Meet The BEST Controller Fortnite Player In The World! (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

Meet The BEST Controller Fortnite Player In The World! (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
I’m gonna be doing kind of a breakdown of who many people believe is the best controller
Fortnite player right now. And before I say who it is, leave me a comment
down below with who you personally believe is the best controller Fortnite player. The player that we’re going to be talking
about today is unknownxarmy. Unknown is a player who has been one of the
top controller players in the competitive scene for a while now, but probably hasn’t
really gotten the recognition he’s truly deserved. Well at least for a while he didn’t, but that’s
finally starting to change as of late. I believe he was the first controller player
to qualify for the world cup, he’s almost always a top finisher in cash cups, and on
Sunday his team finished first in the squads FNCS finals for NA EAST. And I actually saw an insane stat, that unknownarmy
actually got 43% of his teams total kills in the finals, which is squads is obviously
just absolutely absurd. So what I wanna do in this video is take a
look at some recent clips from unknownarmy, and kinda analyze what makes him so incredibly
dominant. And, without further ado, let’s get right
into it. Alright, so one of the things that’s always
been so interesting to me about unknownarmy, is how “in-control” he looks while fighting. And what I mean by this is, when you watch
someone like mongraal or benjy for example, everything they do is just so fast and flashy,
it almost makes you sad because you know you’ll never be able to do some of the things that
they do with ease. But when I watch unknownarmy play, I never
really get that vibe. Here’s a clip from the FNCS finals, where
he kills 4-5 well known top pro players in the span of about 40 seconds. And as you’re watching this clip, really try
to pay attention to how simple and smooth he makes every thing look. So that right there was just a super chaotic
situation that unknown made look so much easier than it actually was. In that specific situation he didn’t make
any crazy edits, didn’t do any advanced high ground re-takes, or hit any crazy flick shotgun
shots,,, he just used great positioning, awareness of the location of enemies, and some creative
thinking, especially with that play where he put the trap on the ground and then shot
out 2 people so they fell onto it. It’s hard to put it into words, but it seems
like he’s the one in control of every single fight that he takes. Now don’t get me wrong though, I don’t wanna
make it seem like unknown doesn’t have insane mechanical skill, because in reality that
couldn’t be any further from the truth. I probably should’ve mentioned this in the
intro, but he’s so mechanically skilled, that he’ll frequently switch to mouse and keyboard,
and still consistently place top 3-5 in cash cups. And if you want proof of his insane mechanics,
take a look at this clip right here from a stream he did a few days ago on mouse and
keyboard. So a pretty interesting contrast there compared
to the first clip. And it just goes to show how unique of a player
unknown is. When he’s on mouse and keyboard, he plays
more flashy and twitchy like the guys we talked about earlier. But when he’s on controller, it’s kinda like
he’s a totally different player. Now, probably the best aspect of unknown’s
mechanics on controller is his aim. As I’ve mentioned before, he still uses legacy
aim assist and settings. And trust me when I say this, there probably
isn’t a controller player out there right now that’s better at abusing legacy aim assist
than unknown is. Now I know some people may kinda roll their
eyes at that and I get it, but at the end of the day it’s still a skill, and it’s a
huge reason why unknown’s aim is so ridiculously good. Just take a look at these 2 short clips to
see it in action. So you could even tell in that second clip
that even he was impressed by his aim. And for the people out there that are about
to comment his aim is only good because of aim assist, here’s just one example of him
doing pretty much the same exact thing on mouse and keyboard. But aim alone does not make somebody a top
player, it’s a good first step don’t get me wrong, but I truly believe that strictly talking
about overall CONTROLLER mechanics, there are other competitive players out there more
talented than unknownarmy. So another aspect of his game that really
stands out to me are some of the situational high IQ plays he makes. In the first clip I showcased in this video,
you saw that sick 200 IQ play where he placed a trap on the ground, and the made 2 enemies
fall onto it. That’s a play that at least in my opinion,
99% of players wouldn’t even consider making. So here are 2 other quick examples of similar
high iq plays that unknown has recently executed in live game situation. The first clip you just saw really was a “3
million IQ play” like unknown himself described it as. It was just an insane example of understanding
how the structure mechanics in this game work, and taking advantage of them to surprise the
enemy. In the second clip it was probably a bit less
obvious what he did that was smart, so let me just try to break it down. He called out that he knew the enemy under
him was likely out of materials. So instead of just shooting him from the position
of high ground he was initially in, or even worse dropping down and taking a point blank
range right, he instead built out a little more, and then used a simple edit to give
himself a perfect angle to shoot from, that practically guaranteed he would win that fight. So if I were to sum up what in my opinion
are the biggest strengths of unknown as a controller player it would be: his aim, his
ability win 1v1 fights, how controlled he stays in chaotic situations, and his general
fight IQ as a whole. But since nobody is perfect I also want to
point out an aspect on unknown’s game that I believe he could improve. Although I think his fight IQ and game sense
is very high, his general game sense can be lacking at times. I’ll play a quick clip that I think showcases
an example of that, and try to see if you can recognize what he kinda does wrong here. So in that clip he was getting shot from a
few different directions, and due to him not really being able to quickly recognize where
the shots were coming from, he overexposed himself in some bad angles, and ended up paying
the price of roughly 100 total health. Now again, this is definitely a smaller issue
that most of the time probably doesn’t even end up mattering in the end, but I just thought
I’d point this out to showcase that even the best players in the world have things that
they can work on, and nobodys perfect. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. In case you didn’t answer the question from
the intro I’ll just repeat it again, who do you think is the best controller Fortnite
player in the world as of right now.

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    you have to be confident in yourself because whatever you think u are u is

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  38. I think I'm one of the best I won 4 world cups and I have 936 solo wins 391 duos and 568 squads, he isn't the only controller user that entered world cup

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  40. Bes not good at all, he play on the most dirty way n nobody can change my mind

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