Mardaani | Official Trailer | Rani Mukerji

Mardaani | Official Trailer | Rani Mukerji

Don’t doll them up like kids. Those rascals should see them
as lovers not daughters. Shivani Shivaji Roy. Crime Branch Mumbai,
Senior Inspector. She has information
about a syndicate of drug… …and child trafficking in Delhi. To kidnap a girl so smoothly… …then disappear without a trail. Only an organized
gang can pull this off. Hello! Stop chasing me
and quote your price. So, you are the man
behind this racket? You sound like a kid! So what do you want?
– Let Pyaari go. If you had asked earlier
it might have been possible. That girl has seen too much. I don’t take such
a risk in my business. Listen kid, I’ll come to your house for Pyaari. But I will come for sure. No one knows his real name. Is there no way of reaching him? He’s been shot!
– What? You are in my territory.
Be very careful. I donít know your name… Or where you are talking from… But I will hunt you down in 30 days. Mark my words, 30 days. That’s a lot of anger, ma’am. To trap a rat
you have to act like one. To catch a dog
you have to think like one. To hunt a tiger
you have to become one. Make sure your boss
gets my name right. Shivani Shivaji Roy. Do whatever the hell you want! Come on!

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  1. Who is coming after watching MARDAANI 2 Trailer ??

  2. She doesn't need any one.?

  3. Who are here after Mardani 2 trailer?

  4. Saalo Achi movie dekhne ke aadhi nahi hona kya… Rani u r awesome

  5. Rani is beautiful without any actor.

  6. Very nice akter of Ranimukherji

  7. Who is coming after see mardangi 2 trailer like??
    Itne like to meri photo per Bhi Nahi aaye Hai????thanks you very much friends

  8. Who is coming after trailer mardani 2 like me

  9. Queen is always queen ?

  10. Please share link of mardani movie full video…! . .

  11. Any one came after seeing mardaani 2 trailer

  12. Who is here after #Mardaani2Trailer ? Hitt Like?❤????

  13. And no it's tym to watch the trailer again.
    Because of new one.???

  14. Mardani movie jaldi opload karo yr

  15. What a acting mam. Amazing.

  16. My favorite heroine Rani Mukherjee.. ❤? so much

  17. Abe Under 19 ke 12th man???

  18. Ab yah per kuch chotiyen aye gyn aur boly gyn kon kon aya hai M2 trailer ky bhd

  19. Who is here just for trailer comparison between Mardaani 2 & Mardaani 1….like

  20. I am after mardani 2

  21. Looks like Dino James at 0:34

  22. Anyone has a link for me to watch the first movie?

  23. Sir is movie ko YouTube par aplod kigiye please sir please

  24. Online mill nai rahe koi help kar sakta hy please

  25. Who else see dino james here?

  26. Please upload this movie

  27. After mardani -2 trailer
    How many came here

  28. Hey guys, We have made an Epic remix version combining all Mardaani Trailers

  29. Attitude every girl/women should have. Hats off

  30. मर्दानी 2 ????

  31. God blessed all?❤?

  32. Bollywood queen Rani Mukharji

  33. I came here after watching mardaani2 trailer
    It's awsome?

  34. I am here after shocking goosebumps MARDARNNI 2 Trailer.

  35. Rani mukerji love u so much ? ?

  36. Who is watching this trailer.. after watching #mardani2..hit like?.

  37. Rani ka naam sahi hain

  38. Pahale Mardani aaj Mardani 2 ???

  39. I am here after watching mardani 2 trailer

  40. This woman is enough to make me whistle loudly in the theatre!! Damn goosebumps loaded in each and every scene!!
    Why isnt this trending!??

  41. Congratulations to everyone on this team. Exceptional documentary ? A true disgusting reality of this industry. Next time they should make a movie on how girls get vanished from the markets and lanes of Chandini chowk and Lal Kila shops in Delhi. They operate in disguise of garment shops, especially female garments. They also offer drinks like coffee and water to female customers to make them drowsy and get an easy target. They offered me coffee and i refused it. Even women are involved in this crime. Never use their washrooms because there is no door, no security and no one around those rooms. It's a shady place. I myself have witnessed how haunting these places are. You will vanish and no one will ever come to know. They will lure girls into inside rooms and upstairs to show more clothes. But girls!! Beware! These are all the traps. This is just 1 method how they kidnap kids and girls. They also traffic men! Sex SLAVERY is not only for women. All genders are victims. We have to be careful because it's of no use to inform the police. Police already knows more than us. This is organized crime.

  42. Rani is True Singham

  43. Best Villian… movie

  44. Ye dislike karne wala to jarur criminals hoga ?????

  45. I dont know why always a women police commisioner saves india ke admi chutiye hein kya ?!?!??!

  46. Plz upload mardaani film

  47. Saale paiso k liye kuch bhi krte hai

  48. Lode jhand jaisi film hai…

  49. This film should be banned…

  50. i only came here for the villian and his line "mein aapne dhande me itna risk leta hi nahi hoon".
    He is so underrated. He should be doing a web series or of some kind.

  51. It is echo. It is movie. It is fetch. It is boeaste. It is flingy. There is clopte. This is movie.

  52. Tachy. Welcome to seat. It is sizzling content facet great.

  53. It is tachy. It is tickling to back seat. This is glorious movie.

  54. Who is here after watching trailer of mardaani 2 ?

  55. this movie is the best

  56. Best movie of tge era

  57. I found dino jems at 0:34 … Thank me later… ???

  58. She in this movie is an inspiration. I need to watch both the movies. Can someone help me out to know where can I watch mardani

  59. Witness today's legendary rapper Dino james at 0:34
    Kya se kya ho gaye dekhte dekhte……

  60. Full movie post kro yr koe
    You tube pe mil hi nhi rahi h
    Kisike pass ho to plz post

  61. (Chalre ) nice line?

  62. Hella respect for Rani for Mardaani and Mardaani 2

  63. I am here in 2019 only for avneet Kaur ?

  64. Sir please mardani full movie's post karona ☺☺☺☺

  65. कौन-कौन मरदानी 2 के ट्रेलर को देखकर, मरदानी का ट्रेलर देख रहा है वह एक कमेंट करके बताएं,,,,,,

  66. I am Indonesian… This is really good film really inspiratif… I know we have same problem… About kidnapping..about woman traficking… And we need some body like her… I approve this film… I think Its the best Bollywood film i've ever seen. Bravo

  67. My favourite actress I love u mam

  68. The sequel's here boys and girls. Book your tickets now.

  69. Mardani movie update kardo yar

  70. kis kis ne dino james ko mardani 1st part mein dekha

  71. Why bollywood just focuses on just one villian.

  72. Only one warrior in the world is there
    That is WOMEN ♨

  73. Is this movie based on true events?

  74. Rani did justice to the role she is a good quality heroine from her "Black" days

  75. മലയാളി ലൈക്

  76. Tabir raaj bhasin ki acting!!!!✌️

  77. Came here just after watching Mardaani 2 first day first show….. wow what a movie, everyone should watch it.

  78. Raniji what's women's power in this movie… Really ese police officer is Duniya me ban jaye to is duniyame crime naam ka Word hi ears Ho jaye… I salute this movie ??

  79. Is movie ke ek scene mein DINO JAMES(RAPPER) bhi hai guyz guess karo wo scene konsa h…

  80. This movie really matches her after baichu wit Bobby doel

  81. well done Rani mukherji

  82. Rani Mukerji is a mard I am for JKI JAPAN KARATE INDIA

  83. #YRFnewreleases Mardaani 2 | Official Trailer:

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