Making my First Website in 2 Days!

Making my First Website in 2 Days!

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  1. Thanks for watching! 😀 If you wanna try to set up your own website, make sure to head over to and use code "DANI" for 15% off!
    It's really easy and fast, so give it a shot if you need a website.
    Also make sure to look out for my next video, where I will make the actual mobile game!!

  2. Waaait, this is a Win10 Theme, right?

  3. You forgot to put a title in the html, it only shows the name "document" on the google chrome tabs. If you see this you might add that to your website.

  4. You should use sass instead of css, it will make your life way easier.

  5. You should talk about using a hosting website and it's limitations. For example, most hosting services don't support other languages then PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS. So if you want to use Java of C# then you have to look for something else!

  6. why did you use XAMPP when you don't use PHP?

  7. Did you know that, you don't need xampp if you're only making html pages ?

  8. uP gRadEd tO VIsuAl sTudio coDE….
    #SublimeTeam where my bois at?

  9. AHHHHHHH Discord Color branding! 3:00!

  10. Great video and great job! A little tip is, that you can instead of images from photoshop use css to do gradients 😀

  11. Hey Dani, I know you like using the unity engine but can you make a game but with unreal engine just because it would be cool, but if you want you can do it. I like unity more too!

  12. There are also 12 times cheaper hosting websites that are 85 cents a year

  13. lmao dani you can use one of the vs code plugins such as live server instead of installing xamp next time haha

  14. pewdiepie mention 1:33

  15. my man still on windows 7 xD

  16. 2:36 he's a cuber yay!

  17. YOU ARE A GOD !!!!!

  18. why didnt you just use hostinger

  19. is wedsite btw

  20. 2:15 XAMPP is pronounced SHAMP

  21. I forgot which youtuber you were… then i heard you say "hit the sack" and remembered.

  22. So when can we expect the game on IOS?

  23. html is easy, learn from w3 school website and css from udemy video tutorials..

  24. At 16 or 17 i learned HTML in around 5 hours and CSS in a day and then i perfectionized it in a week.
    After just 1 week i could code HTML+CSS Websites with no problem and had full understanding of what i was doing.
    I then started with PHP and did some basic programming to include header, footer and other parts of the website.
    this helped me out a lot since i could just overwrite my header.php and every page now had the same header.
    I probably coded 1-2 years procedural, not knowing any object oriented programming (even though i started out with some C and C++ at the Age of 13 – guys don't do that, there are better options to start out with).
    Later on i started a project in San Andreas Multiplayer, some developer had made a way to code in PHP and i thought: "i know PHP let's do this".
    There i was, learning OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and writing a gamemode in my favorite programming language – okay, scripting language.
    Since then i have used all the knowledge i gained and started to create CMS's (Content Management Systems) and other Web-Applications that were important to me at that time.
    Years later here i am – A 25 year old guy using WordPress to build websites since i don't have the time to code them myself?

    Guys if you are young, start now!
    Because when you get older you won't have that amount of time anymore.

  25. You could have yused atom

  26. Imagine hosting a website that only uses html and css on localhost.
    you alos just could open the html file in your browser thats what i am doing all the time

  27. U can make a video with the 2days not a channel bro.This is so boring.also what u r doing is not magic it's what programmers do.

  28. I love html and I'm pro at it you know Mr Dani?

  29. 4:39 read where it says the location

  30. For icons it is quite nice to use a font repository that instead.
    Great Stuff though!

  31. Gg for learning html

    Me: I started html 2 months ago

    Dani: I made a website in 2 days

  32. I recommend “Font Awesome“ for Icons who everyone knows what the icon means


  34. I’m making website about 2 weeks. Now I’ve watched this. Really motivating me.

  35. Quick tips : Always go mobile first 🙂

  36. i got the ad of wix

  37. Our teacher taught us HTML and CSS within 3 hours.

    We've still yet to learn Jack s**t.?

  38. I suffered so much with css that I quit x'D

  39. 80 cents aw man I can only afford 20 cents

  40. Are you a speedcuber

  41. Please!
    Peoples must stop uae scratch!
    Is it a F grade app!
    Why you don't want to use python or somthing else!!??

  42. I saw a bunch of cubes in the background, are you a cuber?

  43. <html>

  44. Dani : I learned the basics of HTML and made my own website in 2 days
    Me : been trying to comprehend HTML for two weeks with nothing to show for it

  45. Wait, he did more in 2 days than I did in a year.

  46. Has no one else noticed how old of a version of windows dani uses? Is that a VM?

  47. whats up with your os

  48. I just finished learning css and html in school!

  49. I thought you created a website using Scratch (a very bad programming language).

  50. How did you dowload html on visual studio

  51. Yuo programing on python!You're really good man!

  52. anyone noticed that dani listens to piano anime musics? 8:13 , like me lol

  53. This man learned more html and css than I did in 2 days wtf lol but well done!

  54. hey do you cube? 6:09

  55. Look up raw coding for great C# tutorials

  56. nice beginner website

  57. your hating on a 2013 video but your taskbar looks like its from the 1990s

  58. why you didnt use wordpress to make your webstie ? its faster!

  59. Can u add link or more like this?

  60. A few tips:
    – Make a different styled navbar on mobile (
    – You have another possibility to show your yt vids (when you go on the share button under the video you can get the html code for it)
    For this one it would be:
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    – with the command <title> in <head> you can name the tab of your website

  61. damn dude that's actually impressive because I'm studying to become a web developer and you my friend have some potential 😀

  62. Did the guy just pronounce font "thot"? I like it.

  63. Change the menu to a hamburger dropdown menu on mobile

  64. Lol my name is also Daniel, I am also 22 years old, and I also created a similar portfolio this summer.

  65. watching making website


  66. the font and the video page are broken.

  67. dani i am sorry to say this your website is security less i opened all the directrie folders just in seconds

  68. Did anyone else notice that this dude kinda looks like Ninja the gamer that plays Fortnite?

  69. what kind of computer do you have?

  70. I new html for 14 years now it's easy

  71. Soooo… is the game on IOS?

  72. The amount of times he scratches his chin in the timelapse…

  73. btw is the website

  74. Not sure if you're aware but something that will really save you a lot of time, effort and pain in the future is HTML, CSS and Javascript frameworks. Bootstrap is the most popular framework, however others include beauter, skeleton and pure.css. All of these have excellent documentation. Hope this helps in future!

  75. Use bootstrap for responsive websites

  76. His website:

  77. You forgot one thing when making responsive pls use f12 instead of dragging your browser windows smaller. You may ask why.
    Well here is why.

    F12 can make the window size smaller and can imitate phone screens.

  78. 1:30 pewdiepie reference

  79. you should add a logo to your website they are pretty easy to add just make a logo with the name favicon.ico and upload it on the root folder

  80. HTML is not that hard..

  81. I tried searching '''' before i watched the video. Don't try that one, it's just porn

  82. me thinking what dani gonna do :
    "wow ? he will learn html, css, php, databse/mysql, etc from scratch for 2 days ?! impossible.."

    2 minute later :
    "oh,. only html and css, ok.. make sense"

  83. So I was seeing Dani moving his head left and right at 9999 km/h

  84. Is he using Windows XP

  85. if someone is reading this and knows how to make website, i need help. I cant set home locations contact to be in the same line when i reduce google chrome, that is when i make for phone. Does someone know what i have to do. Thanks

  86. You should add more Pictures to your Website

  87. Apache just say that

  88. Use alot of div tags… helps alot

  89. Why you dont taught us??

  90. 6:11 3 Hours? I think to the end of the day, there are 2 more hours

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