Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Cricket league| Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Cricket league| Wow Kidz

Now the Indian team needs only four runs but there is only one ball left. Will they be able to make the four runs in that one ball? We’ll see when we come back after a short break. These cricket players really have it going good for them. No matter what, they just seem to be earning money. You are absolutely right. They get paid crore’s of rupees playing the game. And then they do endorsement advertisements and there too they earn in crore’s. I wish we were cricket players. We too would be stars. I love doing all the endorsement ads. Me too. Just think, we are doing ads for all the different types of products and earning pots of money. Freedom from weight medicine, medicine in and weight out! Just like me, a symbol of a fit body. Freedom from weight medicine!! Oh, yes! I too have used this medicine and today I am absolutely fit! Freedom from weight medicine! Healthy body, healthy mind! Uff! I was tired of holding my breath. I was tired of wearing the muscle pads. Why don’t we also become cricket players? Yes, let’s start a Motu-Patlu cricket league and start playing cricket from there. We shall show the world, how good players we are. Let’s begin right away. We’ll go and gather everybody. It’s a great idea. I too will play cricket. And who will make samosas? When I’m going to be earning in crore’s, where will I get the time to make samosas? Haha!! Who hit this ball? Oh my god! Why are you asking me? I only shoot bullets not balls. You people are playing cricket. One of you must have hit the ball. We made a mistake, we will not play cricket again. Yes, we are sorry. There is no need to apologize, such things happen in games, haha!! I too love to play, I play football. Do you know how far I can kick a football? Oh my lord!! How far? Come here. All of you stand together and look there. Take this!! Go yourself and see how far I can kick a ball. If you ever play cricket here again, I will play hockey with you’ll the next time. He broke my back. I swear on my patients, if that boxer ever comes to my clinic. I will do such things to him that he will forget all about boxing. We should not tolerate this treatment. We will have to do something. Yes, we will have to do something. But, what can we do? We can play here in this jungle. Looks, its a good place. Oh my lord!! Cricket in the jungle? I am scared. Why fear? When Chingam is here. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, impossible. Next time he comes, I will shoot him!! Looks like, without throwing a ball our one wicket is down. Ding dong, ding dong!! Open the door or I will throw a bomb. What is this? The new age Alibaba and the forty thieves? This looks more like Ali baba and the ten thieves. Chingam sir, wake up! We need the police urgently. One a penny, two a penny, gives me all and more. Quickly shut down or I’ll bomb you till you are no more! Chingum sir! Catch them, stop them! Who are they? Stop in the name of the law, I command you. Chingam sir, these cave seem to be the robbers den, maybe there is a treasure inside. Everyone move back. I will get this door opened. Open in the name of the law! I swear you to the law. Swear on mother India. Open the door! Ding dong bell, pussy in the well. What else was there to it? That’s a nursery rhyme, he didn’t say that. He said, Ding dong, ding dong! Open the door or I will throw a bomb. This is all ours, take whatever you want. Haha!! You all have come rob the robbers? No, not at all. Why would you even think of such a thing? The name is Chingam , Inspector Chingam. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, impossible. You’ll better surrender yourself, right now! The name is Chibbar, Chibbar Singh. It is impossible to get saved from Chibbar’s bullet. Any one moves and I will shoot them! Oh my god! He is using my dialogue! Oh Chibbar, my friend, my big brother, we had come to the jungle to play cricket, we have come here by mistake. As you all are here by mistake, I will give you all another chance to live. Let’s have a competition, in anything. If you’ll win then you’ll go out of here And if you’ll lose then you’ll go straight up to the dear Lord. How about a competition in target practice? Chibbar sir, do you want to have a competition of who can drop more coconuts from above? Shut up!! I am not in a mood for jokes. Motu, do something or else we are finished. What can I do? My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. You think of something. Idea! Mr.Chibbar sir, let’s have a running race. Let’s see who can run faster. You think I’m a fool? You want to run away from here but you will not be able to run faster than my bullets. Oh then, why don’t we just have a match of cricket? If we win, we go out and if we lose, we go up. Why did you keep a cricket match? I have 20years of experience in escaping hoodlums, these are hoodlums, they know how to shoot bullets. They know how to use knives but you think they will know how to do batting and bowling? We can easily defeat them. Very good idea my friend! Looks like we are saved! Cricket match? Haha!! That’s a good idea. Cricket is my favorite sport. You fool, you have managed to put us on a direct and quick route to the lord above! What is this? It’s a bomb with a remote control. If your finger rises to declare any of our players out. Then my finger will press the button on this remote and you will get blasted out. Ting tong!! Oh my god! How will I do any umpiring like this? Ghasitaram is bowling, and its a six! One more six!! This ball hits Motu on his head. Motu has dropped such an easy catch. Ball is not on the ground, it seems ball is flying. Wow! What a shot! Its a four. One more six! One more four! Oh, Out!! No!! Its not out, its a No ball. Chibbar singh is very lucky, if it was not a ball then the umpire would have been very unlucky. Six!! Four!! I am tired of saying Six and four. The score is 420. Overs are finished. Chingam sir, you are a first class umpire. If I’m not a “Class” umpire, I will land up being a “blast” umpire. Oh my god! Where have I got stuck! Now you will give everyone a “out” you will not give a single “no-ball”, ok? If you are unfair this time, we will not leave you. Ok, whether I go this side or that side, I’m anyways going to get beaten up. Where should I go? A big hello, to all our friends and supporters. I am Sarkar Singh your very own commentator here once again. Umpire Chingam is ready. He has once again seen the remote in my hands. And now, here comes Motu and Patlu’s team. Dr.Jhatka will be batting. And there is Chibbar Singh throwing the ball. Doctor Jhatka is out!! Doctor Jhatka is out!! He is leaving the field after being bowled out but what is this? He could not hit the ball with his bat so, the umpire has been hit instead!! And now comes the tea vendor, here he comes and here he’s out!! He too is out!! Now, Motu’s batting. Motu swings the bat, It seems like Motu could not see the ball. The ball is with the keeper. Once again the ball is with the keeper. It looks like Motu is flying the bees off. What can I do? My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. You do something Patlu. Idea! Patlu gave a samosa to Motu. Bowler bowls and he hits a six! I don’t believe this, six!! Six! Four! The game has been reversed. Do something. This Belt is rigged with bomb and If this you hit the Ball. The Commentator will push the remote’s button. The ball seems to be coming at me at full speed. I’m going out of the boundary line, help!!! There is only one ball left and you have to make four runs. If you hit a shot now, then all of you will be dead. Patlu, are there any samosas left? I am tired. That is all, I have. Help!!

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