Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, X360, Wii)

Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, X360, Wii)

hey down here welcome young marvel
artists down here I’m the famous iron man and this is your own wondrous
workspace you are going to be the super hero squads new secret weapon pretty
cool huh every hero has a power and yours is a powerful power pen
pe m as in personal evil neutralizer let’s go Super Hero City needs your help Wolverine Hulk stay on the ship no fur
won’t water go Thor Scarlet Witch come with me and we’ll take out that Thunder
doom cloud will make the goody-goodies and Super Hero City beg for mercy
okay secret squaty time to rain on dooms parade I can’t stand defeat
what’s this Oh Otherworld I see you are you some sort of artist is that the kind
of power you possess I must have it I knew the super zeroes could not beat
me alone find a way into your world and take over everything
so I’m sliding my rock catch me just stop all your whining Moodle can do
tune with the plan I’ll be right behind you
well I don’t see you anywhere now look at the holo communicator on your wrist
if you can I was speaking metaphorically a pleasure sir what is so fantastic
about this place anyway the FF boys went on a bonding camping
trip without me a weekend free of exploding science experiments ah peace
and quiet mark okay judging we must steal the
Fantastic Four’s negative zone portal device with it I can cross realities and
conquer everything my plan is for us flawless like the funded erm plan MODOK
so much for peace and quiet I have to inform the squad duly
yo me do you dammit come over my is dilution Sonny Boy mommy I’m in a
mistletoe me why don’t you answer my calls
if you don’t give me some mom son time I will find a way to make you aah
your mom is way more frightening than you know I ask you hey mommy I am in the
middle of a very important corollary dimension of time and space I’ll call
you back now that you have snuck into the
building undetected get going man I’d stubble hang at me I’ll deal with
you soon enough secret squatty when dooms cloud platform
blew up I detected a stretch in the time-space continuum
he is after you in your alternate dimension alternate dimensions will
found next want me to believe in far-off places where mythic deities reside oh
good I can play an alternate dimension in that place to hold purple not greed a
double pony I’m never really sure what dimension you’re in Hulk what the ffs
hero book status has gone from gone camping to being attacked
it’s MODOK he broke into the Baxter building how did he reach the doorknobs
of those tiny arms Falcon Thor bring the secret swati to the Baxter building and
see what’s going on yeah and hit the do not like if but none hero book
we have to save the Baxter building from doom and his big brain grow by hind
dolls hairy hamster yon damsel is in distress Oh guys let’s talk and more
help here and don’t call me damsel window to meet
you secret squatty perhaps you’ll prove the pen is mightier than the sword why
haven’t you found the portal device I sent you to find yet ah it does those
stupid heroes show it up there always dunya my well tell me about it whoa how
did he get in here so easily did the security system go camping too
their security to this week as mine brother Loki’s self-control no our
security system is fantastic this is the last time I let Johnny set the password
to one two three four five dude you are here is that in the
metaphysical sense or up number 231 portal a box parlay I’m glad I’ll pay
you by the hour I’ll meet you there who know he found the portalab hurry
let’s cut through the laser defense hallway
um laser defense hallway that doesn’t sound safe it’s just a little defense
bread what are you chicken what a fowl joke sorry Snoopy is yeah tight the portal
device is mine well I done all the legwork dude your legs do almost no work
you haven’t gotten away yet doom you can’t stand against the power of due
Monday yes Buddha lost this finally recognized my contribution we’re gonna
kick your butts isn’t that right Jimmy ha ha ready go ha
ha ha we can work something out count me one I don’t know where doom went I don’t
keep his calendar ok sometimes I do but follows you took us doomberry with him
please please don’t force mr. Tory not going to oh not even a little bit of
forsen well I’ll talk anyway about the vault don’t recruit at his old red
friend of the epically evil red skull to attack the vault the red skull that
creepy Red Menace what would doom have him doing Guinea pumpkin the Canada hi wa salam
this mission calls her a secret ally this is a job for squirrel girl lot that
is unfair z2z melis is unbeatable she is not so I hear you defeated Doctor
Doom once that is pretty cool it wasn’t hard be allergic to squirrels every time
you got near my tally sneeze ah I have a tail too wanna see huh didn’t Iron Man
say we were supposed to meet up with Captain America young girls I’m in the
command center teaching at his Red Skull Roga lesson he knocked on a glue to each
other we can compare tales later we have to save cap this had too much
skin mir and what a terrible joke mostly what aboot dogs never mind that sentinel
hand has the complains I need mm across doctor damn you force me into
the fight very well I will take off my angle of these openness heroes then
talking to the bad doctor have we Rouge rogue hmm an i doom for how do you work
this newfangled thing I’m a man out of time
hey this phone took my picture well at least now you have something to remember
me by yes but I don’t rather forget you
captain lost in the past said the guy with the sunburned noggin do you know
how pass a tanning is those old American field radios were super reliable you
could be in a bunker 100 feet underground and still make a call back
to mom before supper hurry abomination I must have the mystic Miniver Camaro’s Oh
with it we can absorb ink from that pesky not-so-secret squaty and whoever
wears it becomes invulnerable nobody will be able stop us plus it’s great for
keeping my kitchen counter spotless Julie don’t make me build a Sun locating
trap in our device to find you mommy I’m still busy pet allergies and money
issues no wonder he’s such a villain my son locating dropping devices almost
done prepare yourself do me for a visit from
money Kings what did I tell you no more anger walk no tonight this trade scary please
it’s not the place that’s strange it’s the occupant dr. strange ok darn
bottoms bad puns Shh look it’s abomination uh hello I’m selling doom
Scout cookies hey dr. dome there are M so all over the place here I got these
imps on loan from nightmare commanding them as like herding nuts it’s attacking
doombots ha ha ha I’m so dumb yeah but the Doombot said imps are
fighting each other no you idiotic oops wait until those
silly squaws get here oh ok Ironman have twin brother it’s a statue me look out
morons behind one door is certain doom and
behind the other is safety ask me one question if you don’t wish to die but
remembered I will always lie always lie does this hat flatter my face Wow a
riddle wrapped in an enigma stuffed with strangeness I like it Oh ohh thinking
ohh still thinking oh wow dirt oh gosh and
uh which one is it I wish Newman told me what it looks like well well it looks
like our friend here is trying to find the mystic mini-vac of maloso Oh maybe
he should find smarts first yeah that’s so funny I forgot to laugh
just make sure he doesn’t get it why we have to pretend stinky beat us
just a trick we’ll get up and follow a Bhama nation to see what he’s up to
why bother with a mystic mini-vac when the toe ring of dimensional domination
is right over there I don’t know Doctor Doom wants it which
means we can’t let him have it right well time to play pretend I hope he buys
it oh no game this like opposite day we’re Hulk all
weak and sneaky whatever helps you stay in character oh we are defeated so
defeated um Ochs till our feet speak Wyatt Wow
I must have actually beat them they’re so weak clan did you get I beat him up
easy run too strong for them yes but you’re also late for that
you can walk home I left a walk back I can never get a cab when I want one
now’s our chance squaddies follow that stench is this the secret don’t want
factory coz I brought the vacuum sucker thingy you weren’t followed uh No wrong answer guess again um you still
there secret sporty oh good we’re gonna need you well well mr. a-bomb looks like
we followed you home but I thought I’d beat you guys thinking isn’t your strong
suit is it oh you never tell me what the plan is how can I be ruining it
ya know okay squaddies we’ve got to follow him into villainville and take
him out stay ready secret spotty we’ll need you too huh even bad guys need a
long time warning emergency trash-talker in progress finally an exit strategy secret swathi okay abomination give it up there’s no
place to go oh I am so scared of the Super Hero Squad in their new secret
squad II be afraid bub be very afraid I thought I did dumb stuff y’all
holographic abomination trick fell for it again we fell right into dudes trap
I’ll have to update my doom trap database oh so nice of you to make it
super weirdos yeah I may be dumb but they’re much dumber were hmm know that I
have an invincible Monisha to soak up your ink you will be unable to stop me
from opening the portal to the other dimension
okay squaddies time to hero up it all makes perfect sense doom can link the
negative zone portal with the time couplers and that Sentinel hand with
some of your power pens ink he’ll be able to open a portal to your reality
secret squaddie in fact I bet that’s dooms target your theory doth make my
domed noggin a claw Blondie’s helmet too tight who totally did it man
you lost me but look hold a friend up there to help us where have you guys
been uh not stopping by the villainville ice cream shack
they can’t almond peanut butter swirl my favorite down those cones we’ve got a
couple of dimensions to save your theory might be right iron pants
but it’s right the ink from the artist’s quarry is a final piece I needed to draw
open a porthole in the other dimension so that’s what the mystic mini-vac was
for the ink was the final piece in dooms dimensional portal Wow that’s so weird it just might work yes I will be victorious like Francis
I’m tiny you mean these comics are not a scale
but my ego is so big the game is done for the doom you’re too late I’ll rule
this world then I’m sick of dealing with you secret Super Hero Squad I enjoy
trying I’ll return this to Doc strange bub thanks for all your help
dooms plans were doomed from the start I have lost so many times I am losing
touch with all realities what are you going to do with me this time I have an
idea though it may be a bit jarring well artist extraordinaire you’ve used
your powerful power pen powerfully must be catching that pee thing from cap now
how about I seal this portal tight and draw this episode to a close it is nice to see the city safe once
more where pray tell did thou put old Faris face oh we found a nice safe place
in another reality to hide him he put me in a jar on the desk really me this is
humiliating I’m a doctor a doctor a goon
just look at this mess I would never let you keep your room like this come on
dirt to it do me and stop fogging up the glass with your heavy breathing I am so
glad I am NOT doom right now um not that I’m not usually glad I’m not doom right
you should never shake a telephone again please mummy dearest sorry my boy my
drafting device is only one way why would I want to leave you
besides now we have time to catch up that’s what I was afraid of
no look get me out of here do you hear me MODOK you gotta save me hey if we
leave him in there we could go back to secret evil headquarters and play video
games all night yeah the best part of her you really should spend more time
with your mother wait uh the portals closed how do we get back to the base
you need a better class of friends you think just run the credits already you you you you you you you you you you you you you

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  1. The Game Story Is A Bit Scary

  2. I loved this show as a kid hulk was so lovable

  3. A have a theory that the player is Stan Lee. Think about it: when the characters enter our world, they show up on an artist's desk and they are miniature sized.

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