Megamind: Ultimate Showdown Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, X360) Level 1 – The Museum

Megamind: Ultimate Showdown Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, X360) Level 1 – The Museum

so fair citizens
I declare through my ingenious efforts that crime is a thing of the past in our
city really then what’s next on your agenda yes things important things
what’s next on my agenda let’s see yeah is this the 800 K you’re going to
reprogram the death ray to give everyone in the city free cable roxanne ritchi
you’re kidding me the doom syndicate yeah we just heard the explosions
Megamind shuriken esta took everything sir everything even the Metro essence
yes and my blue eye on nano kinetic energy yes and they forced me to do
something horrible sir list of my pinky yes they made me
extract the mega essence your DNA signature that can be used to copy your
abilities from your collection of mud eyebrows I definitely arranged him by
shape and size who did this to you it was the doom syndicate surf you oh my the doom syndicate have hit the
museum that’s your old DNA tracking machine sir looks like the doom
syndicate made off with most of it you should investigate the doom syndicates
activity in the downtown area when working properly it can be used to
track down missing people that’s your brilliant ninety one point plan you can
choose missions and unlock mini-games from here this is the loot room more
like the empty loot room thanks to the do syndicate by loot where are my
trophies at any rate the things you collect get stored here your upgrade
system sir use the blue energy you collect to upgrade your weapons here you still need to collect six more DNA
tracking machines opponents still need to collect three pieces of DNA you sir I checked the security footage it
appears the doom syndicate is responsible for all this try destroying the exhibits in this room
with your D gun you can fire it using the action button use a switch simply
press interact while standing in front of it the elevator isn’t ready yet try destroying the exhibits in this room
with your gun you can fire it using the action button there’s the elevator now let’s get going what is wrong with all the escalators in
this place the jump button to jump press what to perform a double jump hey check
out this interactive exhibit learn to jump like a hero hero Spiro just watch
how I can jump that looks like one of your loot items sir you can look at your
loot items back at the lair you can carry and drop special items try picking
up this item by pressing the interact button laser eyes oh I know I can put
that object into that target area and make this exhibit to something
spectacular you can now drop the item by pressing
the interact button again okay go around to that control panel and
light it up very good sir watch out for those doom syndicate goons
press that catching button does that the goon with your veena or if you want to
get up close you use the action button to bash them good maybe if you can activate this exhibit
you’ll be able to reach the next floor try moving those batteries back into the
display destruction worker goons brilliant the power arm thingy may get
me to the next floor yet now try the switch near the exhibit get on that exhibit it should take you
to the next floor try to jump across the planets exhibit yes now we are getting somewhere that
statue holding up the Train should work as a bridge they’ll wish they’ve gone
somewhere else to destruction things perhaps sir you can put that into the
target area and make this exhibit do something interesting there it is a piece of the DNA tracking
machine excellent I could use one of these if I forget my keys that was impressive not sure it’s what
we needed look part of my DNA tracking device come to me my sweet minion I can
use this machine to track down blue Titan all I need are the remaining
components and some of blue Titans DNA you sir
reports are coming in of doom syndicate activity in the downtown area I think
you should go to the downtown area you should investigate the doom syndicates
activity in the downtown area we still need to collect five more DNA
tracking machine components still need to collect three pieces of

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