Make $30 Free Paypal Money by Playing a Matching Color Game! Paypal Earning App!

Make $30 Free Paypal Money by Playing a Matching Color Game! Paypal Earning App!

And here as you can see I have received it today. Its total amount is 30 us dollars, because 25+5 equals 30. Now that we have proof of payment let us mark it as legit application! Yow what’s up everyone! Welcome back again here in Earn Money with Aiza where I’ll be sharing another application where we can earn extra money online it’s like a gaming app and we can earn free paypal money through this one. I’ll appreciate if you will give a like to this video for you to be able to join our free load give away. And if you’re first time here in my channel please subcribe, because i’m posting video where we can earn extra money online let’s not make it long, let’s start our video tutorial. In this video we need to download two applications which is pop magic star and Paypal! In your google playstore all you have to do is to download pop magic star! Double check it you might download other application. So yes this is all its screen shot and now let’s proceed to their application to check how to play the game! You also need internet to access and use the application our daily rewards will appear here, if you want to double your daily reward all you have to do is to watch ads and if you don’t then click collect. First things first, if you want to unlock all the feature in this app go to invite and enter a referral code here enter a ref code here which you will use is dqks55m, then okay. There you go, congratulations. You just got 300 coins you can collect it. Referral code is mandatory to fill in. Good news here is our comment section is open for you to comment your referral codes. To everyone who’s watching this video that is new user of pop magic star please check out in the comment section below too see the referral codes of the viewers. Let’s help each other. Use lucky spin too. Use 5 tries per day! Lets try to spin now! I earned 10 coins from it. Its up to you if you wanted to double this up. Lets spin again. There you go, 100 coins. Watch ads to double up your earnings. Watch 30 second ads. Then close the ads, we earned doubled. Just use this 5 stars and thats how it works. Next, lets proceed back to the “task” before we play the game. Click free chest, tap to open to get coins. Free coins again! You see count down timer, claim again after 25mins. Next video chest, you need to watch ads to open it. i collected 10 coins from it. Do this over and over until you use 5/5 video. Lets go back, and with “invite” you can cashout without inviting but if you want to earn fast, just tell them to use your code. you can see here “you will get 800 coins…” once your referral uses your referral code and your friend who uses your referral code will also get 300 coins take note that you cannot unlock the rewards section if you don’t use referral code now let’s proceed on how to play this game click play okay so it has some power ups basically this is almost the same to candy crush or all you have to do is to combine all the same color okay so let’s wait for this I prefer that you should use an strategy here don’t just click and click okay you can see here a chest it’s up to you if you want to watch it or simply give up to continue playing once that your stage is clear you can now click and click just reach their required target score, or in this level is 1200 points this is very easy you just have to combine same colors and you can earn points so this is the last then it’s done congratulations we can now collect google play and take note that this google play is not a cash but you can use it to pay paid application in google playstore okay next is this level okay now let’s try the power ups for our full video demo, let’s try the hammer all you have to do is to hit a specific place or block, so let’s try this purple one now let’s hit the yellow okay next is this one, basically it changes the color that you wanted let’s try this, let’s turn this blue one into red now let’s click the red color! This one, let’s try Okay so, all it does is it rambles the arrangement of blocks, I think it made the game more difficult for me so this is the next one ah okay so it’s a power ups that removes blocks in the game I think I made the game worse (my gosh) let’s finish the game since our stage is clear we can now click and click okay and we’re done if you have earned enough and wanted to cash out you can go to rewards and the nation that we should select here is U.S basically if you will choose U.S then automatically you will get paypal U.S dollars using paypal you can purchase $5 $10, $25, $50, $100 and the maximum is $200 from paypal, I have been playing this game for too long and I earned here already and I just cash out yesterday so I got one $25 and one $5, I guess it took me one month in playing this game without referrals and the payout before I received it in my paypal, it took me three days. So now let’s go the proof of withdrawal And here as you can see I have received it today. Its total amount is 30 us dollars, because 25+5 equals 30. So the 30 us dollars is with fee of 1.62 us dollars so the total amount that I got is 28.38 us dollars. Now that we have a proof of payment let’s mark this as a legit paying application that’s how easy to earn free paypal money using this gaming application, pop star magic and don’t forget to like this video, subscribe to my youtube channel Earn Money with Aiza and Aiza Mer 2.0 and subscribe in our telegram channel “Extrang Pera Online” for more apps and site where we can earn extra money online. That’s all advance Merry Christmas to everyone! Stay cool, stay “payaman”. This is your girl “payaman” Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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