Man seen tackling student at high school wrestling tournament in Kannapolis

Man seen tackling student at high school wrestling tournament in Kannapolis

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  1. Not showing whole video. The teenager he tackled, did an illegal slam which could potentially kill this kid . It's dangerous! We all say he shouldn't have done that, but in that moment watching someone do that to your child is a tough one. To say none of us would do that is hard to predict.

  2. No mention of the boy he tackled having nearly killed his son with an illegal move in the first place. Typical news networks not going the whole story or showing the whole video.

  3. Yer i have to say he nearly snaps his sons neck fuck him.

  4. Illegal slam by wrestler, he should have been disqualified.

  5. Negative passions are a part of life so we should all just accept that someone is going to hurt you. Americans… honestly.

  6. Yeah don't think I would have done that but a very dangerous and widely known as illegal slam could've broke the wrestler's neck. As a wrestler, you know what you're doing. He tried to cause harm and should never be allowed to wrestle again.

  7. Which is worse:

  8. Nice job spinning a story by not telling the entire events that happened and cutting out the rest of the video leading up to part you chose to show. Are you news reporters or story tellers? Shameful!

  9. Everyone whining about the suplex. It's a move they banned because it could injury. It was legal for years. So in the midst of competition something happens that's unfortunate. It needs to be handled appropriately. Having some jackass run across a gym and attach a child is not appropriate. TEENAGERS ARE CHILDREN! This man who did that deserves to have his life ruined. I want to be more compassionate about this but I cannot. The family should sue that man for attacking their child.

    This would be like in football a teenager making a normal tackle and then hitting someone with their helmet in the process. It's illegal, it happens, and then a parent running from the stands with a ball bat and killing the kid who made the tackle. There is no difference here. Attacking a child over a sport is still attacking a child and deserves to be punished with the most severity as possible.

  10. Lol 😂 good for the dad ! People need to stop Exaggerating everything he just bumped into him

  11. Those damn kannapolites

  12. The kid almost snapped his sons neck

  13. Lmao dad really loves his son. I can't blame him.

  14. This father is a hero. If this illegal slam is done to my kid, I do the same, not also to this stupid guy but also hit his stupid fatber too.

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