Max & Ruby: Ruby’s Memory Quilt / Light, Camera, Ruby / Ruby’s Ping-Pong Record – Ep.74

Max & Ruby: Ruby’s Memory Quilt / Light, Camera, Ruby / Ruby’s Ping-Pong Record – Ep.74

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪]Max and Ruby…Ruby and her
little brother, Max…
[♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] LOUISE:
What do you think? RUBY:
A little to the right… Here, Ruby? RUBY:
Perfect! The campfire
looks so real! It reminds me of our
bunny-scout camping trips. Right, that’s why
it’s called… BOTH:
A Memory Quilt! [chuckling] Yee Haw! Howdy, Cowboy Max! I’m afraid I can’t play
with you right now. Louise and I are
making a memory quilt. Look. We’re going to fill
each of these squares with a special memory. The first square reminds us of all the great times
we’ve had camping. What do you think? Yee Haw! What are you going to put
in the second square, Ruby? It’s something that
reminds me of Grandma – because she makes them
better than anyone else. Hmmm….I know! Grandma’s… BOTH:
Cupcakes! [laughing] [both sigh] Little cowboys. Yep. [chuckle] [♪] [♪] [sigh] [blows air] Yee-haw! LOUISE:
This cupcake looks
just like Grandma’s! Hmmm…
not quite. Grandma always
adds something to make her cupcakes
look extra special. MAX:
Yee-haw! Max!
Whoa! That’s a mighty
nice horse, Cowboy Max, but he’s getting a little too
close to my memory quilt. Maybe you and horsey can
play Cowboy over yonder. What about this for
the cupcake, Ruby? Hmmm…
Maybe. Let’s see if there’s something
else in my craft box. Perfect! [gasp]
Oh no! You spilled sparkles
on my cupcake square! [gasp]
It’s perfect! Huh? BOTH:
Oooooooooooh! The sparkles
look just like the candy sprinkles
Grandma uses! It looks good enough
to eat! Whoa, there,
Cowboy Max. Maybe you should mosey
off somewhere else, while we finish
the quilt. Yee haw! Okay, let’s glue
these sprinkles down! Yee haw! I know just what to make
for my third square: a picture of myself as a
ballerina, dancing on stage! We can use white felt
for the picture of you. And what about
this for the tutu? That’s too, too plain. [laughing] Funny! Yee-haw! [gasp] Yee-haw! That looks like me
in a leotard. But we have to find
something for the tutu. Yee-haw! Max, this is not
the placeto chase your
wind-up beetle!
Whoa! Oh, not in my closet! My tutu! Oh no! It’s a piece
of my old tutu. Aww… That’s okay Louise. It was way too
small for me anyway. [gasp]
But this is perfect
for another bunny! The tutu looks
amazing, Ruby! Thanks, Louise. Hmm…
Let’s see. I’ve got memories of Grandma,
Bunny Scouts, and ballet. What else? [♪] Yee-haw! There! The fabric
paints are ready. Now all I need to do is
decide what I want to paint.Yee-haw!I don’t think it’s a good idea
to do rope tricks here, Max! Careful!
You might spill – Oops!
Oh, the paints! Oh no! Whew! It’s a good thing you didn’t
get any paint on your quilt! Wait a second! [gasp]
Maybe that’s exactly
where the paint should go! [gasp]
You made two bunnies! One looks like you, and
the other one looks like Max! RUBY:
Now I have a memory of how I made the quilt – With the help
of Cowboy Max. [♪] [doorbell] Hi Ruby! Are you ready for
your close-up? [giggling] Thanks for bringing
your camera, Louise. I can’t wait to make
a movie for Grandma. What’s your movie going
to be about, Ruby? It’s called “A Perfect
Day in the Life of Me!” Written, directed
and starring…me! And filmed by me! [laughing] TRICK! Nice trick, Max! But this movie does
not include froggies! Why don’t you go practice
some mores tricks. You can show me after
I’ve finished, okay? Thanks Max! How do you want
to start, Ruby? The way I start
every perfect day! Should I start
the camera now? When I say “action”, that’s
when you start the camera. And when I say, “cut!”,
that’s when you stop. Just like in the real movies! And action! Rolling, Ruby. Everybunny needs
to look her best, especially in the movies! That’s why I use
Blush Away blush! And when it comes to lipstick, of course Ruby Red
is really “me!” Trick! Wow, this Blond Bombshell
wig is really “me!” It looks even better
on camera! How do you like my
movie make-up, Max? Trick! Aaah! Ribbit! I promise, Max. I’ll watch your tricks after I finish my
movie for Grandma. Why don’t you go practice
a different trick! Do you want me to
keep rolling, Ruby? Oohhhhh I forgot to say “cut”! You just did. Practicing ballet is another
part of my perfect day. Ready Louise? Ready, Ruby.[The Blue Danube Waltz
Aaaaaand action! And one…and two…
and three…and four. Trick! Trick! And now, here’s a perfect
pirouette, performed by me! Ribbit! My Blond Bombshell wig!Cut Louise!
Wow! That was a great
action shot, Ruby. My movie is supposed to
be about my perfect day. Ribbit! And that does not include
frogs or fire trucks! Maybe you
should go outside and practice a
different trick. You can show it
to me later. [chuckles] What’s next in your
perfect day movie, Ruby? Hmmm…
I know! A dolly tea party! I can’t wait to
get that on film! Nothing says “me” more perfectly than
a tea party. Mr. and Mrs. Quack! I’m so happy you
came to my tea party. Tooth Fairy,
one lump of sugar? [chuckles]
Of course! You take two! More tea,
Can’t Sit Up Slug? Are you getting all my
guests in the movie, Louise? I’m getting everything, Ruby! Uh oh… Trick! I’ll watch your trick just as soon as we finish
this part of the movie. Why don’t you put your
remote down ’til we’re done. Thanks, Max. Uh oh! [gasp]
How do you stop this thing? Don’t worry, Ruby. It’s all on camera! I forgot
to say “cut” again didn’t I. FROG:
Ribbit! Ruby,
I can’t wait to see the world premiere
of your movie. I hope you like it. I wanted it to be a
perfect day in my life… but it didn’t work
out the way I planned. That’s what makes life fun!RUBY:
[clears throat]
PresentingA Perfect
Day in the Life of ME
– by Ruby! And filmed by me! [giggles]
Every second of it! [The Blue Danube Waltz
plays] [♪] [Grandma laughs in surprise] [laughs] Oooh!
[gasps] [♪] [chuckles] [♪] [fit of laughter]Oh my…Oh!
Now’s that’s a movie I
could watch over and over again. I loved it! It had great camera work… Thanks! And lots of action. But what I liked best was how it caught a perfect
day in your life, Ruby. You’re right, Grandma. My perfect days
are always filled with beauty, ballet,
tea parties and… Me! Ready, Louise? Ready, Ruby. We’re going to set a
new Ping-Pong record for East Bunnyhop. Do you really think we can
ten hits without a miss? There’s only one
way to find out. Let’s… play… Ping-Pong! Woah! Uh oh… Did you see
where it went? Somewhere in the garden – I’ll help you look. Space station! [laughs] LOUISE:
I don’t know where that
ping-pong ball ended up. It’s okay –
I’ve got more. Huh? What’s that? RUBY:
[sigh] It’s Max’s Way-out
Wailing Space Saucer and Cosmic Creeping Crawlers. BOTH:
Little brothers! [laughter] We’ll never be able to
set a Ping-Pong record with these toys on the table! Ready? Ready! One! Two! That was a new record
for us! We got to two! Come on, this time I’m pretty
sure I saw where it went. Space station! [loud wail] RED ALERT!
RED ALERT! Enemies detected! [slows down]
Enemies Detected! That’s two ping-pong
balls we’ve lost! We’ll have to
be more careful. I know, I’ve only
got one more ball. Uh oh! What are your toys
doing here again? Space station! It may look like a
space station to you. But it’s actually
our Ping-Pong table. RED ALERT!
RED ALERT! [loud wail] Why don’t you set up your
space station in the garden! It looks just like
another planet! If you just use
your imagination, you can pretend you’re on… “The Planet of Giant Carrots!” Good idea! You’ll have just as much
fun over there, Max. Thanks Max! Red Alert!
Enemies Detected! Enemies Detected! [slows down]
Enemies Detected! Ready to try for our
record again, Louise? Ready, Ruby! Here goes! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Oh no! We’d better not
lose that one – it’s my last
ping-pong ball! It looked like it
went in the sandbox. Space station! I don’t see it. Maybe it’s on the other side. I don’t see it
over here either. Could it have gotten
buried in the sand? Well, we can’t set the East
Bunnyhop Ping-Pong record without a Ping-Pong ball. I have some at home.
I could go get them. That would be great,
Louise. I’ll be back in two
shakes of a bunny’s tail! Max? I thought you were playing in “The Planet of the
Giant Carrots.” Space Station! You can play on our
ping-pong table… But just until Louise comes
back with another ball. Then we’ll need
it back, okay? [gasp]
You found one of
our ping-pong balls! [gasp] Another one? You don’t have the
third ball, do you? You do! I’m ready for you
this time. One! [loud wail] Two! Red alert! Three![loud wail]Four!Red alert!Ruby!
I found – huh? Five! Six! Wow!
You’re at six? Seven! Eight! Nine! TEN! You did it! It’s a new East Bunnyhop
Ping-Pong record! It’s the longest
really ever between a bunny
and a… Space Station! [laughter]

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