Make Money Online Playing Games Like Fortnite PubG Call Of Duty GTA V

Make Money Online Playing Games Like Fortnite PubG Call Of Duty GTA V

hello viewers welcome to my youtube
channel once again I hope you’re absolutely fine so today in this video
I’m going to share with you a way that you can make money online while playing
any games so hold on guys I’m not going to talk
about gaming that you usually see in uTube or in Facebook that people are playing games live
streaming and earning but I am going to share with you a different way that you
can play games and also earn money so let’s check this out if you haven’t
subscribed to my YouTube channel then subscribe it now and Join Our faceBook group permiumshare to get new tips and tools every day so first of all go to Fiverr and let’s
search for a popular game like Fort nite yeah you see my friends here a lot of
people who are expert in this game they are providing coaching to others to be a
pro gamer like them so here you can see this person providing only 30 minutes
of coaching this game and charge more than $10 so look it is also good and
good review here we have another popular game that’s
called pudg looks this guy is just offer a basic coaching on a game like
pudg and charging more than $5 even you can do the same task you can offer
another game like GTA player auction this is a game trading
site here you can sell a lot of games item skins accounts also some software
keys if you scroll a bit down you can see they are providing information about
their top selling games ok so this worked like this you submit your offer
in player auction and buyer will come and get your offer by paying player
auction and playeruction will give you your money after buyer confirm that delivery now let’s jump to the next site you
might be heard of this site it if not then no problem in this platform you can
do a lot of things suppose you play pubG game quite well
and reached pro level then you can sell that account here with a very high
price let’s see some of them look all of them are selling this now in fortine many person selling
skin items crates etc even see some people are selling the new Call of
Duty game acounts – and what I say about prized those up to you how you’re going to
charge for each items so basically you are going to work here
as a saller and playerup is a middleman between you and your buyer they support
multiple payment type like Payoneer PayPal payzaof Skrill etc they charge
up to 5% for every Transcition and if you want boost your listing then can take
the paid subscription $20 so you can you can read those rules too before start
your selling n listing here are other site like this G 2 G and epic PC
you can also list your offer here now this is a bonus tip for you if you
have list a bulk amount of Facebook and Gmail IDs you can sell them here too and even if you want to buy from here
you can do this. see their posetive reactions and choose those best one okay okay so let’s see
the search volume of this platforms okay as you can see more than 100k
people probably visiting this site everyday so so okay my friends if you
are Expert in Games and you can use this for making Money like this hope you enjoyed this video and hit
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