Hi sisters James Charles here. Welcome back to my apartment Come on in, you guys. Oh my god. I am literally So beyond excited for today’s YouTube video if you guys have been a true sister subscriber You would know that since day one of moving to Los Angeles into this apartment I’ve been saying I’m gonna do an apartment tour and guess what I have not done? An apartment tour. I’ve been here for about a year and a half now I like it. I definitely do not love it And that is why I wanted to do the apartment tour today because I’m gonna show you guys my little sister suite My sister shelter, but I’m currently in the market for a sister Sanctuary which will be a house. Hopefully in the very very near future. It has been a huge goal of mine. I really really love Architecture interior design, it’s one of my favourite things in the entire world. I feel like I’ve done a pretty pretty decent job at this apartment and I’m not gonna be here for much longer So I’m gonna show you guys what I’ve done with the place I’m really really proud of it, and I hope you guys enjoy it too So as soon as you walk into the Sister shelter We have the kitchen which is probably by far the least used place of the entire house But of course, we do have our regular stove our microwave, where I cook ramen in. Our dishwasher Which does not get used very often because we have paper plates. And then over here, we have this like weird little breakfast nook Cabinet situation on this wall. I really, really love burning candles. The sister scents of downtown LA Can sometimes be a little bit sister spooky so I definitely love to light candles. Then I have my little bowl that house my ear pods my wallet and my keys because I’m always Losing and misplacing them so I figured might as well just put them there. And my toaster oven if I ever cook avocado toast and then just a coffee machine it so I can make my coffee in the morning with of course my “Good Morning Sisters” mug for my MA home. So although we don’t do a lot of cooking it you guys know I definitely do – a lot of eating that is for sure I am definitely a foodie I order from so many restaurants in LA and I’m always having friends over here So having a really, really nice dining set up for all my friends and family to eat while they’re together is a very, very important part of this house. Disclaimer, most of this furniture and this property is actually from IKEA, the video was not Hashtag sponsored but it hashtag should be, because when I buy my sister sanctuary, in case you did not know real estate in Los Angeles is not exactly the cheapest. So a sister is going to be broke So IKEA, if you want to hit a girl up I’d love to have you furnish the new sister house, when I get it. Regardless, I just have these plates sitting on here that I got from CV too, this cute little bench So a bunch of people can sit on here and we can sister squeeze Wow, so many good sister fruits that I like I said I definitely have had a huge interest in interior design since I’ve been very, very little. I’m a huge fan of Pinterest I literally have boards and boards and boards and boards of different inspirations photos and these chairs have actually been on my like a wish list since I was literally like 11 or 12 years old, swear to God, I’m not kidding. So the second that I moved into this house I ordered a ton of these chairs They are super, super comfortable and I use them for dining purposes. Above the dining table We have two very, very large hanging light pendants, when I moved in here We literally had to get a 20-foot ladder and climb all the way up to the sister ceiling to install these lights But I love love love how they look and it was definitely very much worth it, and I’m definitely not Climbing up there again when I move out So hopefully the next tenants like these lights and then finally on the wall We just have these two posters, which I absolutely love once again from IKEA The first one is from Andy Warhol from the Modena Museet in Stockholm, Sweden. This has been a huge item on my wish list for… Like forever. I have a bunch of them all throughout my apartment. I really, really love Andy Warhol, as well I think he’s a very, very inspiring artist and then my favorite quote of all time “Work smarter, not harder” That is like my all-time favorite quote to live by I say all the time It is my phone wallpaper connected to the dining room is actually obviously the kitchen, but also the living room and the office where I get all of my Work done throughout the day. So along this wall We have a bathroom right over here, which we don’t need to go into. This is why a sister **** you don’t need to see that Along this wall We have our office and this is probably one of my favorite walls in the entire house because this is where I’m spending most of My time, so I really want to make sure it was super, super cute and a space that inspired me So once again, I have my little table from IKEA and of course, the Alex drawers Of course you guys know with my job we have to say very, very connected all throughout the day It is vital to the existence of me and all you sisters out there So this is where all the work gets done We have my huge iMac which I love love love working and editing on, We have my phone charger, an Apple Watch charger and then my laptop for work on-the-go, and then my sister iPad which I always use for taking notes, sketching things down and just planning out different video concepts. When decorating, I knew I wanted to put the desk there but that left a very, very large and kind of awkward Wall space that I knew I needed to fill, so I feel like a pretty good design tip Queen of HGTV and is to fill it with a very, very large book space and lots of different decor pieces And that is exactly what I did I have a printer right next my computer so I can print out any files or contracts that I need to sign. Some different Books my favorite youtubers. I have a few different awards this is from the Shorty Awards when I won it for Break-Out Youtuber last year. Thank you sisters for always being the absolute best of course, I have this little ampersand because I’m internet relatable team And then once again, just some little plants here and there to keep everything alive So obviously all my work gets done in my office But if we move just right over here to the living room, this is where all the fun that starts to happen I’m actually very proud of how this room turned out because decorating it was a little bit of a challenge when I moved in here Obviously a lot of the walls are white on the inside But all the outside walls because this was a cornered unit are made out of brick which makes decorating it So incredibly hard because not very many things match with burnt orangey red tones I tried to convince the building to help me paint it white, They would not budge. I don’t blame them, Still a little bit sister salty about it, but I feel like I did my absolute best so, of course we just have this very, very large and extremely comfy couch from IKEA. We have lots of different grey, white, and black throw pillows to add just a little personal flair and to make light here A lot more comfortable. I’ve taken so many Sister siestas, that’s a nap in Spanish I’m so cheesy. On this couch, of course in the middle of the living room We have this little light coffee table that I got once again from IKEA and I’m not having like a full-on meal and if I’m having more of a Little bit of a lazy day. I’ll sometimes eat on here or put my feet up if you may have noticed in this apartment I actually do not have a TV and that is because instead of a TV, I have a projector Which is probably literally the best decision that I ever made in my entire life I have it right under here on the bottom shelf and it projects right over to here a big screen that pulls down * Struggling Noises* Right above my office I actually really, really love having a projector instead of a TV because it relies on the lack of light obviously Work. Hello. So it forces me to get my work done during the day because I can’t use it and then at night once they have everything Done and I’m hanging out with friends. I can always pull this down watch on Netflix on my Apple TV I also have an Xbox down here which I got for the sole purpose of playing a Black Ops Zombies, literally the queen of it and A Wii which literally, hello, nostalgic memories. I will crush you in Mario Kart if you ever come over and that is a promise moving right along we probably have the part of the apartment that you guys have seen the absolute most from Snapchat and Instagram stories and that is The sister selfie mirror. I literally love this huge oversized mirror Once again from IKEA, the lighting is literally the best here because it’s actually in the corner of the apartment So there’s light coming from both this window and this window which makes my highlight reflect on both sides, which is literally so good So fresh as you can see, I definitely have a lot of plants in here I really, really love the look of greenery and plants but they’re all fake because literally every plant or flower that I’ve ever owned in My entire life has died. And then last but certainly not least, we just have my little keyboard sitting here on the floor it’s so sad looking literally one of the first things that I buy when I get my new sister sanctuary is going to be a huge huge huge professional beautiful grand piano I literally cannot wait, but for right now we’ll just have to deal with this keyboard that I got from Amazon But whenever I want to learn to practice a new song that I’m loving or at work on something myself Who knows what the future holds? /winks/ In case you missed it, Which I really don’t know how you would because it is absolutely huge right smack that Woodinville the living room It’s just insanely beautiful spiral staircase Which I am literally so in love with and is actually one of the main reasons I got this apartment in the first place when I was growing up for some reason I’ve always had a huge infatuation first tile staircases. I always just thought they were so cool And I’m gonna miss this a lot when I move out but this apartment is actually two different stories so, of course We have the bottom level, the living room, the kitchen, the filming room and the closet which we’re gonna get into a little bit later
And I’m so excited to show you guys but upstairs we have the loft and that is where I get my sister sleep So let’s go up there. I’ve actually never fallen down this, thank God, but Several of my friends have, sorry, who’s loved you the most The main problem with the upstairs area is that there’s no window up here, which is so beyond frustrating I only have one little string of lights above my bed Which do very very little and it also gets really really hot up here too because obviously we’re on the second floor and heat rises It can sometimes be a little bit sisters sweaty At night, but I still do love this space I think having a loft bedroom is so cool because obviously we have the railings and I get to look over everything Kind of see the full apartment Which is such an insane beautiful view and if I ever have a home intruder I can sister spot them Before I die, of course We have my bed it right here in the middle with some white bed sheets just to match the aesthetic We have a little bit of a blanket once again for the LA winters if it gets cold Those little table lamp that I have next to my bed. I really really love this. It’s just super cute and it’s bendable so I can kind of move it in any direction that I want it to, a large “J” painting because I’m James. Like I said, I don’t really spend that much time up here Anyway, just to sister sleep and occasionally sisters talk. And then moving down the sister spiral staircase Of course, we have a this door right here which leads to the closet I’m gonna save this room for last because by far the best of the entire house and I am so excited to show you guys There but if we walk right across the living room and dining room we get to this door right here Which you guys may have seen in videos a few times But I’ve never really given you the Grand Tour and this is where all the magic happens, the sisters studio I’m so good at as soon as you walk in in the main space. Once again, we have a very, very large bookshelf We just have a few different knick knacks, some picture frames, this picture of me and my best friend Laura in the entire world. We have this Little poster that my mom made me saying “Makeup is my art” You guys gonna say that in every video at this point? Before we get a few different candles at different plants some storage items We have my Amazon Alexa so I can always listen to music while I’m getting glam Hashtag not sponsored by Amazon’s go ahead a sister up I love to do a brand deal with you guys and then down at the bottom We just have a bunch of different equipment from audio recording stuff to SD cards, batteries Different cords, different chargers, different lenses, different cameras. This is like my videographers dream area of the house and she keeps everything there So you can say it’s super organized and get ready whenever we’re being shoot during the day I’ve been moving this way Once again, we have the dream studio and for some reason not a lot of beauty gurus like to show this I think it’s because getting a perfect lighting setup is obviously a very very difficult thing It took me a lot of trial and error and a lot of different really really ugly looking videos But I finally have a setup that I am super proud of, so this is kind of what it looks like, this camera and lens And lighting set-up, not gonna lie was extraordinarily expensive, it really bit my bank account for a hot minute But I’ve been saving up for it for a very, very long time and like I said having my video quality be the absolute best it could be for you guys or something. It’s always been it very, very important to me So it was definitely worth the investment, clearly all this equipment together isn’t exactly the prettiest It’s definitely very, very cluttered and busy in here, but all these items work very, very nicely together So when I sit down to shoot a new video This is what it looks like. And like I said, it has taken me years to get to this quality But I am finally So beyond happy with the camera quality of my YouTube videos and this is what you guys see in every single sister James channel video When I’m actually sitting down to film this is what the general setup looks like right in front of me I have my makeup table once again from IKEA I have a trash bin below for all my last crises and my makeup wipes that I use and my drawer here I just have a bunch of different mix-match stuff from it, different handheld mirrors Fixed paws, some makeup lights and of course all my little tools like my tweezers, my beauty blenders, or little scissors to cut my lashes And of course my makeup brushes over here. I have this big standing mirror right here on the corner of the table That isn’t in the camera frame But I can definitely still see myself and then on the other side we have this beautiful TV monitor Which is suspended from one of the light poles and this actually is connected to my camera So I’m able to see myself live and make sure that my angles are good The lighting is good and to see if it stops recording so this is kind of how Everything works together to really create a really, really awesome YouTube video right above me when I’m filming a video I have this boom microphone and this catches all the sisters sound and then behind me when I film, of course I have my backdrop So you guys know why YouTube videos are always based at home on a solid white wall and over here We have the holy grail closet, tada! The makeup, you guys have definitely seen some vlog style clips of this kind of general makeup storage area and I was originally planning on doing a full on like makeup collection tour because it’s like every beauty guru ever and the entire world has done that but I literally got to the point where my collection Was completely overflowing which was definitely not cute at all so I actually went through and got rid of and by got rid of I mean donated like 90% of my makeup collection and now I kind of only have my like favourite products that I reach for on an everyday Basis and it honestly feels so so so good So I think I can just kind of go over in general what I have. Of course I have that setting space up here, beauty blenders, lashes, different skincare, foundations, tanners, powders, blushes and bronzers, concealers And the dragged or like more art type makeup looks, glitters, more glitters, liners, brows Highlighters, lip liners and regular lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, some single eyeshadows and makeup cleansing wipes. Down here I have the rest of my palettes and down here. I have more excess lashes for a beauty guru I feel like this is a very, very small collection and for me Having everything easily organized and all together makes it so easy for me to pick out makeup before I’m doing a look before I’m filming Or if I’m putting something together, so I really really love the system that I have going on Thank you to its sister Desi Perkins for the organization tips She did a full video on her beauty room tour and this is literally it’s so insanely helpful and this makes organizing everything So incredibly easy and really, really easily accessible. On this top shelf I have at various different wigs from whenever I’m feeling Maya and dragged fantasy and want to go from a brother to a true sister These are so fun and they’re just displayed on these little styrofoam heads and then right next to it the makeup storage I have my YouTube subscriber plate, which is probably my most prized possession of all time I cannot wait to get a house and display this literally in the front walk-in hallway to say Yes, that’s me But I’m so proud of these and I keep these where I see them every single day in the make up filming room I love this room. I’m here majority of my time. So I really wanted to make it really really special and really really cute obviously But I think it’s finally time to move on to it the last room of the house if you follow me this way out Right across the apartment. We have probably my favorite room in the entire house. Oh this is the walk-in closet the first thing that you see when you walk in is of course this huge holding rack right here and on here is all the items from Sisters Apparel displayed a loud and proud Obviously you guys know you can get all your sisters merch and gear at “”. Right here on this wall once again We have another large selfie mirror, if I put on a new outfit I always like to stay here and pose in front of it and see if it looks Good on me, if it frames the body well, if the butt is looking good or flat It’s usually looking flat, but I can see it right here I custom designed this entire storage unit from IKEA, once again, not sponsored, but literally so good they actually have a thing on their website where you can put in the dimensions of your room with walls and doors and everything and Design a full-on closet storage thing. So this is actually what I was able to come up with and I am literally So happy with it, so proud, it just stores everything so efficiently and I’m able to organize that really, really well so and then I only have this beautiful leather pouf, which is great for sitting on if I have any friends over if I have My stylist or designer over helping with outfits, They can sit right here and sometimes because the bathroom is right there I’ll come out of the shower and fall asleep on here butt-naked. It’s very, very comfortable. That was probably too much information You didn’t need to know that. Regardless, this is the pouf I think I ordered this from Amazon, I believe, and then of course just little carpet so it’s sister’s soft Right here the first storage area I have our shoes and like I said, I really, really love shoes. Starting at the top I have all my boots from my YSL’s, my Louboutins, some Timberlands, some Yeezys that runs different mix-and-match shoes for the most part They’re all Adidas. I absolutely love Adidas, you guys know where it literally all the time from shoes, shirts, and jackets Everything and then of course, we have my everyday go-to, the Balenciaga’s, which You guys see me wear in almost every single picture, I’m sorry. They’re really, really comfortable and they’re super cute We have a cute little sister’s poster and then I feel like her bag I think literally every beauty guru ever has like 80 million Chanel bags, little purses Dior, Louis Vuitton and the top traders have some accessories I don’t really wear that many of them So I don’t have this drawer like very, very full but Definitely nice just to have them just in case. My earrings, you guys always see me wear the same one, my little lock Michaels That I always wear from Louis Vuitton and then of course my bracelets that are way too expensive But I’ve saved up for my entire life and I’ve definitely been a beauty guru Staple item that everybody has so I don’t really have them in accessories but anything that I have is stored right up in here. This deck story have my hats which is actually thank God, a drawer that I don’t really touch that much anymore like I said If you’ve been following me since day one, a little of you said I have the ugliest man bun and these have terrible and these baseball hats were always Glued to my head. I just loved the way I looked in them, mostly because I hated the way I looked without them Moving back a little bit, here’s where I have all of my like more formal pieces or my more long pieces So I have all my different jumpsuits you guys know, I love a good jumpsuit, I literally feel so good, so powerful so like Street wear ninja type of look what I have a good jumpsuit on, So I have my graduation jumpsuit, my sister jumpsuit, and a few other ones. My overalls are all up in here I have my Coachella looks for archival purposes. You need to get them framed I have all my different suit jackets for when I go to fancy events I literally hate wearing suits so I don’t really have too many of them. But I have a black, a red, and a blue It’s just in case whatever the color code is, and then a few different white dress shirts as well So moving on to this wall right over here We have my more every day casual stuff that I’m pulling from all the time This is mostly like shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and hoodies. Obviously, you guys have seen a general theme with me I don’t really like to dress up that often, but I can still rock a really, really beautiful glam look and make it sophisticated with a sweatshirt. It just works, trust me. Obviously you guys can see that I have a very, very Strict color scheme when it comes to my outfit being white, and black, and gray. Occasionally I’ll throw in a little bit of color which is all stored in this drawer right over here But that is very, very few and far in between. So the sorting over here We have all the white and gray pieces. Once again, mostly sweaters. I have my underwear and socks drawer over here what you definitely do not need to see and then just some various different t-shirts which are not very organized but They’re there Just in case I want them. I really love this middle section This is where I keep all of my different jackets and kind of like more heavy pieces So I have like 87 million different denim jackets I absolutely love them, and a few different pieces that are custom made by one of my fan-pages, @salazarillustration, He paints my face on the back of jackets. Hello? That is the coolest thing in the entire world I love these so so so much I always keep them right there in case I want to, once again sell promo a little bit because nothing wrong with that. Some green Or camo jacket and then a whole lot of some black farmer jackets, some crop jacket, some Adidas jacket, Champion, Chanel, YSL, Everything is kind of in there if it’s an outerwear type of piece. In this top drawer I have my sister shorts when it gets hot in LA I don’t really have that many pairs then because I just don’t really like the way I look in shorts but I just found these recently which I feel a little it’s so cute in, hello? They’re like boyfriend shorts, but you know What’s not cute? The fact that I don’t have a boyfriend. And the second drawer down, I have all my pants and I’ve been Obsessed with getting really, really cool pants recently, for some reason. I don’t know why, it’s just so fun I literally used to wear black skinny jeans every single day. I probably have like 30 pairs of just black skinny jeans literally right here. They’re all from Laura’s Boutique, use code JAMES for 10% off They fit amazingly but I was just getting so bored of them and I looked the exact same every single day so I’ve been trying to spice it up a Lot recently. And then in this drawer, we just have my sweatshirts Which I would wear if I was ever gonna work out, which I’m not, let’s be real So this drawer is completly useless. And than a few two-piece sets And than finally on the bottom we have my like sweatpants Slash casual pants type of This is where I keep all my Adidas track pants that I wear all the time and some different cool sweatpants pieces that I’ve been – recently as you can see, I definitely like a very very casual item obsessed with recently – I like to be very, very comfortable While still spicing up the office somehow. And then finally last but not least the last section of the closet is all the way in The back or right here and this is where I keep all of my black pieces And I know it looks a little bit barren right now, almost everything is in the wash I picked a very, very bad time to film my closet tour, but you know what? We’re gonna make it work Obviously you guys know that I wear a whole lot on black So this section is literally usually like filled to the freakin’ brim but there’s just some really cool pieces out here like a Balenciaga sweater, a few different crystal pieces that I haven’t worn yet, some unreleased Sister Apparels items, What could that be? I don’t know, and then just some fun pieces like this furry jacket, but for the most part I think that’s actually it for the closet tour Like I said, I definitely will go more in depth in a future video when I move into the new house But, that’s everything. I think we’re done! – Alright, sisters. I think that is it for this apartment tour today I really, really hope you guys enjoyed it. I know I’ve been saying that I was gonna do one since moving in here Literally a year and a half ago, but I just honestly I’ve never gotten time to it. I’m always working I always have boxes and people over every single day So it’s placed a little bit messy But I figured it was finally time since I’m leaving it very very soon to kind of set everything up make it look really really Cute and show you guys what I’ve been able to do with the place over the past year I’m really really happy with how it turned out and I really hope you guys liked it as well and got some inspiration and design And tips. I know that I’m so beyond blessed to be living alone in the middle of Los Angeles, California in this huge beautiful apartment I literally pinch myself every single day because it feels like I’m in a walking magazine and this life is a dream and I Don’t want this thing off as bragging in any way shape or form This would literally not be possible if it was not for you guys So thank you for all your love and support and for everything, you guys have changed my life truly for the better And I absolutely love you guys so so so much and I hope you like this apartment tour Like I was thing beforehand – I’ve been saving my money for a very, very long time now and I’m super close to being able To buy a house. I’m so beyond excited. There’s been a goal of mine since I was like literally three years old I cannot wait to decorate. I was thinking to it that I really wanted to look at full-on decorating and moving in series to the New house when I get that so definitely comment down below and tell me if you want that But if you guys did enjoy it, don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your support It would really mean a lot to me If you’re not already, make sure to click the subscribe button as well and join the sisterhood It is a pretty lit time. We are five million sisters strong So, thank you guys Once again for that. YouTube are changing a bunch of things on their algorithm which is literally so beyond annoying and I know I’ve been getting so many tweets and comments from you guys say that you’re missing the videos; don’t miss the videos. I want you guys to see them, obviously I I’ve put a lot of work and love into them and they’re pretty good if I do say so myself So make sure to click that bell notification icon If you guys like to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter They’re both just @jamescharles and my Snapchat for more my huntys It’s just @jamescharless with an extra “S” after Charles. This video sister shoutout goes to sister Talia Thank you so much for always following and supporting I love you so so so much and if you would like to be the next video’s sister shoutout, Don’t forget to always retweet videos to go live on Twitter. All right sisters, thank you so much watching this video today I hope it was worth the wait. I love you and I will see you in the next one, bye!

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