More Nintendo Switch Games for Couples

More Nintendo Switch Games for Couples

It’s Valentines Day and you totally forgot
to get something, or need a game to play with your darling. Make sure to check out my first
video on good co-op Switch games. This time i’ll be including a few multi system and
competitive games as well. Of course these are just games I have played and deem enough to be a good fit for playing together. Not like all those mainline Nintendo titles that let you control Cappy or whatever other stupid thing. So first actually I’ll mention a game you SHOULD
NOT buy IF you’re intention is to play it in co-op. That being A Hat In Time, while
a decent game the Switch port contains local co-op, unfortunately it is shared screen.
In a …. 3D platformer ….and the camera follows Hat Kid only…. So if you’re like
me and want to buy it specifically to play it with someone…. don’t. With that out of the way let’s talk about
all the sweet games you can get in no particular order. First is Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer
Featuring the Legend of Zelda. What? I hear you say, that has co-op? Yup, and for whatever
reason they didn’t think they needed to include that fact in their marketing whatsoever (I know I would have bought it a lot sooner if they did). Once you’ve completed a very
short tutorial you can set your player 2 which makes the game very convenient as you can
revive each other by heading to the nearest Sheikah stone. It’s a very neat Zelda spin-off
and is a 2D Zelda for two. There is a demo now though I’m not sure if that includes
the co-op. Next is Luigi’s Mansion 3, you’ll need
to play a lot longer of the game (nearly an hour) but after that you can spend the entire
adventure together with Player 2 as Googi. And you can check out my review on this channel. Though one mistake
I made was that the second player CAN retreat they just have to do it themselves. Plus you
can also compete in the local multiplayer modes OR take them to the Online Scarescraper
mode, just remember they can’t open doors for you. Gooigi isn’t much of a gentleman. River City Girls is one of the beat-em ups
I got to review last year, and you can check out my review. It definitely makes the game a
bit more manageable with a second partner, though sometimes you just can’t revive them
in time. Another one of those is Castle Crashers, before
you start a game PLEASE press the Y button to log-in their profile as otherwise when
you go back to the game all their character’s levels will be gone. I also made a video review of that. This one might depend on your bishie but Yoshi’s
Crafted World has two player co-op, unfortunately some might find it boring or a hassle as when you jump on your partner you’ll be stuck to their back, plus if you eat the other Yoshi then you’ll steal their eggs. Thankfully, there is a demo you can try out before you
commit but others may well enjoy the mostly chill adventures of Yoshi and Yoshi. Plus it has little poochy pups! If you own Wargroove some new free DLC just dropped (isn’t it good it took me so long to make this??). This Double Trouble
is a new campaign built for co-op (and you don’t need to beat the main story to play
it), you work together but control different units meaning you have to work as a
team but have split funds. It adds a few new mechanics and units to boot. Super Mario Maker 2 allows co-op building
which…. isn’t great but you can play any courses you’ve made or downloaded in local multiplayer, and definitely not get mad when they jump on you, or get to the end first. Because it’s co-operative and you’re not a sore loser at all. You swear. Shovel Knight: Shovel Of Hope is the original
campaign and can be purchased on it’s own or as part of the Treasure Trove. This is the only one of these games that can be played in co-op. Sometimes in platformers it
co-op can be more of a hindrance, and other times it can be helpful for boss fights. Be aware that they might like to destroy the checkpoints for gold, and if you’re not very good at
2D games UNLIKE ME you won’t appreciate that. Heave Ho is a little game that involves throwing
yourself around and gripping to get to the goal. The stages are kind of the same in solo and
co-op but are changed as you’ll find playing with one or more that you’ll eventually
need to co-operate and *lewd warning* hold hands to get through. If you’re a couple of *tongue click* hardcore gamers
and can get past the dreaded tutorial then perhaps Cuphead is for you. This gorgeous game lets you play as Cuphead and Mugman in a bid to save your souls….eventually. You have the added bonus of being able to revive each other ……very rarely. Something I completely forgot about last time
is Rocket League, while the standard format isn’t 2v2 you can work in a team of that size or larger, or just try to destroy each other in 1v1s. Again one I don’t know why it didn’t occur
to me is Minecraft. You actually need to turn multiplayer off to play on the same system, but how else would you build an epic monument to your love, and have them blow it up cuz
griefers gotta grief. This time I’m including some multi systemgames, these are ones that require you to have multiple Switches, So if you didn’t happen to win one in a giveaway and give it to them for Christmas the other year I don’t know what to tell you. These can also be played online for you…e-daters. DaemonXMachina doesn’t have a full co-op
campaign but there are multiplayer missions you can do together by opening a room and
you can take it online. Since release there’s been a few updates and now there’s a battle
mode in case you feel like taking them on. Though I’m not sure if the demo has any multiplayer options. Similarly Monster Hunter Generations (Ultimate) required
you to actually go through the story yourself. As the story missions are separate from the other missions you can take, but with those you can just pop in with some wireless/online and have your veteran with
their imported 3DS save take on the monster while you try to remember the controls and
boost your hunter rank. Besides Generations has way more monsters and cooler weapon looks than world. There’s also a demo for this. Divinity Original Sin II is a bit tricky,
unfortunately no split-screen like the first. The main thing to keep in mind when playing
co-op is that someone may or may not be prone to killing everything and maybe they ought
to listen when a crab says it’s a powerful sorcerer. BUT also when encountering a fight
if your partner is a bit far out they mightn’t be able to get close enough to help in a fight. So, stick near each other! Stardew Valley lets you build a cabin on your
existing farm to host other players or start a new one, plus with the recent update there’s
a new farm layout and you can even separate your expenses which is great for those jerks
that keep fainting in the mines. You can craft a ring to marry each other. Why you would do that when you can marry Shane beats me but it’s an option. Be aware that playing multiplayer means you can’t pause the game and need
to wait for others to get in bed, but there’s nothing stopping you from sharing one either. Now competitive games mightn’t be the best
for a day or romance but I’m not you so how would I know? Of course we’ve got racing games like Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing , Horizon Chase Turbo and [Gensou Skydrift], at least in some games they can carry you through the campaign, Killer Queen Black has the option for both co-operating on the same team together, though they are teams of four. Or competing against each other with bots. You can take the game online or play in local matches with bots to fill out spaces. They’ll just need to go through the tutorial to understand the basics but otherwise it’s pretty fast paced so you won’t get too mad about losing…. I hope. The Switch has a plethora of fighting games, Something I didn’t really think good for Valentine’s but if your partner also never played them you’ll
be at an equal playing field, or if not you can
just kick them when they’re winning because they’re right there. Of course you’ve
got Smash, Blazblue CrossTag Battle, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Lethal League Blaze (I’ve got
a review of that *tongue clicks*) and a lot of older titles through the ACA Neo Geo Line such as Waku Waku 7. Probably one of my FAVOURITE competition games
is Duck game, you’ve got a burger face, dedicated quack button and such quick fights
that you can’t get too mad about losing, unless you killed yourself.. WormZ WMD is also pretty good maybe more for
those who have actually played it before, but if they’re getting too big for their boots make them play online and they’ll lose any confidence they had. This entry features vehicles
and crafting. Still single?
Well lucky for you Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 has since released though you’ll need a
foreign e-shop card or a play-asia import. All I can say is it looks a helluva lot better
than on the vita. And if you’re pining for Helena just play as Marie Rose and she’ll instantly become your partner, duh~ That’s not all we’ve also got an…okay
game about shooting college girls with happy bullets, while playing as a couple of tiny
aliens including a very perverted one you can put in chocolate underwear. That’s uh Gun Gun Pixies. Of course there’s lots of dating sims unfortunately
a lot of the otome ones are poorly translated, One that isn’t and I’ve just reviewed is
Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth. That’s all for now and hopefully more 2020
releases include lots of co-op, or I won’t have anything for a video next year!~! Bye. I really really need to make another video
on Switch online… sigh

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  1. I swear I remember there being an option for split screen in A Hat in Time. Might only be for the PC version I’m not sure

  2. Nice recommendations, Overcooked 2 would surely be a fun (and somewhat stressful) one as well haha.

  3. Nice list of games for one of the single player games at the end you should said fire emblem three houses tia tia time

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