MEENA Game [Level 11] – Meena’s Friend Onu

MEENA Game [Level 11] – Meena’s Friend Onu

Meena’s mother asked Meena to take care of Onu. Onu Meena’s friend Meena sees a toilet out there. Perhaps Onu will now use it. He went inside the toilet. Meena will have to fix the outside tube-well connections. Under the ground, the water pipe connection is random. Tap on the screen to fix those connections. Well Done Mina! After using the toilet everyone must wash hands well. After getting out of the toilet, he washed his hand in tubewell water. Meena started moving with her again. This friend of Meena can not move alone. So Meena showed her the way by holding his hand. Meena have to walk very slowly. Onu’s illness due to lack of iodine or lack of vitamin A ‘ Onu is not so good to see with his eye. Onu holds Meena’s hand to walk through the mud. The decreased vision due to lack of ‘A’. Onu may not be able to go this way alone. Very sad. Meena always associate mentality. She can not tolerate anyone’s trouble. Lali of the mina cows! Meena saw Lali is eating grass. Meena sits on Lali’s back. Onu walks along with Meena, Lali and Mithu. But Lali started moving fast. Meena doesn’t take it carefully, Onu remained behind alone. This is a mistake of mina. Mina forgot, but Mithu did not forget to follow me. Mithu started flying with the Onu. !!!! What this evil boy is doing here! The naughty boy bangs his flute in handto make noise. How dare! Mithu is trying to take Onu with him making sounds musically. There are 4 musical symbols below the screen. ‘ When Mithu tunes the tone, tap the tone to the bottom of the symbol. Mithu is taking this tune forward and raising Onu. Otherwise, that naughty boy is disturbing Onu very much. Mithu is giving instructions on how to beautifully raise the tune of the lips and follow the path of Onu. This is a unique style. Mithu should be very careful to make a melody, Along with that tune the Tap (at the bottom) symbols. !!!! This is Meena! Lali’s back! Mithu continued with the guidance of Onu beforehand. Mithu has brought a lot of affection. Is there any danger in front? !!!! What the shopkeeper is doing here! Surely no mischief! The shopkeeper took Onu inside of a room listening to the sound of the radio. The door closed. Mithu tried a lot, knocking on the door. A man inside is helping the shopkeeper. Mithu tried to attract Lali’s attention by showing the red handkerchief. Meena got down Seeing the red rosary, Lali came forward in the tarmem, and with the horn, she knocked on the door. When looking at something red, many animals, especially bulls and cows, are very angry. Mithu used that technique. The shopkeeper started throwing stones from inside the house. Mithu is protecting himself from the cramp on one side, On the other hand, with a handkerchief, he was knocking on the door with Lali. Lali comes forward to beat the door, Mithu goes up with a handkerchief. And when the stone comes from the top The Lali comes forward to beat the door, Mithu goes up with a handkerchief. !!!! The door has broken! The shopkeeper and his associate ran away to understand the scope. Onu came out safely. Onu get rid of a very danger trouble. Mithu will be fully credited for all of his hardworking. If you enjoy the video, do not forget to LIKE. Subscribe to our channel to get more updates. Thank you. Good luck!!!

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  10. Please enable the subtitle option from settings icon. This video has subtitle which will be helpful for whoever needs a guide. Moreover, other MEENA Game videos have also subtitled. Good luck.

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