My Little Pony – Update 48 – Christmas

My Little Pony – Update 48 – Christmas

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  1. So present meets future in this update

  2. Ураа новое обновление!

  3. so awesome as Rainbow Dash says

  4. Yay!!! Luster Dawn

  5. Potential issues for season 10

  6. Omg this Is awesome!!! I hope we dont have to use real money in the adult mane six

  7. 0:05
    Mane 6 Official Reactions to their future selves:

    Twilight Sparkle: WHAT?!

    Rarity: Am I really that old?

    Fluttershy: Oh my! I love this mane!

    Rainbow Dash: Huh?!

    Pinkie Pie: This party hairstyle is screaming "Fun, Fun, FUN!"!!!

    Applejack: Just smile and don't ask…

  8. When it will come?

  9. Thank you mlp ??????????????? pleaes.

  10. so all the mane 6 future selves meet each other? nice. I know/hope there willl be more updates and events

  11. Wow! This is so cool!

  12. Omg I wanna get future Fluttershy for Discord uwu. I wish the game made a command for Fluttershy and Discord to have a tea party that'd be so cute aaa

  13. Please don't let it be the final update, I really like this game and don't want to lose my progress and money

  14. I Can wait to Update it ?

  15. Will the ordinary my little pony still be on tv ?

  16. Glad to see the rest of the mane 6 in the future, but where's Spike?

  17. Luster's coming?! Wow! Twilight gets to see her future pupil, even her future self! so cool!

  18. Can i ask you someting mlp game? I deleted the game and now when i dowloaded the game there is nomore icon for my profile in the game and i can't get my old account which was on 100level can you help me?

  19. Happy Hearth's Warming to everypony. Hope to see more updates in the future. I love this game so much. /)
    My code: 4e40a7d

  20. idea for a future series called mlp g4 future

  21. Please Follow MLP Game on Instagram 100.000 and the gamers win gift code and got a beatifull pony

  22. My game hasn't updated yet?

  23. I can’t wait to see this update. They’re changing the mane 6 as their future self.

  24. Wow….. esta actualización si la estoy esperando con ansias!!!!


  26. please add me e169267 sending hearts daily

  27. the game isnt cannon to the show fyi

  28. Twilight become a Queen of Canterlot but i'm sad about the ending this show, it is how gonna make me cry to missed MLP so much ??

  29. I hope our ponies don't turn old

  30. I’m gonna cry again ?

  31. I love this!. so when is it coming? I can't wait to get started

  32. This is just like Harry Potter and the cursed child

  33. Wow very very very Amazing ?

  34. I need vacations i want to play without rush

  35. OMG!!! I love this❤

  36. do you make grogar it the my little pony gameloft?

  37. When start the event ?

  38. That update locks so cool ?

  39. What prizes are in the first story?

  40. Is this the first and second stories are going to be tapper events?

  41. Hopefully not be the last update, I'm very extremely love this awesome game.

  42. Is this app still going to be around after Gen4 ends?

  43. The worst thing of these updates is that none of the adventures are on the mission list anymore, like: Return of NightmareMoon, Changelings in Caterlot, Tirek. I mean, its a very important event, it could be on the unlimited mission like the first adventure of the earlier version of the game.

    (I play it since the first version)

  44. If anyone is ever wondering when the events start they start on fridays. This one in particular start on the 20th!<3

    Merry Christmas every pony??

  45. the coolest update in the world !!!!!!!!!

  46. As much as I don't like future Twilight's appearance, I look forward to unlocking her, the rest of the Mane Six's future selves and Luster Dawn, and I hope future updates will feature the Mane Six at their current age on the app icon and loading screen.

  47. I playing that new game my level is 76 thanks for this game is awesome

  48. Season 10 is that you


  50. I am scare this is the last event

  51. Please have Vietnamese

  52. The new update ain’t bad but the event is impossible since you made everything 900 gems. I won’t play cause I’m broke and really broke.
    Thanks for the Christmas gift game loft

  53. MLP: Infinite Crisis

  54. Twilight really needs a redesign

  55. I see Lil Cheese and I click

  56. The mane 6 sees their future selves Apple Jack: WHAT IN TARNATION!! Rainbow Dash: That… is…. AWESOME!!!! Fluttershy: Oh… my… Rarity: Goodness gracious, darling. I really need to rejuvenate my complexion. Pinkie Pie: WHEEEE!!! HI ME FROM THE FUTURE!!! LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!!! Twilight Sparkle: What in Equestria is going on?

  57. Even dead this show still has more.

  58. what name this soundtrack?

  59. I'm doing it now, but the future six are very expensive, i don't know if i'll be able to win Twilight in time, but i think i can. this event will repeat next year like the others do at the time they were released so i know they'll bhe availible soon

  60. Maravilloso , viene el nuevo arco

  61. I wish they'd bring back the show as a season 10 takes place in the middle after Twilight is just crowned new big princess of Equestria.


  63. Applejack: I can do this all day.

    Old Applejack: Yeah I know.. I know.

  64. The fact that this update exist makes me more sad

  65. I really want to get Twilight's future self, but her friends are so expensive.

  66. Oh boy, The future meeting the present? What could possibly go wrong?

  67. Doctor Whooves Special looking slick not gonna lie.

  68. Can't play it because my IPad doesn't charge and it doesn't turns on! ??????

  69. I don’t want the season to end and I also hope this is not the last update

  70. gameloft ponies:futures frees

  71. So celestia luna celebrate Christmas in silver shoals

  72. Uh, what does this advertisement have to do with Christmas? It doesn’t say anything about Christmas!

  73. Hi… you so so big fan this game but tis is game best ever i always play and do you have you code?

  74. Oh no, ANOTHER Future Twilight?

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