mospac – backstage

it’s a really cool idea and it will help people to get closer to sports and also to learn on their own if they can’t afford a coach or single lessons so I think the whole idea behind it is awesome and it can be a great success. many people just hang in front of their TV or their tablets so I think it’s cool to inspire them with this idea to go out and do something ready…go ready…go ready and go in educational books it’s hard to find something with current content since techniques develop over time even if it’s only small details – therefore I would appreciate this new program. ready…go I think that the videos on YouTube are absolutely outdated and are mainly unstructured and it’s quite hard to work with them they are quite heterogeneous and you don’t really know where to start. so, I really appreciate this new program with a structured approach which supports easy learning and go nice one…good stuff man! I had a good time….really. I mean, you are cool dudes, so…enjoyed it! I hope for mospac that it all works out and I’m absolutely convinced of its success

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