing. Nemu:The confidence you gain on a successful night should grow you. Touka:Yeah Yeah, isn’t that good enough nya? Iroha:Let’s do our best together. How irritating. Hagumu,I hate this person Even if you suffered and suffered, you never became obscene. Iroha:Eh…? What I want is eternal security. Iroha:Kyaa! Hagumu! Let me guide you…! Iroha:Eh what are you doing? I thought you said you weren’t going to fight! I’m going to take you away. I’m sorry about this. [Let go of us!!] [Knowing that the we can’ t transform right now] Touka:[Onee-sama!!] Yachiyo:This is bad, They were kidnapped, When we get outside we will be near the forest! Iroha:I have to catch them before they are hidden…! 10,000 Year Sakura:Unforgivable. Everyone, please! Do not let the other party pass! Touka:Fu,Nuu! Nemu:Let me go Neo black feather:Touka-sama and Nemu-sama? Please help us run away. 10,000 Year Sakura:Because I’m fighting against the feathers 10,000 Year Sakura:Iroha & Yachiyo go chase the both of them. Iroha:Thank you Sakurako-chan! Ha… Ha… Touka:Nya,release me! Iroha:I’m sorry I might have said something insensitive… Iroha:but I can’t let you go! Awu… Touka:Nya! Yachiyo:It’s reckless to run away… Ah! Nemu:Ta.. Touka:Onee-sama! Nemu:Onee-san Iroha:Are you both okay? Yachiyo:I was just borne, and I can’t get hurt. Touka:Your cold aren’t you veteran-san? 10,000 Year Sakura:I also stopped. Iroha:You’ve saved us Sakurako-chan Nemu:Yeah,great. you can be proud of yourself. 10,000 Year Sakura:Yeah,praise more Yachiyo:Give up on Touka and Nemu and go home today. Yachiyo:There’s nothing you can do to force it… Iroha:Yeah,they both don’t want to come with you. ugh.. Iroha:This… Yachiyo:Watch out! Avoid it! Eh.. Ahh! Sh-Shigure-chan! Yachiyo:Where is the attack now…! Iroha:Yachiyo-san those people over there are…. Yuna:Ara, this time the magical girl of Kamihama seems to have no bone. Hikaru:Osu Iroha:Kureha-san and Kirari-san… Yachiyo:Why are you here… Yuna:When I heard there was a dignitary in Kamihama I thought I should get rid of them first. Touka:Onee-sama… Nemu:Even now,we can hardly take on 1 group of opponents… 10,000 Year Sakura:Don’t worry I’ll protect you with Iroha and Yachiyo. Touka:There are nearly 20 opponents?Do you know we are in a pinch? Hikaru:Maybe they both and the little kid will target Yuna-san. Hikaru:Tamaki-san and the others group seem low on people right and it seems like they won’t be a hard opponent this time. Yuna:Unlike before,This time with the amulet. Yuna:Let’s both get the bracelet together. Yachiyo:It’s not something you can easily remove. Hikaru:What are you saying?Drop your wrist and I’ll tell you something. Yachiyo:One that could be said to be easy. Yachiyo:What city did you come from… Hikaru:There is no need for me to answer. Yuna:I don’t know myself. U.. Ku.. I heard feathers were missing and a rope kid appears. They lost contact and haven’t come back Yuna:Sorry I didn’t mean to kill them. Yuna:However, I knew that she was a child of Kamihama,and I got over the boiling point. No way… Hikaru:The person who taught me the place has escaped. Yuna:The chat is over. Yuna:I didn’t come to talk a long story. Nemu:Sakurako! 10,000 Year Sakura:Yeah! 10,000 Year Sakura:If it is Touka and Nemu u are after then I’ll eliminate you first. Yuna:You’re not a magical girl. Fu what an interesting city this is. Iroha:Both of you get down Touka:Yeah… but Onee-sama.. Iroha:I know,we’re at disadvantage right now. I’ll fight too I will absolutely won’t give them Touka-sama and Nemu-sama Let’s protect them together. Iroha:Both of you what are your names? Shigure:Miyabi Shigure(Miyabi Shigure) Hagumu:Azumi Hagumu (Azumi Hagumu) Iroha:Thanks Shigure-chan and Hagumu-chan. This is where the robe people came in. I saw it clearly with my eyes the magical signal. Pretending does not match the hobby of Juri-sama There’s no reason to do this. Is everyone ready!~? anytime make sure you get it. Ok~ Then do you want to go? Mission Start Neo White feather:This is a rumor made by Nemu-sama!? Neo Black feather a:They shouldn’t exist anymore.. Is it okay to defeat it..? Neo White feather:There shouldn’t be anything except 10,000 Year Sakura Neo White feather:It looks strange and there’s something crisp. Black feather b:And I’m sure you won’t beat it. Neo Black feather b:The strong energy we want. Neo Black feather a:Yup… Neo White feather:Let’s defeat it and get it. Can we join in that game as well? About 10 bad players are added! Neo Black feather B:Dragon’s bag for its hair color. Neo Black feather B:The same characteristics the feather fought against that came back after fighting. Neo White feather:Are you friends? Re So Ah…. Not when you’re looking away~ Let’s play cooperatively. Oh yeah,It’s pm;y a truce now. Neo White feather:Even if you say that. Well then… Would you like to make a Weldan from you? Neo white feather:ugh.. Neo white feather:I got it. Neo white feather:This is a temporary truce. Neo White feather:But I won’t give out what our objective is. is that so? We are not going to give it too~ Well, here is the appearance of the last boss? I think it’s early. Is there a back boss? Little sister, left me handle it. eh!? We clear it nee-chan. It’s terrible that I’m desperate but It cruel that we don’t get to fight Don’t say that Juri-sama had a fire for the back boss You know,you can’t solve the barrier like poof? It doesn’t drop any grief seeds~ I mean these people… Neo Black feather B:Ha… Ha… White feather:There should still be enemies so everyone be on guard. It’s weak enough to survive well. Because you are alive in the town. ….Hmm I thought they could be a bit more useful but as things right now they would just slow us down. Neo white feather:Nah.. Neo white feather:What we said after accepting the cooperation. In the first place, I really hate magical girls in Kamihama. We’re magical girls in Futatsuki city,never forget our grudge against Kamihama Especially you guys who have inherited the Wings of magius That’s why It’s better to think you’re lucky enough not to be killed. Neo White feather:I don’t understand what your talking about. What you did circulates and created cruelty! Nah.. Neo Black feather a:My magical power… Neo White feather:This is not just a witch.. Second,Third daughter! Really the back boss appeared… Moreover,it hits straight emotion as if it’s clumsy. Nihi, isn’t it nice? Juri-sama also hits her emotions as much as she does. With the anger of the Wings of magius and the accumulated fire. I’ll make you a Weldan Kanagi:Do you feel the magic reaction from the radio telescope? Mifuyu:Yes,quite a few…. Mifuyu:I’m surprised that there are more than I thought. Kanagi:The situation may be serious. Mifuyu:This reaction is…. Tsuruno:Mifuyu! Mifuyu:It Tsuruno-san! Are you nearby!? Tsuruno:Everyone is going! Mifuyu:Are other Mikazuki people going too? Tsuruno:Absolutely! Tsuruno:Also Magical girls from the outside who are the tokime clan are also coming. Mifuyu:Who are they…? Tsuruno:Don’t worry about them. They are our comrades Tsuruno:For time being join them and help out together. Mifuyu:Ah yes, that’s right Shigure:Go away! Such Pachinko ball can’t kill mosquitoes Haa! Shigure:Guh… Crawl and sleep! Shigure:Aaah! Hagumu:Shigure-chan! Hagumu:Please come back! There is no response to swinging a big sword. Hagumu:THis one! Fun It’s not painful or ugly. Hagumu:Ah… 10,000 Year Sakura:Ha..! 10,000 Year Sakura:Don’t get to close… Yuna:The opponent without a soul gem is really troublesome Yuna:Come on… Yuna:Haaaa! 10,000 Year Sakura:Kuah Iroha:Gu ah Hikaru:It won’t work like last time. Iroha:Why are so desperate to go after Kamihama magical girls? Hikaru:I won’t take it from the weak but I will be taking this bracelet-desu. Hikaru:Fu h nnggh Hikaru:After all it won’t come off without it dropping your wrist huh. Iroha:ungh… Hikaru:Hikaru doesn’t like doing this so please don’t make that face…. Yachiyo:Iroha! I’ll get compliments about my friends. I will praise you for resisting for so long with a huge number of people we have. Yachiyo:Miyabi-san Azumi-san Yachiyo:Kutsu Touka:When we can’t transform we become weak…. Nemu:I’ts really frustrating,but it’s hard to solve it now. Nemu:Because it is also an punishment for us. That is why we are restricted from transforming Touka:I should have died anyway. Touka:It might be a good timing. Nemu:Ui will get angry yea know? Yuna:Fu.. Yuna:I don’t think such a little person is a key person in the city. Nemu:When I think about a few hours ago, I feel that the tip is darkness. Yuna:Fufu It’s a good way to setup the fluffy liver. Yuna:May I ask one question? Nemu:What is it? Yuna:Who was the Magius who was collecting witches in Kamihama? Touka:Proposal and execution was me.Isn’t that great? ku fufu Yuna:Is that so,Thank you Yuna:Thank you, I’ll crush your wise head. Nemu:Casual response Mifuyu:[Assault Paranoia!!] Kuu Mifuyu:Ha I just made it on time….! Mifuyu:Everyone please! Tsuruno:Of course we go at the speed of lightning! Felicia:Yachiyo! Gah Kutsu Yachiyo:Tsuruno! Felicia! Tsuruno:They’re pretty injured.. Felicia:It’s alright if they are fine Iroha:Excuse me,Kanagi-san! Kanagi:Sending a message to my sister worked well. Kanagi:It was a coincidence but I was able to join. Iroha:I didn’t think things would be so bad… Kanagi:So you’re a magical girl in Niki city. Hikaru:Osu! Hikaru:Just a bit more and I could of gotten the bracelet. Kanagi:An attempted robbery? Kanagi:It’s better to reflect on the closet. Hikaru:You’ll get me a little. Sana:Fuhaa Touka:Oh, thank you, Sana. Nemu:I had a lifetime in nine deaths… Yuna:A very sturdy shield. Yuna:But I wonder how much I can endure. Yuna:ugh..! Ui:Don’t bully Touka-chan and Nemu-chan! Ui:I can do even more stronger attacks! Yuna:My legs are shaking? Sunao:Shizuka,Charu.. What’s going on, this… Chiharu:I don’t know! Chiharu:Why are magical girls fighting like this..!? Shizuka:The Group supporting the book of the day was fighting outside… why Wa are you guys there friends as well? Chiharu:Wa wa wa Is that true Shizuka:That’s right Shizuka:All my friends…! Hikaru:I haven’t given up yet. Hikaru:I’ll get a bracelet for Yuna-san. Kanagi:This seems to be better for me. Iroha:Yes, I will support at long distance. Hikaru:It’s obscene to run away. Kanagi:This also has a purpose. Kanagi:I’ll let you see why it’s bad.. Hikaru:There is nothing to tell from this mouth. Sunao:I’m going to use magic against a magical girl again. Shizuka:Really,the same magical girl,but the blade that protects the japanese book.. Shizuka:Do you feel malice? Chiharu:Yeah, I feel a little, but their not a bad person. Chiharu:It might be a pure grudge or something like a mission. Sunao:I don’t seem to understand it unless I know the background… Shizuka:However, I may not be able to get along with it anymore… Chiharu:Yeah everyone will die… Yachiyo:*Pant* *Pant* I finished cleaning here. It’s just a tricky paper. Felicia:hnngh Hey they are going to get up! Yachiyo:That’s why we can’t hurt them anymore. Sana:Uh Hello… Yuna:ugh.. Huh.. I’ve finally got to my knees.. Sana:Ui..-chan… Ui:Don’t move anymore Yuna:I’m not going to fall here. I have to move. 10,000 Year Sakura:Before you erase me Yuna:You were still able to move huh. Tsuruno:I’m here too! Yuna:After one another one comes… Hikaru:Release me! Kanagi:Sloppy! Kanagi:I see… Hikaru:Whaaat? Kanagi:ugh! Iroha:Kanagi-san! Kanagi:I understand to some extent that there is no problem… Hikaru:*Pant**Pant* Go Hikaru Corps! Iroha:Oh no Iroha:Strada Futuro!! Iroha:Fu..Fu Hikaru:Offset… Hikaru:Retreat once… Iroha:Well… Kanagi:Sorry you saved me Iroha:No… Shigure:*Crying* Iroha:…Ah Shigure:Hagumu! Everyone! Shigure:Ah….! Iroha:In the meantime… Shigure:Ah…Ah… Shigure:Uwaaah! Shigure:Uwuuu.. Iroha:I do what I do and didn’t look around me.. Yuna[I will not miss this opportunity.. I’ll weave you together..!] Shizuka:[Cha,It still! take a distance!] Yachiyo:[Why are you fighting that far?] [Uuu…] Iroha:ugh..! Everyone please stop!! Iroha:I don’t know what kind of grudge or purpose you have. Iroha:But no one wants to be dead right now!? Iroha:If you keep this up everyone will fall together. Hikaru: *Pant* *Pant* Hikaru:Yuna-san who gets too hot Hikaru:Hikaru knows the best. Yuna:Now when everyone dies and returns,you can’t face it. Yuna:But Hikaru it won’t leave in my head.. Yuna:Everyone’s ending devil..! Hikaru:There there Everyone, take down your weapon! Mifuyu:Yachan are you okay? Yachiyo:It’s not safe at all..! I’ve got more wounds… Mifuyu:I also… Sana:Ui-chan are you hurt? Ui:I’m fine how about Touka-chan and Nemu-chan? Touka:Ui protected me so I am perfectly fine. Nemu:I’m sorry for causing trouble. In the very emd thanks for your help Sakurako 10,000 Year Sakura:Don’t worry about it. Tsuruno:So what about this situation? Felicia:It’s so messy… Iroha:You still haven’t told me anything yet. Kanagi:It seems that our friends died because of us. Kanagi:It’s also a lot…. Hikaru:Where did you notice that? Kanagi:I read your heart… Iroha:You still won’t tell me anything yet? Kanagi:It seems that our friend died because of us. Kanagi:Many of them Hikaru:When did you notice? Kanagi:I read your heart… Hikaru:The heart.. you have some trouble ability… Yuna:Fu.. Yuna:I don’t know how far you saw the vision. Yuna:It is troublesome to be misundestood by being told halfway…. Yuna:I’ll tell you honestly. Iroha:Is it true Kanagi-san? Iroha:Your friend died because of us? Yuna:Yeah… Yuna:To be precise, the cause of the Wing of magius caused the killing. Yuna:But you who keep avoiding witchcraft without knowing anything. Yuna:For me it’s the same sin…. Iroha:eh.. Yuna:[Niki City,where we live, originally had fewer children signing magical girl contracts because of Kyubey hunting’s.] Yuna:[Naturally what happen was lack of witches and less grief seeds] Yuna:[But we managed to avoid conflict by working together] Yuna[But one day, since the witch was lost, 74 things got worse…] Yuna:[The number of witches and number of grief seeds were drastically reduce to the extent that they were thirsty for it every week] Yuna[If that happens, you know] Yuna[The balance broke down and “grief seeds” went over a blood tragedy happened Iroha:In the same direction as the witch’s remain. that is… Touka:Now I understand why you ask who collected the witches. Nemu:We needed a lot of energy to make Eve a witch. Mifuyu:Because it was a condition to spread the power not to become a witch to the world… Yachiyo:That’s why the magical girls outside received an invisible price, sacrifice… Yachiyo:We were confused by the increases in witches Yachiyo:The opposite was happening outside… Yuna:Yes,it is horrible and cruel…. Yuna:Magical Girl Wings of Magius Yuna:I was surprised when I heard the truth from a magical girl who was chasing a witch. Yuna:At the same time trembled out a the same time Tomedonai anger! Yuna:What was our fight and blood shed? Yuna:I was acquainted with the experiments of girls in a unknown town. Yuna:We killed many friends! Yuna:Killed a companion who didn’t have to kill! Yuna:You can see how this is going!? Yuna:If you close your eyes now,you can hear it! [Uh,aaa!] [Ta help gua..] [Yuna Yuna] Yuna:The magical girl’s death magic that disappeared in front of me..! Yuna:That’s why we have an automatic purification system… Yuna:Nothing made of our blood as a sign of eruption Yuna:My sisters who have exchanged blood are still moving Yuna:In the resentment and anger,with hope to save the past. Your anger is so warm compared to your sister Ao! I know I’ll make a gap here! Everyone can go!? Yes! Bring it on. It will be the hope of Juri Sama….! Yuna:Do you have any impressions? Yuna:I have a head that can do a lot. Yuna:Risk has already been calculated… Touka:Well yea Touka:I didn’t care about sacrifices when I was a Magius. Touka:The magical girl and the sacrifice of humanity against the magical born in the future. Touka:Because I thought it was a little bit. Yuna:ah..! Hikaru:I guess it better to cut your head. Iroha:Ku.. Hikaru:San… Iroha:Sorry,both of us are responsible. Nemu:Onee-san you don’t have to apologize all the responsibility belongs to the Magius. Iroha:But everything could have been successful if we didn’t stop the planning. Iroha:The automatic purfication system may have covered the world nowadays. Iroha:But it coudn’t be helped. Iroha:I didn’t know how many people would gotten hurt If i let it go. Iroha:At this time, This Kamihama might not have existed. Yuna:As a result,only this Kamihama was saved…? Iroha:Yes… Iroha:I still don’t regret stopping it. Iroha:But I have to apologize… Hikaru:Hearing apology, what should Hikaru and others do? Hikaru:Even if you apologize, your life won’t return, and you won’t go down drinking. Iroha:Now we are trying to spread the power together in the world… Iroha:An automatic purification system in Kamihama… Iroha:I know I can’t do anything even if I apologize… Iroha:You might think what you are saying… Iroha:I want you to cooperate in making it sucessful. Iroha:Someday,everyone’s city and Futatsuki city will be saved. Yuna:I can’t tell if your telling the truth. Yuna:For Magical girl of Futatsuki city,there is a meaning to take away now. Yuna:Letting blood flow as many as we shed. Shizuka:How S-Stpuid Iroha:Shizuka-chan? Shizuka:How terrible Tamaki-san,I was a magical girl too Shizuka:I didn’t mean to fool you. Yuna:Are you also a magical girl from Kamihama? Shizuka:No I came from the village of Tokime Shuraku and my name is Shizuka Tokimel Shizuka:I came to Kamihama as the head of the family. Hey This is how they got a bracelet. Yeah, I’m wearing my sister’s arm For now, it’s mission complete today. It was hard mode as it was. I didn’t see that, but? I haven’t left the previous enemy to you. There was no win Certainly,I’ve also entered support. Oh, it was saved is there no reason to fight anymore? That’s right Neo White feather:The bracelet… Because Juri-sama defeated, this one. You guys did well too. Nice Fight Yeah. lets go home. Before we go into battle mode again~ ugh.. Ok, then lets go back to the base and for for our sister. In the meantime, do you play games too? No, let’s make a little more eh? There was a strong magic reaction, so you might still be able to catch it? Kusu Zako has no use, but hidden characters have a use. I’m on a ride, and when I can. I just turn it off. Shizuka:How S-Stpuid Iroha:Shizuka-chan? Shizuka:How terrible Tamaki-san,I was a magical girl too Shizuka:I didn’t mean to fool you. Yuna:Are you also a magical girl from Kamihama? Shizuka:No I came from the village of Tokime Shuraku and my name is Shizuka Tokimel Shizuka:I came to Kamihama as the head of the family. Shizuka:I understand that it’s okay to hear the story. Shizuka:Isn’t it honestly frustrated when the itch is cleared? Suano:Hey,still. Chiharu:It’s better not to stimulate too much. Shizuka:Is that so? Shizuka:It’s better to help out if you want to spread the world Shizuka:You can save not only ourselves but also others. I think that person will be a bloody companion. Shizuka:Rather than kill each other and bleed more blood Yuna:Will you not decide your thoughts without permission? Yuna:A spit runs. Shizuka:Huh. Shizuka:At least I’ll help you spread if you take it away. Shizuka:As a woman family. Sunao:I would like to avoid the fight if it’s to much for me. Chiharu:Yeah I think it’s better that way… Shizuka:And the battle between the magical girls is barren. Shizuka:Those who support the book of the day should originally hold hands. Iroha:Supporting the book of the day..?

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