Matt Lauer’s Epic Prank

– As you may know, I’ve been
messing with Matt Lauer a little bit–little tiny teeny
teeny, teeny tiny bit. [laughter]
And, uh– All I wanted to point out
was the truth: that he’s into freaky,
freaky things, he’s– [laughter]
He likes whips, and he’s got a foot fetish,
it seems, [laughter] and he likes to do stuff with
Florence Henderson. [laughter] And he kept threatening
to get me back, and I encouraged it, ’cause
I ain’t afraid of no Lauer. I’m not.
[laughter] Yesterday, I finished shooting
the show. I was tired,
I’m ready to go home. I walk out to get in my car, and this happened. [upbeat music] [balls spill out noisily] [laughter] My god, man!
– [laughs] Hi! Ellen!
– Do you understand? Have you seen this? Have you seen–
– How are you? – Oh, I’m great! I’m really great.
– Good, how’s Por– How’s Portia?
– She’s great. We were just going to start
a beer pong tournament, and so I needed to buy, like,
20,000 ping pong balls, so this–you–the joke’s on you,
Lauer. This is what I was looking for. – [laughs] – You have to admit, Ellen, it took a lot of balls
to pull off this prank. [audience laughter]
– I was gonna say that. and, um, oh, my God. Don’t I have security
around here? How did this happen? How in the world– – Can I just end by telling you
the obvious? – What’s that? – I adore you. – I adore you, too,
but now it’s on. Before, it was fun and games. It was jokes, but now…
– [laughs] – It is on, Lauer. [balls spilling noisily] [balls moving noisily] [cheers and applause] All right. All right, you got me,
and you got me good. Not.
[laughter] You call that a prank, Lauer?
Pshaw. All I’m gonna say is,
I barely even was trying before. Now April Fool’s Day is right
around the corner, so is April…2nd. [laughter] April 3rd, April 4th. All right, anyway,
I’m gonna getcha, I will.

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