Making My First 3D Online Multiplayer Game in 24 Hours – Unity Indie Devlog #1

Making My First 3D Online Multiplayer Game in 24 Hours – Unity Indie Devlog #1

So in this video, I’m gonna be showing you
how I made a game. A 3d, online multiplayer game, in under 24
hours. I’m turning 30. Officially a Boomer. And with this milestone… I want to knock off a few bucket list items. Namely, making a 3d, online multiplayer game
and maybe another Youtube video. Mostly because all my friends live out of
state. But first… Now I actually haven’t made a game in nearly
a decade but my last game was actually quite popular
on the webOS platform and it had a ton of neat features Though I am a software developer and I have
been programming since middle school using calculators. So we started off pretty basic, with the character
flopping around like a fish. Locked the rotation and got the player behaving
normally. Next I started playing with some lights to
try and improve the scene a bit. Then I decided to go ahead and add an enemy
so I had something to play with in the scene. After, I wrote up a smash-inspired multi-target
camera that keeps track of all the players in the room. Next I wanted to move into the online multiplayer
part which meant I had to start with the Menu sooner than I wanted. But I quickly added some buttons Compiled it and got a second instance running and soon enough I could spawn inside the room with someone else. Next I decided to make my platforms wider
to prevent the characters from falling off. Then I went ahead and started working on giving
the player a weapon. Keeping our design simple still, just going with a very basic rectangle
for the first revision. Now the players were able to shoot each other,
but there was no impact or damage yet so it all started piling up. I also wanted to work on some particles for
the bullets. Was gonna go for a fiery trail for the first
weapon. As you can tell I’m quite big brain when
it comes to particles. Here is a fun moment, when I had four devices
connected at once. Next instead of reinventing the wheel I decided
to download a popular skybox and start playing around with the various shapes, positioning
and color. This was a lot of fun and instantly helped
the game feel a lot more polished. Later on time of day is synchronized across
all players. I started playing around with building my
own levels, but quickly changed my mind and went the procedural route. I got it working quickly, but made a bug which
ended up giving it a really fun effect… After that was resolved I moved on to finding
some good environmental particle effects to up the ambiance a bit. I really enjoy how the leaves and fireflies
turned out. Giving the ability to host the room, I didn’t
want the game to start immediately on load so I came up with the idea to have a campfire
for all the players to gather around before the match would begin. Next I decided to add some basic UI, including
a health bar, gun stamina bar, and header and subheader. Then I wrote some code to handle all the various
match and round timers. After, I decided it was time to improve the
menu a bit. So I did some quick research on mouse input
and got the menu character firing the weapon. Then I began work on implementing player damage
and projectile collision so they could actually hit their target. Then it dawned on me that I was missing camera
shake on projectile impact and I knew it would look great. Started working through the logic, but eventually
took Brackey’s advice and just added a popular shake library from Github. It worked out perfectly. I also added in all the various in-game announcements. Then I thought it would be fun to add a 20%
chance of rain within the level generation. I also went ahead and added an HP animation
to show when you have damaged another player. Next I went on to find some sound effects
to use. As it was nearing completion I decided it
was time to attempt some background music. Now I hardly know anything about music theory
and have never produced music in my life But I was able to come up with something I
was decently happy with. It loops perfectly and it has been playing
in the background of this video the entire time. Let me know your thoughts below. Then I moved on to some final refinements,
including a pause menu to let you get back to the main menu . I also started using the player’s name as
the seed for the random platform generation to work across multiplayer. Now this game will be compatible with every
device and console, including iPad multitasking so responsiveness is key. And I added a mobile joystick and menu button
that only shows up for iOS and Android devices. Both features turned out really well. In total this challenge took around 23 collective
hours to get into a playable state. I’ve been undecided on a name or where to
take this project next. Some people fret over using too many pre-existing
assets, but finishing a project is more important than self ego. It’s been a lot of fun making it and plan
on adding to it over time. Obviously I’ve ignored character design
for the time being but that will come later on. I’d also like to see user profiles and to
integrate scoreboards, power ups, etc. You can always wishlist it on Steam and I’ve
started a Discord channel for your suggestions and to help you find other players to play
with. That link will be below. I also invite you to remix the background
music and I may include it in the game later on. That link will also be below. Now this devlog actually took longer to make
than the game did, so definitely hit subscribe below if you want to see more of these. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this first devlog
and let me know in the comments below what I should add next. Thanks *Subscribe*

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