Motu Patlu Ball Game – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Motu Patlu Ball Game – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

I will get the ball. Hello! Hello! But who spoke? I spoke, look down. Yeah! Patlu!! Come fast! What happened? This cricket ball speaks, look. Greetings, my name is Golu, I am here to ask for Motu Patlu’s help. Don’t get frightened, I am myself frightened and have come to ask for help, believe me this is not a dream. Ok, I believe in what you said, now tell me what help do you need? The footballs have captured every corner of our world. Hey, leave from here, this is our place. This is vandalism, where will we play? We don’t care about it, whichever place we go belongs to us. Don’t worry Golu, we will definitely come to help you. Patlu, I don’t know whether we’ll get the train tickets now or not. No, there is no need of train tickets, come with me. Come follow me. Friends, they are Motu Patlu and friends, they have come to help us. And Motu they are my friends. We are happy to see that at least someone has come to help us, that football team has captured our pitch too. How can we tiny balls face them? Don’t think that way, “Unity is strength” Tell me who is your leader? We don’t have a leader, nobody is interested in being one. How come? Someone has to be a leader, ok fine, You all don’t worry, I will be your leader and talk to them. I am Motu, the leader of cricket ball team, I’ve come to warn you. You’ve tortured the cricket ball team a lot, now stop it. Look! The cricket ball team has called humans for help. Hello Motu, my name is Baala and I’m their leader. Friends! Attack!! Now you know, why nobody is willing to be our leader? Yes, I understood it very well. They hit my friend? I will teach them all a lesson now, wait here. I understood, why nobody is willing to become the leader. Chingam sir, you go, you are the protector of law, you’ve caught many dangerous victims. Ok! I am ready, why fear when Chingam is here? The name is Chingam, Inspector Chingum, It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s cluthes. Stop laughing in the name of law, you have Swear of law, swear of motherland. I think we should kidnap their leader, we will ask them to leave the field to get their leader back. Hey, my brother, my friend, this is a great idea. Who is the leader here? Everyone looks same. We will get to know no, I will call out for leader Baala from here. Then Balaa will wake up, then you guys catch him and run away. Yes, this is a good idea. Hello! Leader Baala! Who? Human Motu? Yes! Patlu, my brain doesn’t work on empty stomach, please think of a way to get rid of them. Idea! Everyone come here, play football match with us, whoever wins takes the field. A Football challenge with the footballs itself? Done! Won’t you play? No,we can only play cricket. Motu, they are all scared, we need to motivate the, we need to wake up the leader in them. Oh my lord! Goal has to be done by a football and not by Patlu. Do you want to play more? Yes, we never give up. Hey, swear on my patients, today I will definitely make a goal. They are beaten up because of us and we are sitting here and watching the game. Come on friends, we will fight our own battle. Yes, let’s go. Look, even the ants have got wings. Let’s teach them a lesson. Motu Patlu, we are with you. Now the leader in them has woken up, now they will never loose. Come on Golu, let’s show them that we aren’t less than anyone. We are playing football not volley ball. Enough, you all won and we lost, you keep your field with you we are leaving. If you capture anybody’s field again then we won’t leave you. Yeah!! Hip hip hurray!! Motu Patlu, thanks a lot, you all saved us. We didn’t do anything, we just woke up the leader in you. You did everything on your own. Did you see “Unity is strength”? Now we would like to leave. Thank you Motu Patlu!

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