Melanie vs. Sofia – Poker Pro Analyzes Rollercoaster Poker Hand

Melanie vs. Sofia – Poker Pro Analyzes Rollercoaster Poker Hand

– This hand is from a
$100/$200 cash game on PokerGO. It starts off with a
raise from Melanie Weisner in the high-jack, I believe and Sofia Lovgren three-bets
from the small blind and we pick up the action from there. – [Announcer] Oh dear, top set. – Flop comes 10-6-8, two diamonds. Sofia has the ace-nine
with the ace of diamonds for the backdoor flush
draw and the gut shot. Melanie has top set with poker tens. Sofia actually decides
to bet just over half the size of the pot here. I quite like the sizing, although I might even
go a little bit bigger. It’s quite a dynamic
board and it’s not a flop she’s going to be betting all the time. As the pre-flop re-raiser,
so in that situation, you want to be sizing up and
she does have a good hand to bluff with on future streets. Melanie has an interesting decision. She can raise here because
she effectively has the nuts and wants to get a lot of money in the pot and wants to stack Sofia’s over pairs before the board gets scarier but also she does block
a lot of value hands such as Ace-ten, having the top set. So I don’t mind slow-playing here as well. – [Announcer] Oh my gosh,
what a card for Sofia. – So the turn changed everything. It gives Sofia the effective nuts. She makes her gut shot and Melanie still has a very
strong hand here as well. Now the decision is on Sofia, whether to keep betting or to check here, and actually she bets here
but I think I prefer a check. Most of her range is going
to consist of overpairs here. She three-bet from the small blind against the high-jack open,
so has a pretty strong range and just doesn’t have
many nines in her hand so it’s important to
also check a strong hand on the turn here, for example. Like if she was sitting
there with pocket kings, she isn’t really going to be
too happy with this turn card. So when she does have the nine, she needs to under-represent her hand also just so she is protected
when she checks the turn. So yeah, I think I prefer a check on the turn here from Sofia and then Melanie really
doesn’t have too many options apart from calling here. She still probably has
the best hand here a lot and is up against a flush
draw a lot of the time so she could protect by raising, but I think that just allows Sofia to play perfectly against it. She’s only going to really
continue when she has her beat and then she’s going to fold
out all of her flush draws and there’s only one card to
come and Melanie’s in position so she gets to make a
decision on the river so there’s no real need to protect it. – [Announcer] Oh makes that call. Top set of tens. To the river we go. And that is a full house. – So the river repeats the six
and changes the board again rollercoaster hand. Gives Melanie a full house and
Sophia still has a straight, still relatively strong
hand on this board. She now is in a tough spot. The pot to stat ratio is
already really awkward. There’s already 20K in the pot and I think they’re playing effective stats of 23K so effectively pot-sized bet. She’s out of position. She could check here and let Melanie bluff with say a big draw,
like queen-jack of hearts like a hand like that that’s
never calling a shove. That’s definitely an option for her. Or she could bet small or she could shove and she ends up shoving. It’s quite hard to get
called by a worse hand here which is one of the problems, but her hand is really strong and it’s going to be the best
hand the majority of the time. If I was playing, I would
have checked the turn so it would have been a
different situation on the river. But as played, I think
checking might be better because you allow Melanie
to turn a hand into a bluff. She has a lot of big
combo draws that missed and are effectively queen
or king high on the river and don’t have any showdown value. And the board is really scary so if Sofia did have an over pair and had continued to bet on the turn, she would be in a tough spot
with a lot of them on the river so it’s definitely an interesting spot because it’s just very hard for Melanie to hero-call many worse hands here. I mean, she could have a
strong ace-ten or pocket jacks, something like that,
that might get curious because it is a little weird for Sofia to have many jams here for value because she doesn’t have
much nine-X in her range and anything worse than that doesn’t really want to jam at all. So she could get curious
and get hero-called, which is definitely something
she could be thinking of. Also, there’s definitely a
lot of potential combo draws that missed that can’t bluff when you jam and can’t hero call either so a check might be better overall. – [Announcer] Oh boy, all in. – Full house?
– Yeah. – [Announcer] Just like
that, a $65,000 pot. – This was a really interesting hand that was a rollercoaster on every street. It’s really interesting to
watch the different players play hands here. I think you can learn a lot from just watching different lines. Melanie and Sofia both
took some interesting lines during the hand and I was really happy to be able to learn something from them.

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