My Girlfriend Plays VRChat For The First Time

My Girlfriend Plays VRChat For The First Time

one says join me in there oh boy my mom’s calling me join you where and the head Pat are you guys single yeah you actually know there why that change oh my goodness a dance battle [Music] hey what’s up guys it’s me Papa figure gaming and um now as you know me and Miss Piggy are not dating anymore I have a new girlfriend and she’s never been in VR before she’s never been in VR chat so uh we’re just gonna jump into this I’m gonna hand the controllers off to her watch I’m gonna throw one right now watch what this does to my arm oh thanks she’s just going to explore the our chat with my supervision of course because you know a recommendation don’t ever let your your significant other play VR without someone there it could be very dangerous you never know what could happen so with that being said I’m gonna hand the controller’s off to her in the headset and let’s see where things go I also hit a like button subscribe I guess it’s me papa fear gaming girlfriend you’re really cute hello hello how are you I’m good how are you fun day it’s all I got the Danny DeVito one should join me that part my mom’s calling me join you where and the head patch oh and the oh you’re patting her head that’s what you’re doing are you guys subscribed to pop with your gaming oh you should be Pat their heads cut away Pat their heads on my head oh there oh thank you new vr user like the voice in the background there we go you wanna come up here yeah how do I get up here yeah get on the other roof hold on Oh Indy jump on the roof like this a few moments later alright next thing is you know like hi oh my goodness a dance battle hello hello little enemy – Lula Mae girls people are you are you a person I can’t tell I don’t even have anything to put into it you’re not gonna get anything out of me are you I am good you need to tell me the secret [Music] how are you I just decided to get on PR because I got bored so that’s the best thing to do when you’re bored yeah honestly I mean you’ve got nothing else to do you just sit on your desk all day shitting on disco this is probably all more you know better thing to do to just do that do you have any hobbies anime I play a lot of video games that’s it my favorite anime darling in the ranks the second would be easier my favourite anime is spyro the purple dragon one that’s an app it’s always game I don’t know that was an anime yes well actually it is I think no it’s a game of the ps1 are you guys single yeah actually no that changed quick almost slipped up there caught yourself though I’ll give you that much wasn’t that a big mistake I’m glad she wasn’t here to hear that there’s an alien over here and I want to go see him look at him hello hey did you escape from area 51 god oh oh my god Oh get lit alien good you know I have my own storage hello I like your little Pikachu sweater careful that’s stealing everything give me your Scooby Snacks well you guys be my friend you asking I will be your friend I need friends Oh awesome thank you how much do I have to pay you how much do you have to pay me to be my friend yeah a solid hundred dollars right take out solos hello there oh my goodness alien friend how are you how do I get a drink where do I go go to the bar can I get a drink bartender what oh my goodness thank you [Music] leave hello hi how are you what are you doing I just relaxing nice oh hello what is happening over here chief she was born mute she can’t talk oh why does this person keep running away from me do you guys want to do the outro with me I’m doing a video do you want to do the outro with me yeah to the video everyone come here oh my god thanks for watching it’s ok you do thanks for watching don’t forget to hit like and subscribe and leave a comment down below if you thought this was funny ok [Music]

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  1. Yo come join the Discoed and join us in the WatchSquad!

  2. Can you do more videos with EddieVR? ',:3

  3. Ahhahhaha this is great! ????

  4. I feel like I would be just as much as a noob ?

  5. That robot from around 4:40 was my favourite part of the video for some reason XD

  6. Oml your girlfriend is so cute and funny xD ?❤️

  7. WAIT The PaPa has a MaMa

  8. She has to play more, it was funny and I loved the video ??

  9. Umm, Shaggy’s lookin a little I’ll, go lay down Shaggy. ?

  10. The beginning sounded fake, but I'm glad you got yourself a girl, Fear. It has been awhile. Go long.

  11. I like the innocent halo

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