Microsoft Flight Simulator, FREE Games and Updates, Plus More with Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft Flight Simulator, FREE Games and Updates, Plus More with Xbox Game Pass

this week we’ll fight some rogue ghosts
check out free destiny to content and get our first hands-on with microsoft
flight simulator let’s dive into this week on xbox Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon
breakpoint is out now you’re an elite spec ops soldiers sent to take out some
ghosts gone rogue on the South Pacific island of Aroha the new entry in the
Ghost Recon series adds some truly remarkable survival and stealth
mechanics so here’s a tip try to avoid using helicopters and other ground
vehicles to get around some open beta players have reported that taking the
time to use the stealth mechanics really makes the Ghost Recon experience also
playable now is apex Legends season 3 respawn went all out with a brand new
map called world’s edge that contains not only lava and ice but a moving train
this is the first new map for apex legend and it is so so good also out now
is the new legend crypto a hacker with advanced drones and an intriguing
backstory this is a packed week for games starting with ghostbusters the
video game remastered on October 4th the game was a hit in 2009 and now it’s back
with a 4k Ultra HD remaster and the original movie cast don’t forget there’s
no Dana only Zuul next coming to Xbox one October 4th is north guard the hit
Viking RTS brought to console then play trying for the nightmare Prince on
October 8th and experienced one of the most captivating local and online four
player co-op platformers around also on October 8th join Yuka and Leigh Leigh in
ukulele and The Impossible lair it’s a brand new title with new levels and lots
of replay value hi I’m Katarina and I’m a program
manager at Xbox today we’re here in Bungie headquarters in Bellevue
Washington bringing the scope for long-term fans and new players on the
new light update that’s coming up let’s go check it out why now why meek Festa
me too but we do live free we really wanted to sort of break down barriers
and make players give players a way to just hop in really quickly and easily
yeah hi South Guardian so you wake up as a new Guardian and we teach you how to
shoot your gun throw grenades use your super let me show not very long maybe
like 10 15 minutes and after that we put your into the tower
so because you’re in the tower you have access to a lot of loot all the content
that is in destiny so you know veteran players and new players will be the same
also you can start playing the same types of content yeah now is actually
the perfect time to hop in because you’re not going to be behind in any way
at all there’s quite a bit of content I would say hundreds of hours of free
content and if you don’t want to purchase how to keep or for a second you
know you don’t have to do that we don’t lock you out at any point after certain
time you can you can keep playing and keep the thing I think I’m most excited
about if and I’m trying to convince a lot of my friends to just jump into
destiny too as well honestly will be raised and I know that’s like not the
typical answer yeah I know my I have hard court Frances no it’s it’s I think
it was the one thing that really made me fall in love with SNe the fact that you
just have to have that for the nation we’ve five of your other friends and
just go through like really hard battles and really hard bosses and everyone has
to like learn the mechanics and go through those big challenges but when
you do it’s just so rewarding and that feeling you get I think it’s really
special and it’s something that only that’s Annie as a game can capture and I
want to make sure that new players get that same feeling my number one tip would probably be try
to raise your power level so go out on in the world explore lost sectors buy
new gear play some strikes or play crucible if that’s your thing do
whatever you can to like find better gear and raise your power level because
that’s gonna allow you to do even more activities look at your quest lock we
built a kind of a guide new players to guide you as a long-term player if you
see new players in the tower invite him to your fireteam plumbing your fire team
and let them see like your awesome weapons and your awesome gear because
new players don’t know what’s out there that they have an experience yet they
don’t know about Thunder Lord they don’t know about like tracking rocket
launchers so yeah pull em into your fireteam take them out in the open world
do some patrols do some bounties if you’re doing some low intensity activity
it’s a great opportunity to pull some new players in and show them the ropes
eyes up guardians check out the destiny two new lights and shadow keep update
today we can come back for them when you’re
ready let’s get you the x-box game past team dropped two new
games this week starting with Dishonored 2 for console and pc
it’s a massive sandbox adventure game that puts you in control of regaining
your throne or not you can choose between two different characters lethal
or non-lethal combat and even whether or not to use supernatural powers choose
wisely though the ending will depend on how you play the game on a lighter note
city skylines just joined xbox game paths for pc this is a great way to kick
back and unwind after some high adrenaline gaming and you can build the
city of your dreams along the way finally we just got wind of a musical
collaboration that’ll have you jamming for a limited time in the US and UK sign
up for xbox game pass ultimate and listen to ad free music with Spotify
Premium for six months visit the URL below for all the details
we’re here to Seattle area flight school checking out Microsoft Flight Simulator
we’re going to talk to some developers and then take a real flight yeah that’s 520 right there so this is
uh Bellevue square looks fantastic I mean it is I’m flying over my
neighborhood and it I recognize my house my neighbor’s house I recognize the
schools I recognize everything an area it’s almost it’s almost pixel perfect
loved how flight simulator looked now I’m going to get a chance to see how
close it is to the real thing in one of these it’s the oldest franchise at
Microsoft in three days windows ready dad’s office yeah so it
goes all the way but it started in 1976 but the first title really by Broussard
we came out at 79 Wow and then Microsoft acquired that and we
published the first 192 it’s been an awesome awesome journey ever since
mentor in the 37 years I think the biggest leap we are doing in this
iteration of the franchise is definitely the world and the fact that all world is
there and the Oval is is one one to the actual earth yeah people will be able to
find their house or they found my house yeah it’s all rights right there my cars
in the driveway so you see yeah and at the beginning
it’s fun yeah because you’re like oh my god it’s a little bit like looking it
for it on being yet in when you’re when when you are doing when you are seeing
it as an huge impact because in what we call the VFR which is visual rules
flight you need to actually take lemarcus really milestone in your flight
path yeah and being able to actually take real life long marks in the in the
in the environment completely change the way you fly em it’s much it’s much
closer to what happens in real life and so all the work in the actual simulation
itself which catches the state of the wind and the state of the atmosphere
that all gets applied to the same enter the plane but then also to the cockpit
so the head physics is very important because and obviously the audio but the
head fix is very important because it shows exactly the force
the pilot is getting onto his body and so you can’t do any input without
getting this little bit of it helps you really feel and we’re trying to get as
close as possible of this feeling of the real flights in our case get the world
wheel you make the weather real make it as real as you can real time weather
everything on the planet looks exactly as great then have a physics model that
is accurate make sure that the thing that the Paladin acts with the cockpit
is accurate and with those two things you get authenticity and as long as we
do that we are we’re giving the consumers everyone’s because they want
authenticity for sure yeah we are bringing also bringing a new way to
display your system to new motor and flying side they’ve got classical pigs
there for touch strings got much more information that what you could get in
previous claims when everything closes a lot the world were making needs to be
live as in alive and without you said like all the big maps updates or saw or
the things that can change the world need to be reflected there yeah both in
like the real time stuff like the live weather or life traffic or live many
things and at the same time on the long on the longest on this timescale yeah
like when you have lakes disappearing or this kind of thing well it gets a baby
in there yeah Bing has scanned the world there’s
satellite pictures eerily and the boy you say that just so just father scanned
the world that is an amazing thing and so there’s this panda bytes of data and
you really put all the numbers and like petabytes of data right it’s just ah
it’s awe-inspiring yeah oh my good god um and it just gets better they keep
doing this yeah they keep getting new cities well yeah once the once it’s done
they just start all over again our product actually benefits from that like
this flight sim will update with Bing got information about humidity all over
the her yeah about wind and whatever they hate you know whatever that ticket
so it was also one of the starting point of the devoman being able to build a
good I would say home don’t you go and receivables data and be able to
improve this emission it’s not breathtaking because I’m a superhero I’m
firing a gun or I’m kicking a ball right it’s breathtaking because I know this
world right i familiar with it and the ability to explore it is amazing
I’ve never seen it like this on my computer well that was a lot of fun but if you
can’t go up in the air like I did then I must tell you Microsoft Flight Simulator
is the next best thing we’ll bring in more details on Microsoft Flight
Simulator when it releases later in 2024 your bonus this week here are three
games with big updates first up state of decay 2 added new customizable outfits
just visit the community tab to customize your survivor next pop into
free-to-play realm we’re out to experience battle pass 5 with new tech
mounts and upgrades throughout Neverwinter another free-to-play title
release their uprising update there’s a new playable race a new storyline and
potentially space dragons if you enjoyed the show hit the subscribe button and
we’ll see you next week come to house young what prosperity awaits you in the
Stars calcium’s colonists are guaranteed full
employment you’ll have access to every modern amenities
hungry for adventure we’ve got a place for everyone
the halcyon colony a better home for better people [XBOX SOUND]

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