MUST LEARN Attacking Footwork for Badminton

MUST LEARN Attacking Footwork for Badminton

Hey guys, it’s Gerald from BG Academy here and in this video I will be talking about how to do the front-back footwork in badminton The front-back back footwork is known as the bread-and-butter of badminton because in badminton, a lot of schools in Asia specifically in Singapore, we start off by practicing the front-back footwork first, followed by the Two directional footwork, so let me show you what I mean. We’re gonna start from the back line Over here you swing, and after your swing you lean forward, and you take two steps to the front So there are two variations to the footwork the one with the small skip, and the one without. So this is the one with the small skill, so after your swing you take a small skip So notice that small skip, so after you swing, you need to switch your foot and skip. So the important thing to note when trying to do this footwork Is that you want it to be smooth So you don’t want to them to have any breaks in between. And that’s the biggest problem that a lot of Players face when it first start out. When they try to do the footwork, they are so obsessed about getting the footwork perfectly right, that they tend to stop at every movement Trying to make sure that their food is perfect. So don’t do that Instead, try to make sure that you are fast and that your footwork is safe Following which, you slowly tweak and improve the technique, so that’s a better approach The most important thing to note When doing this footwork is the front, because this is where most injuries happen and when at the front, when you cross the line Always use your master foot. So if you’re a right hander, use your right foot. If you’re left hander, use your left foot, alright? Reason being is that First is you get better reach. Secondly, the next thing you need to note, is when you use your master foot, Always, and I mean always Point forward, or to the direction that you are moving. So if you are moving this way, your toe needs to point this way Not this way, not that way This is extremely important reason being is if you point forward you have this extended range of motion where you can move in front And if you don’t, Yeah you can’t. You just can’t reach and when you struggle to reach for the shuttle, you put a lot of strain on your knee on the ankle Where else in this case, if your toe is pointed forward you can lunge out and really reach So that makes it a lot safer for your joints, alright? This is where injuries happen, so please take note of this. Now, how do you move backwards? You got to take a small skip backwards first, before before turning The reason why you need to take this small skip, it’s just in case if your opponent hit another front shot You are ready to kill So you take a small skip and if you notice your opponent is hitting in front, kill. Alright? After the small skip back, you turn, and then you side shuffle, you side shuffle all the way to the back, alright? So I understand that this movement may be very difficult for some of you. Especially for those of you that is just starting out in badminton So don’t worry too much about getting the form exactly correct More importantly is you need to practice and make sure you get a speed, make sure you get the leg right. The direction of the toe in the front. The toe must always point to the direction you’re moving in the front, this is for safety ya. So as long as you get this right, the next you’II really need to focus on is speed such that you can move very smoothly Rather than getting the form perfectly right But you’re not pretty much not moving at all, because the last thing I want is for this to happen So you notice that there was a lot of breaks in between my movements So that’s the last thing I want to happen in your game. With that said, if you’re ready, head over to my next video and train this particular drill with me Thank you so much for watching my channel, and if you’re new to my channel I would love to have you subscribe so that you can learn how to play better badminton, safely

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  13. Important tip for beginners which you did not share: In order to have 'continuous' movement, you should always move with the balls of your feet in your non racket leg. This enables you to store energy like a spring. If you keep moving using your heels on your non racket leg, a lot of energy is dissipated into the ground and lost. Also there is a video by the Chinese coach Li Mao on more efficient front back movements.

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