Mastering the Soccer Scissors! *7 Key Points* by Online Soccer Academy

What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared
Montz former pro and founder of Today we are learning how to do the scissors
in soccer. Football Soccer. If you already know how to do the soccer scissors
move click here to learn how to do the advanced scissors move soccer. Description: Soccer Sports
The scissors soccer move is an attacking move you can do to get by a defender. This is considered
more of a basic soccer moves but it’s a classic and highly effective soccer tricks when done
right. Towards the end of this video I will throw in coaching soccer tips on how to coach
soccer this soccer trick to younger players. On a side note… did you know we do Online
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player click here to see our Camps schedule for this winter and spring and I hope to see
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our “in person” coaching youth soccer! Key Points on How to do a Scissors Move in
Soccer: 1. Stand behind the soccer ball and step with
your left foot to the side of the ball. 2. Drop your left shoulder and over exaggerate
a fake that you are going to run left. 3. Bring your right foot around the inside
of the soccer ball to the outside. Make sure to lean your body a bit to the right when
you step to the outside of the ball. The goal is to get the defender un balanced by thinking
you are going right when you do the football tricks. 4. Take a touch with the outside of your left
foot at an angle going forward. Your touch should be out in front of you a few steps
so you have room to accelerate past the soccer defender. If you take to small of a touch
the soccer defender might be able to get a leg out and make a play. 5. Change pace! The best attacking soccer
players in the world know how to change pace and speed up after doing a move. Soccer Skills.
Think slow to fast! This will help you create a few steps of space between you and a defender
to give you a second or two to make a play. 6. Do not take to big of steps to the sides
because it will throw off how fast you can run when changing pace. For example, I see
lots of players step to far left and right so when they take their touch to dribble forward
they are almost in a split position which means they can’t run right away. You want
your left foot touch of the ball going forward as part of your running stride. 7. Do the soccer scissors move when you are
2-3 steps away from your defender. DO NOT get to close to the soccer defender because
while you are doing your scissors move soccer all nice and neat like the defender is just
plowing into you. This will increase their chances of winning the soccer ball. Soccer
Drills for Kids. Equipment Needed: Soccer Sports
You will need a soccer ball and three cones. Soccer World. If you don’t have cones, that’s
okay, you don’t have to use them to practice your scissors. Exercise Player Can Do: Soccer Drills
A soccer exercise we can do to practice. Start off by practicing the soccer scissors move
from a stand still without the soccer ball. Get your body use to how you will feel. Once
comfortable get the ball out and practice the soccer scissors move from a stand still.
Soccer Football. Do it slow, take your time, get the scissors right and then accelerate
after the move. Once you are ready set up your cones like
so; a start cone, a soccer defender cone and a cone you will accelerate to at an angle
forward up the field from the defender. Youth Soccer Drills. From the start cone dribble
up at slow pace, do your scissors 2-3 steps prior to the defender cone, then change pace
and accelerate forward. Do a light jog back and repeat the exercise. Do this until you
get tired or feel like you are getting it. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: How to Soccer Some things that could be going wrong! If
the defender is always winning it then two things could be happening. Soccer Practice
Drills. First, you are doing the scissors but you
are to upright and stiff so the defender isn’t buying your fake. Remember to drop your shoulder
and over exaggerate your fake. Second, you are getting to close to the defender.
Time your scissors right and do it 2-3 steps before the defender. Coaching Tips! How to Coach Youth Soccer
If you are a soccer coach watching this here are two tips for you to better demonstrate
the scissors to your players. How to Teach Soccer. Coaching Tip 1 – Be careful of the mirror
affect. When you are demonstrating the scissors and you are facing your players you are going
to say scissors right but in their minds, from their angle, they will see you scissoring
left. My advice is after you show them key points and you are demonstrating the move
turn your back to the players. So now when they see you do the scissors right, it’s to
their right too. Coaching Tip 2 – Get down on one knee and
use your hands to move the player’s feet. Remember most players are visual learners
so if you have a young player that can’t understand the scissors drop down on one knee and pick
up their feet and scissor them around the ball. Just do one foot at a time so they don’t
lose their balance and fall over! Bonus Tips! Soccer Training Drills
If you are left footed or want to try this left footed the key points are the same, just
the opposite for when I say left or right. Use this soccer moves when you are running
half or three quarters pace. The soccer scissors move is much harder to do when running in
a full sprint and not always your best move choice at full sprint. Keep that in mind.
Soccer Training. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
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