Mohammad Azharuddin – Biography

Mohammad Azharuddin – Biography

We always hear in the TV Commentary
that the usage of hands was good. Mohammed Azharuddin turned
his hand beautifully and hit a shot. Even with regards to fielding..
Azhar was considered an expert. This story is of great
cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin. Azharuddin was born on 8th February,
1963 in Hyderabad. He was raised in Hyderabad. And his school was
All Saint’s High School, Hyderabad. This school also gave cricketers like
Vankatpati Raju and Noel David. He was interested in
cricket since childhood. And he did his college from
Nizam College, Osmania University. When Azharuddin went to play.. ..everyone thought what
would this thin boy do. It is enough if he stands
his ground on the pitch. And when he started playing tests.. ..he became the first
person who scored centuries.. all his first 3 matches. He became the uncrowned
king of cricket overnight. He became such a hit that
everyone wanted to be Azharuddin. At that time players
like Dilip Vengsarkar.. ..Sunil Gavaskar and
Sandip Patil were very famous. And new player Mohammed Azharuddin.. ..made his own mark in the same era. But people still didn’t
know that Azharuddin will.. ..become one of the most
successful captains of India. And after Kapil Dev,
Mohammed Azharuddin.. ..became the captain
of the Indian team. Several times it was said
that after becoming a captain.. ..Azharuddin’s batting took a toll. But every time he would
do something amazing.. ..that everyone would
applaud him as a captain. And he is already a
good batman and fielder. He was a captain in the 90s. And he made India win
90 one day internationals. And after several years
in 2014 Mahendra Singh Dhoni.. ..was one such captain
who broke this record. Azharuddin had another record
of winning 14 test matches. Later Saurav Ganguly
broke this record.. ..when Indian cricket
team won 21 test matches. On one hand Azharuddin
was playing well.. ..and on the other his
personal life was having issues. His first wife was Naureen. And he had 2 sons of this marriage.
Asad and Ayaad. After 9 years of marriage
he divorced his wife. And then he married model
and actress Sangeeta Bijlani. They remained married
from 1996 to 2010.. ..and then they got divorced. And meanwhile his 19
year old son Ayazuddin died. On 16th September,
2011 his 19 year old son.. ..died in a road accident. There was a time when
everyone used to cheer Azhar. And at one time he was also accused. He was accused of match fixing. And then Azharuddin
was given a lifetime ban.. the ICCI and the BCCI. After a long fight
the ban was removed. And this decision was
of great relief to him. He also did great in
politics besides cricket. On 19th February,
2009 he became a part.. ..of the Indian National Congress. And he was elected MP from Moradabad,
Uttar Pradesh. He played a test match
against England in 1984. And he played his last test match.. 2000 against South Africa. He also started One day
internationals with England. In the year 1985. And he played his last
one day international.. ..against Pakistan in 2000. Really Mohammed Azharuddin’s
story is very interesting. That’s why actor Emraan Hashmi
played him in film ‘Azhar’. Mohammed Azharuddin is undoubtedly.. of the best
players in the world. To find out about the
lives of talented people.. ..subscribe to People and History.

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