Max Payne 2 – Final Mission & Ending Credits (1080p/60fps)

Max Payne 2 – Final Mission & Ending Credits (1080p/60fps)

get it damn it here let me this way more than the Mantis she was working for world glad told me the truth wanna wait stop this is love when someone drags you from the wreckage when you have given in ready to just lie there and die I told you not to come here it’s my job to clear up this mess in your part of it thoroughly your gun this is love when someone no matter what the cost shows you there is hope a choice that you can put down your gun say I can’t do it here at bastard max this is love love hurt I was so looking forward to you to killing each other you can’t have everything i had been here before ground zero you are making me look incompetent by refusing to die stop I am sorry enough a bomb went off in my head the bullet lodged in my brain to say to microscopic distance of killing has gone too far i have only begun it’s better to reign in Hell than serve in heaven your flattery of demented for I thought the rise to an old familiar feelings I hated it I welcomed everything was clear again no more interview ities no more questions no God when you need one one less than left to do I was compelled to give ladders gun back one bullet at a time he behind me pop him off and give me a gun it’s good to know how to get off the ball hey on the ground in the panic room a gang of God repeat like a firework what the fuck is wrong with you max why don’t you just die you hate life you’re miserable all the time afraid to enjoy yourself even a little faces you might as well be dead already do yourself a favor voicemail you have to actually that was a bad idea I can understand your loss but this isn’t helping max it’s only making it work I’m not technology we have history I’m how I’m not about this car i’m just not sure I country with you have want you really know glad much I did you a favor he thought your event for you the matter of your loved ones is dead you have direct my restaurant white now your country so fun nothing about these things max one of these days it’s going to get you killed buddy max I haven’t forgotten you where you want the fear that was views of only three was supposed to be the hero gaping hole your only chance is to turn around it’s like kissing lips are dead love darkness wait hold on we are willing to suffer to die for the things we care about your love for the right choices because of her I solved the case my case all of this who i am it’s going to be alright ah god I turned out to be such a damsel in distress she was dead the bullet in her head come to the end of the slow-motion journey they shop we’re going to scout job it’s almost morning waking up the american dream Jesus my god what the hell went on here they are all dead now like all my love his mind forever he’s brought me here to this moment of clarity for time slows down and I choose to look back to see myself and in that active scene i am reborn how do you kiss like that take Oh God got a live one here detective pain it’s not like you America now he’s still alive I had a dream of my life she was dead but it was alright

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  1. The ending still haunts me holy shit

  2. my chidhood game its even my first game i played

  3. there was an easter egg in this mona is alive i dont remember what was it

  4. You know I honestly wished there had been more backstory to Vladimir Lem, it would have been nice to have seen when he first became a member of The Inner Circle, and to see exactly how and why he developed so much bitterness and resentment towards Alfred Woden, the voicemail to Woden from Vlad in the final chapter basically implies that Vlad felt unappreciated by Woden, and that's the closest thing you get to an answer smh

  5. That sorrow grundgy voice of max
    Takes me back to my childhood

  6. Mona Sax lives if you play at a higher difficulty level.

  7. I had a dream of a wife. She is dead but it was alright 🙁

  8. This game has special place in my heart

  9. This made me cry 😔
    Most favorite game of mine..

  10. I had a dream of my wife. She is dead but that's alright ;(

  11. Fuck man. I never could beat this game. I maybe got as far as the mansion. Regardless this was one of my favorite Ps2 games ever. Memories.


  13. i miss this game forever

  14. oyunun jenerik müziği bile beni benden alıyordu

  15. I completed this mission on my birthday
    It was raining outside and also in the game
    Memories 🙂

  16. i played this game back in 03… lol my cousin got it from his friend in college. I was only 9

  17. This is real depression guys 😭😭😭😭😭😭 every gamer have felt max words 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 iconic 😭

  18. Max Payne:[narrating] I lied to myself that it was over. I was still alive. My loved ones were still dead. It wasn't over.

  19. This game deserve remake and deserve movie

  20. How the fuck did Woden, a disabled elder ill with cancer, think it was a smart idea to stand up from his wheelchair and trying to assault an armed man in his 30s lmao

  21. Wow really WOWW…Music is Perfect

  22. Gamer no very well

  23. Max Payne was great

  24. My favorite game and misfortune life of max payne. 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  25. I'm Addicted To Max Payne 1 & 2 Theme Music & Can't Forget It

  26. so brutal cut scene

  27. My forever favorite game

  28. Didnt the ending credits feature Poets of the Fall?

  29. You made me look really bad…improve your strategy…don't just stand there after opening the door…use bullet time combo….damnit

  30. Lem quoted "Paradise Lost" by John Milton. I just now, in mature age, came to realize that.

  31. "I was supposed to be the hero"


  33. we are all the same guys we should become 1 and make a new version of our self if we cant it's okay it was the legendary game we never forget hope life after death we will still remember this game and have fun

  34. so much pain we should put in piwdipie submisson

  35. why modern game dont use this amazing feature the bullet movement or slow motion i dont get it

  36. Me after finish this mission: "That's old familiar feeling…"

  37. These were the games which used to touch the hearts. Old games are just lit

  38. If this game made in ( 2017,2018,2019) belive me, will get the top of the game's !!ever..
    I have a ques ; i saw in other video's of the end , there is video's end with survivng mona , and other doesn't !? How?

  39. Omg this game has a special place inside my heart❤❤😭

  40. Some times games become more better then movies

  41. Sub ill and ill sub back

  42. No ‘Late Goodbye’ on this version?

  43. This games's ending makes me cry all the time 😥

  44. Pain to the max!!!!!

  45. max Tum. Mona. Sarita. pyare

  46. Eu chiar il joc pe laptop

  47. I played the shit out of Max Payne games back in the day. Did anyone else this game was also a bit creepy/scary? Especially first one, the dead baby and all the dreams?! I love this game. Its on sale on Steam now real cheap.

  48. i dug max payne 3 but my biggest complaint was that he downplayed the events of max payne 2 as "that mona thing". like cmon she did so much more for you max! the comic makes it even worse by saying he somehow cheated on his wife by hooking up with mona.

  49. If you played dead on arrival difficulty mona lives

  50. And I'm still crying

  51. How do we like these Instagram posts?

  52. To this day I think that no other game comes even close to Max Payne 2 when it comes to the whole "atmosphere" of the game, the music and the storyline.

  53. Mona remains alive. There is an alternate ending. !!! You didn't try that

  54. I miss Mona 😫😪

  55. max payne 3 contradicts max's feelings in the end of 2. he overcomes his grief for michele and clearly has a thing for mona. and in 3 he gets drunk because of grief for michele and in the graveyard he says that his feelings for mona were not real. bullshit

  56. Pure Nostalgia… ❤️❤️❤️

  57. the voice of the actor is amazing

  58. Shit you all not it took me only one day to finish this game I was knee deep into this

  59. 4:49 My Life at me whenever I make any action move to get better😅😓

  60. I wanted Mona to survive.
    Damn Vlad!

  61. If you read the comics Max had a very tragic life. His father was an alcoholic and killed his mother and later died himself so Max grew up in an orphanage. Later finally poor guy makes a family and that too ends up dead. Same thing here.

  62. I need free dom fight

  63. Música pesaaaada. Grande jogo. Bons tempos.

  64. why don they make games like this anymore? today's games are crap.

  65. No matter how many times you play but max payne and igi never gets old..

  66. Mona knew the manor !

  67. Çok güzel beeeeeee

  68. Have you ever wanted to just enter the game and give Max a hug?

  69. With not saying much I know how opiates can be, and Max Payne 1 & 2 give a very depressive tone from the main character, it is very well thought, since I've noticed how opioids can eat away chunks of your persona and depress the hell out of you, and only a detective like Max Payne can give the accurate depiction of how it is to try to think clearly when on opioids.

    But the games themselves, even with small budget cutscene comics was great, storytelling dragged me in as a kid and now as an adult after few replays, I love the story too

  70. still remember that name 'Mona' but nothing about games that I have played recently. lol…

  71. this gamr gives me headache!!!

  72. Thanks bro I finish mission

  73. This is best game ever. Sorry i'am russian, bad english. Sry.

  74. Strangely when I remember bullet dodging it is not Matrix but Max Payne which comes to mind.Best TPS game series ever made, the narrative associates Payne's pain and revenge with player.I still remember more than 10 years ago when end credit scene rolled in front of my eyes, I was heartbroken.Max Payne 3 also lives up to tragedy that is life of Max Payne.

  75. This game is so great up to a certain point, but I'm sorry, I have to complain about the ending. Up until the end bit when Max Payne is running around the platform thing and having molotovs hurled at him, it was a brilliant game, a true epic sequel to the brilliant original and Mona is so sexy, but the final part there ruined it for me. I know you have to have some level of difficulty, because he is up against the main villian, but for heaven's sake, it shouldn't be IMPOSSIBLE!!! It took over 150 attempts for me to kill Vlad and it was no fun at all. I mean, running around that platform, constantly having an endless barrage of molotov cocktails hurled at you which always get you, while at the same time having to aim at the support pieces overhead to bring that thing down, not to mention most of the platform gets blown away, so you have to jump too, it's ridiculous. Only game playing geniuses can complete that of which I am not. I've even tried to find cheat codes for it to give me a better chance, but can't find anything. Vlad cheats, why shouldn't I? It ruined it. I want to play it again, but knowing what I am heading for, it's just not worth it. Sorry all, mostly to fans of this, it was just frustrating. Still is. A great game, as good as the one I got a PS2 for, The Getaway, just a US version. A tragic fugitive trying to survive. But did the end game have to be so damn difficult. I congratulate all those who found it easy. Wish I had.

  76. It was not a game… It's an Emotion

  77. ahhhhh what a game I missed it,it takes my heart

  78. Legendary game. Best story ever in the world.

  79. Vlad(from max payne 2) = ass sniffer

  80. Ноу компренде

  81. Michelle was dead mona was dead who's next?

  82. When a lady tells you
    ‘Hell I’m mad about this guy,
    You can go to any extremes to find her killer’

  83. A tragic but beautiful conclusion

  84. Max, dearest of all my friends…

  85. What a beautiful graphics

  86. Max Payne is just John Wick’s dad

  87. this is one of my favorite video games ever Max Payne 2 will always be my favorite video game ever its a classic.

  88. Why no Late Goodbye in the credits? copyright issues?

  89. This game is special for me

  90. This is love Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhgrhhhhj

  91. Always liked playing this on a raining day

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