Minecraft Bedrock: WORKING Simple Iron Farm! Up To 2 Stacks/hr! Village And Pillage Update

hello everyone signle here and welcome back a to another bedrock Edition tutorial today I’ll be showing you how to build a new iron farm in your worlds this of course it works in the village and pillage update which just came out for the bedrock edition of Minecraft and has since broken and pretty much all previous iron farms and made all previous iron farm tech completely outdated in or irrelevant which is totally nice so yeah this iron farm works in the new update and it’s pretty small as well as you can see it is only 16 by 16 so you can chunk align this if you want to and the rates are pretty reasonable it’s anywhere from the 32 iron ingots per hour up to about two stacks of iron per hour so the rates are a little bit funky there’s a lot missing from this update there’s a lot of bugs in the update and there’s a lot that we don’t fully understand about the new update as well so it’s not quite perfect however this farm it does work and it does produce iron so hopefully you guys do enjoy this new tutorial and this iron farm as well so let’s go ahead and take a closer look at this iron farm of shall we so as you can see it’s a pretty tiny design you can chunk align this to your heart’s desire or pretty much build this wherever you want in your world and it probably looks pretty similar to other bedrock edition iron farms that you have seen before the main difference about this new iron farm is we only have room for one spawning platform and we are simply using beds instead of doors so we have the main spawning platform up here this will collect all of your iron golems and all of your kitty cats as well and push them into lava kill them and then all of their drops will be collected into the chest as you can see we got a string from the cats and we got iron and poppies from the golems so it works pretty well and then we have a beds around the edges these are located right underneath of these spawn platform that way all of your golems can actually spawn right up here and not have any issues and then other than that we just have one small containment unit over here for all of your villagers in here we have about ten villagers so it’s a really straightforward design very very cheap and anyone can build this because this is a brand new update with brand new mechanics that no one understands so fully I’m quickly going to go over everything that I know about how villages and iron gold to work on the bedrock edition the first thing that you need to know it is completely different from Java they had to go out of their way to make it completely different as of a 1.11 nothing is really the same so if you’ve watched a whole bunch of job of videos on how this stuff works none of that really carries over to the bedrock edition the second thing that you need to know is that bells and workstations of any kind are completely irrelevant to actually spawning iron golems the only thing that you need is ten villagers and 21 beds which is pretty much a clean transfer from the old system of ten villagers and twenty-one doors so all you need is beds and villagers of for yourself to get some iron golems the next thing that you need to know is that there is no gossip system on the bedrock edition so these guys will never talk to each other to discuss how iron golems work we’re not sure what is in place instead of a gossip system but there’s definitely some weirdness and some artificial slowdown of golem spawning because the next thing that you need to know is that golems it typically spawn a lot slower than they used to so that is why we get very weird and consistent rates of either 32 iron an hour or two stacks of iron an hour it is a pretty inconsistent in how much they actually spawn and also thank you to DB eight zero three five for doing a bunch of testing all throughout the betas and just trying to figure out as much as he can that is basically what allowed me to actually build up this farm and from all the research that he did there be a link to his iron farm tutorial down below and you can learn a little bit more about these mechanics from his video as well so before we get building if you want to know exactly what materials you need to build this iron farm and do a check of the description of the video there’s gonna be a full materials list of for this build it down there a for your convenience and also be sure to subscribe to the channel if you like these kinds of bedrock addition to tours these kinds of technical things because I’m gonna be releasing a ton of these over the next couple of weeks and you do not want to miss those so the footprint of your iron farm is going to be 16 blocks wide by 16 blocks long and as you can see I’ve marked out this area and iron blocks which is just a good visualization of the space that we need you can of course a chunk align your iron farm if you want to but that is not necessary of for this and basically what we want to do is go to one of the corners of this build area and his pillar up a by six blocks so that should be six blocks right there and then on the seventh block is going to be the actual beginnings of your spawn platform so we basically want to make a giant sixteen by sixteen spawn platform so this is gonna be our first block that’s gonna be 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and 16 let’s go over to the other side and do the same thing so 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and 16 and now we just want to connect these two corners together and that should give us a big ol 16 by 16 square you of course want to build this platform out of solid blocks as such as stone or andesite or basically anything that is a solid block of that is not going to catch on fire from your lava and you also want to go ahead and fill in at this entire platform so now that we have our 16 by 16 platform in place we want to build up the upper lip around this thing which will be containing all of our water for our platform is so just come to one of your corners and build up a 2×2 of blocks and then place the three slabs above it and a little arrow shape kind of pointing away from your central area now to the left of that you want five stairs to lower half slabs and another of five stairs and that should leave you with the two blocks on the edge kind of repeat what we did over there and we’re gonna have that arrow shape pointing away from the central area again and then go to the left of that one again it with another five stairs two slabs five stairs again and yet again you’re gonna have your 2×2 of blocks three slabs above it and then we just need to complete that process going all the way around the rest of the farm as you can see it is a pretty straightforward and simple and let’s finish it off for this side as well five stairs to lower slabs and five stairs again so you should end up with a platform that looks like this so now grab yourself an infinite water source and you basically want to place a water source on top of that corner block water log all five of those stairs water log those stairs as well and a water source here as well and you can probably guess where we’re going with this you need two water log every single one of your stairs on this platform and place a water source on that corner as well be sure to not waterlogged those slabs otherwise you will flood your central area and that could potentially ruin your lava but once you have all of your water in place you should end up with a dry area a 2×2 dry area and the very center of your farm and this is where we’re gonna be putting our kill chamber so now you want to come underneath your iron farm and we need to build a kill chute going down to our actual item collection so basically just get yourself some glass or really whatever block you like it that is a full block and just build this going all the way down into the ground right here let’s build up that backside at the right side and the left side as well and then you just want to go ahead and remove these six blocks and place in yourself a double chest ooh for some storage you can of course expand that into whatever you want grab yourself a for hoppers crouch and place those going into that chest and then what I always like to do is throw an item on top of each one of these hoppers that way I know if something is broken because I won’t get all the items back but now we basically want to go ahead and remove those blocks real quick go ahead and place some lower slabs on top of your hoppers leave a block a gap above that and then just install for signs right here and then above that you want to place one lava source now the thing about this is you should be able to stand underneath that lava source and just fine without getting burnt too the only time you get burnt is if you jump up into it so maybe don’t do that go ahead and finish off of the front here with some more full blocks and that is your kill chamber completely done now this kill chamber is a little bit different than normal because if we want to collect every single item from all the mobs that were killing if we didn’t have these slabs in place then the cats could actually fall down in the hoppers and sometimes their items want to be collected because bug rock and then also if you build this in a biome all the fish that spawn would actually jump back up into the lava if you didn’t have those slabs there so we build this in such a way that we always collect every single item from all the mobs that this farm kills and now we need to install our villager pod so your villager pod can go on any corner of your iron farm I’m gonna build it on in this corner over here so basically what you want to do is place a block in in these three locations right there just to kind of block off your water go ahead and remove those three blocks right there and then come down on your side area place a piece of glass right here this is where your villagers heads are gonna be and that’s gonna make you say you can actually see your villagers which comes in handy more often than you might think so go ahead and place it just a ring of blocks around of this central hole right here and now a block it down and then place a torch right there on that block so the villagers feet are gonna be right there and their heads are gonna be at that layer go ahead and fill in that block and that is our villager pot completely done we’ll worry about actually getting the villagers in there and in just a minute now that the villager pod is in place we need to install some areas before the beds underneath our spawning platform so we’re basically just gonna come over to this side of the villager pod and build up a pretty tiny 2 by 12 a platform before our beds to go on and this platform should basically be inside the boundaries of the iron farm by a single block so as you can see this platform is inside by a block if we swing around to this side it’s inside by a block as well and again this little platform is gonna be 12 blocks of long now that we have that platform in place we need to build one on the other side as well so come out from at this edge right here buy ten blocks of that is two three four five six seven eight nine and ten and then build up your other platform this one is gonna be 14 blocks long and of course the two blocks of wide as well so we’re just gonna build this going all the way down and again if this one is one block inside the iron farm as you can see it’s one block in on this side lined up the other platform one block in on this side over here and one block in on this side over here as well and now let’s go ahead and remove these temporary blocks so those are both of our bed platforms in place and now we need to get our villagers into our iron farm and these need to be fairly specific villagers they need to be villagers that are not linked to any beds or any workstations in your world which might be kind of a hassle but trust me it’s the pretty much the only way that your iron farm is going to be working so if you need a new way to get new villagers in your world I just made an infinite village breeder tutorial hopefully that helps you out with supplying your iron farm with villagers so you actually need to attend and villagers before this iron farm to work but you can start off with two and just breed your way up since these guys will be able to breed for right now I’m just gonna go ahead and Chuck a to villagers in there of course one of them’s gonna be a baby I’m gonna Chuck a third one in there so I can actually breed them so now that we have a couple of villagers in this hole we want to go ahead and place down a few beds we should see some green particles in the ceiling above these beds and that means that the villagers in here have linked to them properly you can also see green particles on them as well if they do not link to these beds or if they link to other beds in your world you’re gonna have issues iron golems will not spawn in your farm so you really got to make sure that these guys are linked to these beds but now we can actually go ahead and place down at the rest of the builds or the rest of the beds in this farm and we’re just gonna go ahead and place down basically all these it’s gonna be twenty six and total and now these guys will be able to breed so I’m gonna go ahead and throw them at just several stacks of potatoes and we’ll see them hopefully breed fairly shortly so less than five seconds later and these guys actually start getting hearts and that is pretty much perfect so these guys will breed up as many times as we need to we should also start seeing a cat’s spawn in the area and that is a pretty much perfect something else you should also be doing is trading with your villagers if you can every time i’ve trade with these villagers I’ve seen more foam spawn and might just be placebo but I’m pretty sure it actually helps out so consider trading for villagers I would suggest maybe doing 10 15 or 20 or so trades and of course that is gonna lock out most of your villagers if you want these guys to refresh you can place down a couple of workstations in the area but it is not necessary so I actually missed it but we actually already got an iron golem which is pretty cool I just barely heard it so nice this thing is actually fully functional I’m gonna see if I can catch one of these guys spawn on camera and there we go we actually got ourselves an iron golem finally he’s fighting a salmon but nice this thing is actually working pretty properly so these guys a quite a bit of Health so they take a little while to die in the lava but that is perfectly fine he will die eventually so once you actually have enough of villagers in your like spawn pot over here just go ahead and put a block back above them and then go ahead and cover them back up with some water as well and they will be perfectly fine and perfectly safe down there as you can see these guys read way way too much now something you may also want to consider doing is installing a little bit of a lightning shield this technically should not be necessary in this update however I have had my villagers in my iron farms get killed by lightning before so just go up by a few blocks above the actual spawn pod and make like a 5×5 of glass or slabs or whatever you want and that should prevent all lightning from ever hitting your villagers again it should not be necessary but it’s a good precaution to take so just to wrap this up a little bit there are a few things that I want to cover with how you can actually build this farm you should be able to build this underground and just fine but you will have to be aware of iron golems actually spawning in caves around the farm so if you build this underground beware that you might occasionally have golems walking around in your caves is this farm is stackable no it is not it is really really difficult to build two of these farms in the same ticking area I’ve tried this pretty extensively in this little testing area right here as you can see I built up that farm over there that was fully functional I tried to building another farm and next to it and all of the goals from both of these two farms are spawned in that little area right there so pretty much directly in between the two farms which isn’t that great I tried disabling that farm leaving this one and this one active and no golems spawned at all which is very curious I would think that the goals from these two farms would spawn in the middle area that would at least be consistent but nothing spawned when I had two farms active in that area I haven’t tried it with four active farms that’s really annoying with the bed linking but yeah basically you can’t build two of these same farms in the same ticking area I’m not sure how far apart you need to build these farms from each other for them to be totally functional so hopefully we will figure that out over the next couple of weeks so this is kind of like my first version of an iron farm on the bedrock edition of Minecraft so hopefully over the next couple of weeks we will figure out a lot more about these mechanics and again all these mechanics could change in the next major update so keep your eyes on the channel for a new iron farm eventually because this one certainly needs a few improvements but if that is going to do it for this tutorial everyone – thank you very much for watching I do hope that you did enjoy and get some use out of this farm if you did enjoy this tutorial be sure to share it around with your friends so they can get some use out of this farm in their worlds as well and get some of that sweet sweet iron also be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future tutorials like that future iron farm that I’m kind of teasing and maybe leave a like on the video as well helps out the video and the channel greatly thank you all very much for doing so if you have any questions comments or concerns then of course let me know in the comment section down below thank you all very much for the support as always I do greatly appreciate it and I’ll see you all down the comments section and in the next one and then there was silence

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