Mosquito Bat Circuit Working Principle and How To Repair it – मच्छर मारने के बैट को कैसे ठीक करें

Mosquito Bat Circuit Working Principle and How To Repair it – मच्छर मारने के बैट को कैसे ठीक करें

Hello friends my name is Shahbaz Malik and i welcome you at Electric Point in this video i will show you to repair Mosquito Killer Racket it is used widely nowadays it is China made product so it damages easily we are recieving queries from viewers to make a video on Mosquito Killer Racket PLEASE SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL TO GET LATEST UPDATES dont touch its wire mesh as it contains 3000 volt in this video you will learn its working, circuit designing and repairing the red wire contains 220 AC volts after passing the volatge through rectifier diodes and filter capacitors, it goes to battery and low frequency voltage converts to hight frequency voltage this circuit control the charging of battery only so if you have charging related problem check its diodes, capacitors and resistors in charging circuit. SEE THE DESCRIPTION TO WATCH
HOW TO CHECK RECTIFIER DIODE now if you click ‘ON’ button the current passes from battery to transistor transistor convert this volatge to high frequency voltage then flyback transformer convert this 4.2 volt to 3000 volt finally filter capacitors will filter this voltage and it goes to wire mesh it is complete overview of Mosquito Killer Racket most vulnerable components are filter capacitors, rectifier diodes, transistors and ON/OFF switch

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  1. Charging bhi ho rhi hai but net me se sound aa rha hai pr kabhi kabhi mosquito marte nhi hai or kabhi kabhi mar jaate hai to ab kya krna hai

  2. Sir please dc choke circuit ki unboxing video banay please sir

  3. sir mera bat pura charge hota hai switch ok hai led light ok hai sir lakin jb mai use karta hu to mosquito marne se sound nahi hota hai or kavi kavi mosquito marte v nahi hain…or phir kavi sound kar dega…

  4. Hey bro…..Diode krb….hai RFC4K……Isko Badle Ke….1N4007 Diode lada du Kya???

  5. Bhai g mene bhot kosis ki lekin nhi bn paya sort bta rha h kya kare

  6. Please tell how many ampere is the battery

  7. Kabi chal raha hai kabhi nahi chalta…plzz help

  8. agr 3000 volt jali me aaya or kisi aadmi ka hath lg gya or vo Mr gya to..?
    I think transformer step down transformer h to vo voltage ko km krega?..
    or km volt pe hi mosquito Mr jate h…'s only my view

  9. switch ke pass jo resistance lga wo kitne ohm ka hai

  10. machhar racket my current Ja Raha Hai Magar macha nahi maar rahe hai

  11. nice information..good video.. thnkssss

  12. check and change Filter capacitor and diiods, or maybe transistor

  13. Hello bro I'm Arman Me na hairan ho Gaya hu thick Nahi hopaya mujse AP madat kijye Mera 9654482262

  14. Sir battry ko hata kar.. kitna dc current show hona chaiye….???

  15. bat k tar mai karant nahi ata to uske liye kya kare?

  16. mera Miskito kilar thik ho gaya

  17. Resistor JAL jaye to color Bhi na dekhe to change Kaise kare or transistor bhi

  18. Ye jb machr mrte ti futta nee he

  19. Mere mosquito racket ki LED light chalu ho rahi hai chargebee ho raha hai lekin current nahi aa raha jaldi mein

  20. Bhai net m current Kam aaraha h kiya kharab ho Sakta h

  21. .Mera insect killer not worked

  22. sir spark bahut kam krta hai
    and transformer awaj krata hai
    kya change kroo

  23. sir mosfet kaun sa lagta hai es mein number batya please?

  24. Sir mere bat mai halke current aa rahe hai jise masquito ni marte what i ll do

  25. Jaali me current to aa rha hai…But
    Macchar nhi mr rhe….

  26. sir D882 transistor Ke sthan par koi aur transistor lag sakta hai kya. ye MIL Nahi rha hai , phir mai kya karu kru

  27. 882 transitor bar bar short ho ja raha h sir kya kre.

  28. Sir.. net mei zatka nahi lg raha hei

  29. Sparking nhi ho raha hei net mei.. circuit sb ok hei

  30. सर यह बताएं मच्छर मारने वाले बल्ले 3000 बोल्ट कौन से होते हैं AC ya Dc

  31. battery kitni der tak charge karna chahiye is bat ki

  32. Sar isme karnt nahi aa raha h

  33. Bhai new battery Kha mileage or kitna ki

  34. Main is circuit ko 2 piece me divide krna chahta hu charging alag or boost output alag kaha se karo mein .

  35. Kon sa transistors use karu high voltage ke liya bataya mera kharab ho gaya h

  36. Battery ko change kese kare

  37. Kya ise 230 volt ac se chla skte h

  38. Dear sir, bat Ka battery charging now ora plz bolie

  39. Sir ek bar radio remote control ke bare me video bana do …plzz..

  40. mosquito badminton Mega pureconnect Nadiad date Kaise thik kare

  41. Iski battery kaha se milegi agr online mil jati h to link send kar do

  42. सर जी मुझे प्लीज बतायिये की ideally बॅट को कितने घंटे तक चार्ज करना है! प्लीज. धन्यवाद

  43. আমার battery ঠিক আছে কিন্তু মশা মোরছে না

  44. Ek led ni chal rahi dusra masher ni mar rahe

  45. Ye bakwas product hai no guarantee no warranty I was told k it gets damaged if dropped but I used it safely yet within one day it became non functional

  46. Charging kase Karna h

  47. Jali me voltese kam ari hai

  48. Where to buy replacement transformer from? What is model no?

  49. Sir machar jaali se hi nikal jare charging rahene ke bad bhi ????

  50. Pls, mujhe ye btaye ki mosquito racket koin use kar Sakta h or koin nhi use karsakta h..

  51. Can you help me …my bat discharges on its own again and again.. what time be the cause?

  52. Where are the battery available??? Give online address

  53. Sir mera phone charging pe shock marta hai.. laptop bhi.. kya problem hogi??

  54. Sir battery full hai pr power nhi ari hai net me

  55. Mosquito transistor kysa Chek kora

  56. How to charge the battery?

  57. Mere bat me power arahahai or charge bhi kam karrahahai magar bat kam nahi kar rahahai thik kaise kare please help me

  58. Battery backup problem bt voltege 4.2 dikharaha hai

  59. Tanspormar se dhuya nikal raha hae kese thik kore plz bataye

  60. Isko kitni der tk charge kre

  61. sir charge ho raha hai. per work nahi kar raga hai

  62. How to charging the which in bat

  63. سر میرے موکسٹوں راکٹ میں کرنٹ نہیں آرہا ھے؟

  64. Sarkat bna k dikhao

  65. Bat ko adapter ya charger see kese use Kare.

  66. मेरा वाला बहुत कम वोल्टेज दे रहा है मेने फ़िल्टर कपैसिटर और मौस्पेट को चेंज कर के देखा प्रोब्लम solve नहीं हुआ क्या करे
    P/z reply me

  67. Chal nahi raha hai

  68. What to do when it is not charging ?

  69. Direct bijli ke sath bat ko chalana chata hu, kia karna hoga plz bataiye

  70. Sr mera mosquito bat charge ho rha hai magar switch on karne ke baad led glow bhi nahi karta hai aur na hi spark karta hai plzzzz hepl sr

  71. Current is not passing in the net while battery is full charge

  72. Mera trap sahi hai magar us mrein current nahi aa raha hai please help me

  73. Sr 965 trannsistor ki jagah dusra konsa chalega

  74. charge kitni der karna h ye

  75. Kitana der charj karana chahie

  76. plz add details of Mosquito bat circuit with PCB fault finding procedures

  77. bhai g transfarmer kesy cheak karty hen iska?

  78. thank u for sharing this very informative vid. …

    sir , I need a way to modify EITHER , this type of zapper racket .. OR .. the big electrical – AC operated – one , to be operated continuously by DC 12V of solar system … Is there any way to doing so , you – or any one else here knows – PLEASE explain it in a reply !!! … thank you in advance .

  79. Mosfet ya transitory kon sa lagana hai

  80. Current kam araha hai jaali me

  81. Sabkuch thik he lekin machar ko shock nahi lagta
    Kya hua hoga sai?

  82. hello sir, thanks for the video…i want to use this circuit in different product but i need output valtage will be 9000v so how can i do it…please let me know.

  83. Plz make video on how to fix laptop battery..

  84. Hi sir in my mosquito bat the filter capacitor is demage it rating value is 223j 2KV The capacitor is not find in market pls help any alternative capacitor for it

  85. Sir ye parts kahn milega plz sare parts ka naam lits dijiye
    [email protected]

  86. How to check ampier of battery or cells which are used normally.

  87. The three capacitors towards high voltage are not filter capacitors. They are part of voltage tripler circuit along with three diodes. If any one of the capacitors or diodes is shorted or open, the circuit will not be able to develop high voltage i.e.3000v. Therefore, if the circuit is giving low spark , you must check up either the capacitors or diodes usually

  88. Button press shows light…but no mosquitoes get zapped? Pls. help

  89. Mera machhar marne bat se main maliha

  90. Bhaia, dhang ki avaj nahi aa rahi aur, music chala rahe ho background mein? Information de rahe ho na, ya koi bakchodi. Improve karo.

  91. Power connection thik hai par aage supply nahi jaa rahi on karne par na light on ho rahi hai na aage short kar raha hai

  92. Sir mosquito racket main Pani Gaya hai to karnt nhi aa Rha hai

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