Making of sport shoes

Making of sport shoes

Making of sport shoes Factory Located In China Manum Shoes Trading (Singapore)
102F Citilink Warehouse Complex
#06-08 , Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118530 Tel : 65-63775678 Fax : 65-62798711 HP: 65- 96437248
Email : [email protected]
Skape: manumshoes By Tan Henry

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  1. ?✨? Acabo de ganar un iPhone X en este sorteo. ¡Date prisa, quedan pocos más!

  2. I need wholesale all Nike air force one. Also can you make my brand how much one dozen.

  3. How many shoes is minimum?

  4. Damn those are some sexy ass Chinese women….

  5. If you look closer these workers are from higher backgrounds. No matter the country of manufacture. These kind of workers aren't average people they're smarter than the average workers.

  6. Every product are made in china

  7. I am looking for a similar fuctory please let me have the details thank you

  8. ami akti company korty chai idea din

  9. I got dizzy with that camera shake!

  10. Where is this factory located?
    I would like to visit this plant kindly contact me for business purpose.

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  12. What is the price per shoes and mini quantity

  13. My no 91-8860481053 india

  14. Firefighter

  15. this makes me feel depressed for some odd reason

  16. How much this machine

  17. Kha pe hai yar mujhe bhee Ana hai

  18. machine ka kua price hoga

  19. machine ka kya price hoga

  20. Uske baare me Puri Jankari De

  21. اطلب المساعده بأنشاء معمل احذيه

  22. The Mighty AI likes this

  23. I want 14 size shoe
    u will try to me
    my leg is very big
    sandal size is 13
    please got for me

  24. My experience ten years shoes making number 8814004645

  25. I want shoe in bulk order how i can contact 'order

  26. I think this factory in jinjiang

  27. we need a partner to set up an automated shoe factory, for details please contact us.

  28. I am seller I want to buy bulk shoes.

  29. What is your wholesale rate please send some pictures with rate quotation. Please……

  30. The glue they are using is really shitty


  32. what is your price of the sneakers?

  33. I like these 'how it's made' videos! Very educational.

    Everybody can thank Ford for coming up with the assembly line manufacturing methods which helped to keep retail prices down while creating jobs for lots of unskilled people.

  34. In which chemical afix the shoes

  35. Humare ynha TPR lip pesting ki complaint ati hai please send videos..

  36. Shoes for 8-10 yrs old

  37. Que falta de organização!!!

  38. Awesom I like this

  39. Thả giầy kiểu này làm có mà chết

  40. Clip này là o đâu z trung quốc hay Việt nam

  41. Contact to me 8851577615

  42. Alguien me puede decir q es ese líquido qvle aplican con una jeringa por el orillo de la planta y el corte? Gracias?

  43. Vẽ hoa sen kiểu j vây mà ko bị cao mang vây chi e với

  44. Is jute wali machine ko Lagane me kitna kharcha aayega please Hame comment Karke Bataye my mobile number9315408373

  45. طب يعبدالله نوران العصيمي ونقي انهووو يعشق الشوز السحري يطابق لون الكزز الفراشة النسائي ?????

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  49. main Hindustan Mein Bihar se bol raha hoon mujhe aap ke joote ki price rate chahiye

  50. No Nikes1:1 replica's?

  51. any mobile number chahiye

  52. Am working in Nike shoes company in TN

  53. Am ready to give a my land we start one company in Kenya with well-wishers

  54. posisi dimana ini bang aku bisa ikut belajar gak cara membuat nya
    gak di gaji pun gak papa

  55. I am a distributor of sports shoes in Bahrain. Please contact me on WhatsApp +973 35055910 or email [email protected]


  57. i wants this all shows ????

  58. Can I have your contact number or address I need to start my business


  60. Would you please send me a quotation

  61. I also enjoying this work how to join this company

  62. It is fake company

  63. I want my own branding.can you provide ?

  64. Skill of these workers is really next level and the speed at which they work is really amazing.

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  67. تصوير فاااااشل

  68. Je vous travaille avec vous

  69. OMG !!! it's too messy !!!

  70. Good shoes
    Workers,,,,low pay

  71. basically just glue holding these things together

  72. Nice work. I am Joseph from Uganda. How best can I learn. Do you Welcome learners from Uganda. I want to set up a shoe center

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  74. Very good sir your video

  75. Dear Sir
    I am Nagaraju ,I want to start shoe making Industry and What is cost for shoes making machine and How to buy machines

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