Mr Bean in Room 426 | Episode 8 | Widescreen Version | Classic Mr Bean

Mr Bean in Room 426 | Episode 8 | Widescreen Version | Classic Mr Bean

(Seagulls call) Thieves, everywhere! (Rings) (Rings) (Continuous ringing) Er, Bean. Ah, yes. – Would you like a pen, sir?
– Oh, thank you very much. Can you move your car, sir? (Rings) Good morning.
If you’d like to check in, sir. Thank you. Oh… Oh… British. (Rings) (Bell rings) (Bell rings) (Bell rings) (Bell rings) (Seagulls) – (Woman) ‘Hello.’
– Hello. (Bed creaks) (Bed Thumps) (Bed groans, springs twang) Ah. Thank you very much. (Porter clears his throat) (Bean imitates cough ) Hello? (Roar of football fans) (Starts again) (Starts again) (Click) ‘Let’s get outta here! ‘ (Click) ‘The players are… ‘ (Click) ‘# Hallelujah! #’ (Click)
‘Do you know what you are to me? ‘ (Click) ‘# Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! Hallelu… #’ (Click) ‘… the whole town.
A spring morning in Paris.’ (Click) ‘# Hallelujah, Hallelujah… # (Door shuts) (High volume) ‘# Hallelujah! #’ (Click) ‘That’s my heart beating. ‘Does it go like a subway train? ‘ (Click and chanting football fans) (Click and cheesy organ music) (Click) ‘… coming down off the hill.’ (Click) ‘# Hallelujah!
Halle-lu-jah… #’ Will you be quiet! (Switches TV off) Sorted him out! (# Sultry jazz) (Drilling, thumping) (Banging and drilling continues) (Squeaks) (Running water) (Man singing and whistling) (Drilling) (Drilling stops) Excuse me. Got a bit of a problem.
Could you…? Certainly. How can I help, sir? I left my watch in the bathroom
and now I can’t open the door. – Allow me to try, sir.
– Must be jammed. – Yes, very odd.
– I can’t understand. It was OK. The lock’s on the other side. I need to get my watch back. I’m sorry, Sir. Nothing like this has never happened
before. I’ll get someone on to it. Morning. A-ha! (Woman) I don’t think I’ll be able
to eat again for another year. (Door shuts) Ha-ha! Um, excuse me. Are these all right? – No. I do apologize, sir.
– That’s OK. So hot. (Muffled pop music) Shhhhh! (Music stops) (Lift dings) (Woman screams) (Audience cheering and applauding) Ah, that was marvelous, Mr LaRue,
marvelous. They love you. They always do, dear.
Now how about just one more encore. They deserve me, the darlings. OK, Matthew.
Take Mr LaRue’s trunk to his car. 426, please. Certainly, madam. ‘Ere. That’s my frock.

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  1. Wow show mrr bean I have my favourite so much I like you

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  8. Wow show mrr bean I have my favourite so much I like you

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  10. I would love to see one of these but instead "Mr.Bean in room 1408".

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  18. TBH this crap is one of the most boring comedians in history. how people can find this entertaining some stupid ugly person doing stupid things in the most boring way.. even those fake laugh sound effects are annoying.. and most times in wrong sync…

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  21. 02:56 he forgotten his pen lol.

  22. Class film love you ????


  24. Hello,,….Mr. Bean ! That was a funny chapter of serie ! Thanks I enjoyed so much ! Grillo. (nickname).

  25. They should make a remake and call it “Mr Bean in Area 51”, cos when we storm Area 51 we gonna frickin drill our way through like Bean did!

  26. 4:18 @edbassmaster PSHHHH

  27. Hello,,….Mr. Bean ! That was a funny chapter of serie ! Thanks I enjoyed so much ! Grillo. (nickname).

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  31. Thanks Mr Bean. I had some smile and laughter while watching.

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