MMORPG News : Crimson Desert, Black Desert, Chronicles of Elyria, Star Citizen…

MMORPG News : Crimson Desert, Black Desert, Chronicles of Elyria, Star Citizen…

Welcome to this week in MMORPG news. Where I curate the more popular updates and
announcements from within the genre and put them all in a short video format. Crimson Desert
As always, why not start the weekly news video with a bit of juicy Pearl Abyss news? I know it’s literally every week but I can’t
help that they are always just doing things. Despite my disliking the way they do their
monetisation, it’s undeniable they be making moves in the industry. So Crimson Desert most will be aware they
recently announced at G-Star 2019 a few weeks ago as being their new, upcoming, flagship
mmorpg. I released a video a few days ago with some
news about the game which if you want my full reaction I suggest taking a look at, but TLDR,
the main facts from the interview are as follows. They are focusing on a story driven section
of the game, which will be single player and co-op. They are well aware of criticisms surrounding
black desert online, their previous title and the lack of challenging PvE content, they’re
focusing on reallying focusing on pve players this time around. They were asked what mmorpg content existed
in Crimson Desert and answered that fighting over castles and that kind of content would
be in the game, as well as saying they understand the importantance that trading has in a true
mmorpg experience. They also said pvp in crimson desert will
be similar to bdo, the basic systems will be the same, then they are really focusing
on pve content even for pvp and clarified a type of pvpve. They then go on to explain that they’re rebuilt
the entire engine that black desert was built in and that they’ve made massive technological
improvements to the engine they are using for crimson desert and then the rest of it
is pretty negligible in terms of content that most of you will care about, just mentioning
specific technology such as ray tracing to expect in the engine and talking about crossplay
between platforms. This for me is some pretty juicy news as you
can read a lot into the intentions of a company from their actions. To me, the fact they announced crimson desert
with a fully english voice acted trailer and also bring up how they’re aware of what the
western audience wants gives me hope because it shows they’re prioritising their western
audience for this game. I hope that my deduction skills are correct
and we see something like a cross between black desert online and a western friendly
game where you have that massive open world with beautiful graphics and sandbox elements
but without the terrible RNG, monetistation, pop in and way more player interaction through
a free market, trading, meaningful pvp and actual group content and pve. That’s just the hope though, we definitely
going to keep up with Crimson Desert though as this is making my top 5 list of exciting
upcoming mmorpgs for sureeeeeee. Black Desert Online
Let’s just continue on with the Pearl Abyss news. We know last week I talked about the berserk
x black desert online collab and then the new class that was teased, the thicc amazonian
guardian woman. God damn. Well on top of that, they’re also doing yet
another combat revamp in the form of succession skills. This patch is starting roll out on the 4th
of December I believe, so actually this week…. And they basically allow you to do exactly
what I’ve been wanting to do for the entire of black desert online since the awakening
released, prioritise playing with one of the weapons and make that choice yourself. So if you’re unaware about how bdo combat
works, little crash course. You pick say a warrior and you level up using
your sword and shield and get used to your skills, until you hit level 56…Then you
get a greatsword, aka your awakening weapon. Your awakening weapon is mostly more powerful
than your sword and shield, so if you liked the idea of playing a sword and shield warrior,
tough luck, you’re mostly going to be using your greatsword. This is the same case for every class, so
sometimes, you’ll super enjoy a class for their base weapon skills set and have to just
stop playing them because you dislike their awakening or vice versa. Some people really enjoy the awakening and
hate the base skills and some classes haave to swap between them more often than others. The succession system is basically allows
players to boost the power of their base weapons for their class…So maybe under this sytem,
I can go and play a pure bow ranger, the way I wanted to since awakening released since
I hate the awakening of ranger using dagger and sword. This is actually a pretty massive change…I
haven’t been following the korean version of BDO for a hot minute now so I’m unsure
if this is already out there and how much of a difference it makes but at this point
with having not played BDO for almost 6 months and them releasing a new update that actually
on paper sounds awesome every few weeks, I’m finding it harder and harder to resist returning
to the game and checking it out myself, the only reason I haven’t is that I have a budding
youtube channel and I know if I return to bdo i’ll be sat playing that for 12 hours
a day and not making videos until I ultimately burn out and stop playing for another half
a year….Okay maybe soon. Chronicles of Elyria
Alright I was going to do one of two things with this bit of news, I was either going
to make a whole video where I sit and go backwards and forwards with myself over how required
the crowdfunding market is to our genre and how good it could be while also struggling
with the fact that over 50% of the large projects we’ve seen funded to date are absolutely taking
this piss, which is English slang for taking liberties at the expense of others. But I decided to just not do that as it would
essentially just be that, me hoping that they stop and other companies that get into our
space and take advantage of our good will don’t continue to do this despite the fact
we know that they will….So all that is of course in reference to the recent news that
Chronicles of Elyria is selling a lootbox for 75 dollars. That was the headline. Although if you actually look past the headline
you would see that is the sale price of their first lootbox and they actually have a secondary
lootbox called the premium one, which is 95 dollars when not on the 2 day sale or whatever
the time duration is. So basically the argument from CoE fans here
is that this isn’t a lootbox and then they use the definition of a lootbox to try and
gaslight you into thinking it isn’t a lootbox when it most definitely by all definition
is. How they describe it though? It’s an advent calendar. You pay 60-95 dollars depending on which version
you get and which date you buy it and then each day for a few weeks, you get an item
randomly in your inventory which is between 6 and 40 usd in value depending on the package. So basically, you’re paying them for an advent
calendar, for some items that you have no idea what they are, what they’ll do , what
their actual value is worth and not the company value, which is impossible to know because
this is the kicker…They don’t actually exist. You’re buying an advent calendar to give you
items in aa game that doesn’t even at this stage exist. The game isn’t up, you can’t play the game. The game is mired in tech issues, they were
supposed to release this year, they have a client up that while is making progress, looks
literally like runescape since it’s so early on in testing…It’s actually insanity that
people are defending this. I’ll say right now, that of all the kickstarter
projects, I am most interested in chronicles of elyria probably, because it’s extremely
unique. I want this game to release and be true to
the original vision…But the facts are, it’s not even remotely close, the game has objectively
had massive issues and many people consider it to be vaporware with good justification. You can have as much faith in them as you
want, facts are facts, this is a really questionable and poorly timed promotion. That doesn’t even go into the fact that selling
items for a sandbox game is inherently just questionable as it is and immediately opens
up your game to criticism about the fairness of this…But that’s a discussion you can’t
even have at this stage because there’s no actual game to have said advantage. Oh crowdfunded games, why do you hurt me so? Star Citizen
You know what, I wasn’t even going to include this as it’s not super interesting to everyone
but just as a brief follow up to my chronicles of elyria section. Star Citizen if you missed it, just reached
250 million united states dollars of crowdfunding. Yes, that’s right. a quarter of a billion dollars has been given
from the public to the pockets of robert space industries in their quest to create the most
advanced and in depth video game ever created. I’m not going to use this as a platform to
bandstand and talk about how star citizen is a scam because I don’t actually believe
that it is. I believe the developers behind star citizen
legitmately want to make this the greatest game ever made and they are just constantly
crused under the scope creep of the game, where they just keep adding these crazy little
things that must take a ton of time and effort but gameplay wise are just….they’re cool,
just not required for a game. Unlike most people that aren’t a backer of
star citizen I think it will actually eventually launch, I just think it won’t be as expansive
as what they originallypromised…Though I hope I’m wrong. And that is against my own skepticism. I think of the projects that have been funded,
star citizen has the opporunity to change the way we see games and persisten worlds
more than any other. But I will also say, 250 million dollars on
a game that isn’t even remotely finished yet is…a lot. It’s a wow. If the game doesn’t launch after that funding
and undoubtably more incoming, that’s going to be a huge blow for the genre, for the legitimacy
of crowdfunding and just be really bad for the space. Now a few fast fire announcements as I know
this week’s news I didn’t get into a lot of different topics so I’ll just go over a few
interesting ones now that I didn’t particularly feel like making a part 2 or huge paragraphs
about. Reign of Darkness
New mmorpg released on steam, very low numbers, made by 1 guy for over 6 years, it’s actually
getting pretty decent reviews though of course limited…Looks pretty janky and typically
I’d say if you’re the type of person to enjoy this you might be better off looking at a
game witha bit more tenure such as Project Gorgon which may be similar stylitically as
this and still janky but have more development hours, money and proven track record. Lost ark
western release seems to be shaping up, with job postings going out from Smilegate for
overseas business product managers with effective English skills and an english/chinese fluet
overseas service planner…Which to me does indicate they’re shaping up for a release
in the west though if they’re only just filling these positions I won’t hold my breath right
now, though it could indicate early 2020 to be possible. Lord of the rings online
I was actually considering going back to trying out lotro recently with the constant updates
and seeming lack of controversy out of the community regarding development for the last
few years and then lo and behind, they strike again! This time around they are selling a $50 catch
up/pay to progress way to fully level legendary items without actually doing anything in-game
which is also apparently a massive, massive grind. This is of course being denounced by players
and rightly so. I think I’ll wait to give lotro a try until
this is solved, if ever. As always, I’m a human, I’ll miss things. This week’s news there was a lot of stories
that just didn’t interest me, like mobile game announcements, sequels to mmorpgs that
are now mobile only, games that I’ve already talked about last week or the week before. So here we are, hope you enjoyed and If I
missed something you think was news worthy, drop me a tweet with the info and I’ll be
sure to cover it next week if it’s still relevant! Special thanks to the people supporting me
via youtube membership subscription which is basically patreon but for youtube, you
get cool perks that I can set up myself such as this shoutout! If you’re interested in getting involved,
check out the Join button under each video. Chillie Hue, Rowan, Miss Yun, Ramms, Duo T,
Jack, Angel, Joe Marathon5150 and Marius. Thank you guys so much and thanks to all you
guys who watch the videos, leave comments and likes, follow me on twitter, join discord
and , I’ll see you guys on the next one, PEACE!

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  1. So no muscle Viking class? feelsadman

  2. Succession skills sound like what Absolute/Rabam skills were supposed to be. Personally, I don't like the idea of being locked out of either of my weapons (if nothing else, for the sake of having more variety while I'm grinding) so I guess I won't be bothering with Succession. Which is a shame, because some of those new skills look cool.

    BDO can still annoy me at times, but I have to give credit to the devs for making actual improvements in a lot of areas. Dark Rifts, Caphras Stones and the revamped Marketplace make gearing up a lot less retarded than it used to be. I dusted off my Berserker and jumped back into the game and I've been enjoying it a lot. Having said that, if Crimson Desert can offer all the best parts of BDO without the RNG nonsense bombarding you from all sides, I'll make the switch in a heartbeat.

    Star Citizen…I want to believe…but who knows when or if this will ever be something that resembles an actual video game.

  3. Bdo is p2w I dont support that and wont be supporting crimson desert

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    Also I still cannot see how people can defend the failstack system in BDO, it is so disencouraging, even when you manage to get it, you are like well now I just need to survive the next one.

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  7. Crimson Desert and Lost Ark have me hopeful, I just feel I have to keep my hype and expectations in check.

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  13. That’s entirely untrue of awakening and Un-awakening in BDO. The point of level 1 – 56 (when you awaken) is to familiarize yourself with all the utilities and damage cooldowns from your base weapons to help supplement them with your awakening ones. Sure there are some classes that maintain the awakened stance most of the time but the difference between players is the ones that have learned to use their unawakened kits to their fullest, either for damage or CC or protection. Succession is cool sure – but imo it’s taking content away from the game by locking you down to preawaken if you chose to succeed. I much would’ve targeted them just create more variations or upgrades for unawakened skills that would allow you to spend SP into them – making your mainly use preawaken since you prefer it’s play style and now have your boosted skills…. not completely lock my awakening away

  14. The founder of COE was a former con artist!

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  17. Star Citizen isn't a game. It's a 2nd life into which we will download our personas and personalities and live within once our bodies die.

  18. Lotro is awesome until lvl 20 or so, all the free to play actually, love the Shire, makes great rp, then it start to be mindless quest grinding.. I stopped lvl 90? 100? Don't even remember, it becomes meaningless at some point. HL Dungeons may be nice I couldn't say, if you'r not sub you have to buy each zone quests and dungeon (even monsters are locked with a nice little coin above their head) , but ofc it's a lot more expensive with Dungeons so you usually don't have them. It's just stupid. Turbine for you.

  19. Chronicles of Elyria like 2 years ago made a i game show case of the graphics and gameplay then 2 years later the graphics look like a ps2 game the world looks nothing like they promised it’s like um what the actual fuck?? I’m never funding a crowd funded game lol

  20. I've actually allowed myself to have a little bit of hype for Crimson Desert, after the shit show and disapointment that Gamigo made of Archeage I'm hoping there is a decent game that I can try and get into. Hopefully they remove all the bad from Black desert because I really couldn't get into it, but what was good was really good.

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