My Spanish husband calls me a monkey, wants to take my children from me | Tuko TV | Tuko Talks

My Spanish husband calls me a monkey, wants to take my children from me  | Tuko TV | Tuko Talks

When I won the case he became so angry and said He refers to us as rabbits meaning those big rats that live and feed from the pits he even said to me My name is Ruth and I am a mother of 2 children My first born is called Trizer Font and she is 9 years My second born is called Emalsende Font, she is 3 yrs 6 months I was in a relationship for 9 years I met my husband in South Africa Were you working in South Africa? Yes that’s where we met and he decided to come meet my parents I got pregnant 2 months later he went broke and decided to go back and look for a job to support me On reaching his home, he never communicated again I gave birth to my first born in 2010 I had to do odd jobs to fend for myself and the baby My husband resurfaced after the baby had turned 2 years and 7 months so all this while both of you were not communicating and you did not even know of his whereabouts? Yes. but he called me at some point while in the UK whereby he send me KSh 10,000 I spend the money on rent which was KSh 7, 000 and paid my house help he went silent again when he visited the baby was 2 Years and 7 months he stayed with us for 3 weeks before he left again he went silent again for 2 years within that period the baby was in school she was now heading to class 1 when the man showed up he stayed around for 3 months I asked him what his plans were for us because the children were now asking about their father they have the right to know who their father is after a while he flew back to his parents home while there he called me and suggested that I should go stay with my child at his parents home you mean in Barcelona? Yes in Spain I told him that was not possible because we were not yet married He came to Kenya a year later where we begun the plans to get married In the process I got pregnant for my second born We processed the documents and did our wedding had he paid the dowry? No He did not pay anything, the plans were between the two of us and the priest who again did not have an idea So no one at home knew? Yes, although my parents did not rush him because initially he had told me they were not well off back home just like my own family Did you not suspect all was not well when he kept visiting and disappearing? I did not doubt him at all because we were not living together It’s not easy to tell a persons character unless you are very close I only realized that he had someone else when he started visiting us frequently he had a wife? Not really a wife but a friend with benefits He promised us a better life back in their country because he was talking of free education as we were processing our marriage documents he took me to their embassy where we processed our visa and travel documents He told me he wanted to go back to his country just after we got married I gave birth to our second child while he was away and he visited us again I decided I would follow him to his country because were now legally married He told me to sell everything I had which I did and used the money to process our travel documents and planned to travel to Spain despite having not informed my own parents He had already traveled and so when we landed we found him there His attitude changed immediately he saw my children and I He spoke to me with a very bad attitude but I could not answer back because that was new place what did he say? I told him why he could not even ask how our journey was he said he could not ask such rubbish questions I was shocked and asked him what I had done yet I had just arrived He told me that was not his problem that was his country I was so scared right from the airport On looking back the doors were already closed there was no going back I gained courage and decided to stay because I wanted the best for my children to to live with my husband he had not spoken to you in such a manner before? Never. But when I arrived in his home country I was shocked by his character because he was totally a different person I did not want to answer him back rudely at that time because just like any woman I decided to persevere 3 weeks later I noticed he was acting weird He was so arrogant and showed me that he could harm me in whichever manner he liked and have me transported to my country in a coffin He told me He was so violent that night, he beat me so badly I was unable to wake up for 2 days You were already asleep when he came in? Yes. He would come back home late in the night he works in a bar and he uses cocaine and smokes bhang I asked him why he was speaking to me in such a manner yet he wasn’t doing that in Kenya he told me I was so scared of him and he assaulted me that night and I did not even know any police station he told me never to set my foot outside and warned if I did that I would be deported he said that when children see me outside they will get scared and start screaming because should I scare the children with my complexion I would be arrested and deported immediately there were no blacks in that area? Not at all Yes I felt things were now getting out of hand That night he tried to strangle me with a pillow one of his elbows was covering my face with the pillow while his other hand was squeezing my neck I managed to push him away so that the pillow wouldn’t suffocate me While struggling I scratched a part of his neck He rushed to the police the following day to report me He also went to the social service offices to report that I was insane On coming back to the house he begun acting like he was now scared of me I asked him why he was behaving that way, he reminded me again Meaning? He meant that he was so scared of me He was not even getting close to me he wanted to get the neighbors attention so that that they can bear witnesses that indeed I had a mental disorder so he insinuated that you were chasing him out of the house? Yes The wouldn’t know what was going on if he did not act that way because we were communicating in English and yet they did not understand although they did not like being involved in family affairs You were mistreated right from the airport now in the house within a short period of time, did you not have a phone to call back home? I did not have a Kenyan sim card and he did not even want to buy me one He would always tell me to wait despite insisting that I wanted to inform my family of my whereabouts he said there was no need I was safe I reached a point and felt that he wanted to take the kids away from me because he never wanted me to mention them One Sunday he asked my daughter to give him a knife he tried to behead me using the bread knife and so I covered my neck with my hand he ended up cutting through my fingers instead of my throat I had to undergo a surgery because it was such a deep cut He called the police and informed them that a mad woman was in trying to commit suicide in his house he was not even referring to you as his wife? So many police officers came for me especially after they heard I was an African I was taken to the hospital and my husband later suggested that I be transferred because I was insane I was taken to another hospital language barrier became a big challenge so they had to bring in a translator they did not understand English at all because I was even trying to show them using sign language that my husband was strangling me but they did not get it the interpreter was giving a different message My husband was there but of course he could not translate for them I was taken to transferred to another hospital but still we could not communicate so now when I was taken to the third hospital, that’s when I met an american doctor are you talking about mental hospitals? Yes Mental hospital So after examination, the doctor said I was not mentally ill otherwise I wouldn’t have taken care of my children or even boarded a plane to Spain on my own So they felt something was just not right So I was told I needed to go back home to see my children I really insisted on that the doctor told me that I will be given some medicine that might affect me She advised me not to swallow it but instead place it underneath my tongue and later spit it out secretly and told me not to accept any injection So I followed her instructions because I was now aware of what was happening She told me I would be released from time to time to go see the children after I had insisted how long were you separated from your children? 2 months Whenever my husband was informed that I was going to be released he would often refuse and say no and that he was protecting the kids from me they told him I was not mentally ill I was okay and that we had a social problem as a couple which needed counselling he said no So I was allowed to go see my children so after visiting the children over the weekends he would the take me far away at near the France border so that I could spend the night there alone before travelling back to the hospital the following day where he vowed I would stay my entire life he tried to take the children away from me by all means by saying you were insane? Yes, because that was the easiest way After being thrown out, I was staying in church Whenever I requested to see my children I was told to write a letter, indicate my passport number and sign as well as where I would drop the children He was absent for the 9 years I was toiling for my children then here I am supposed to write a letter to see them I was dying inside, that I had to ask for permission to see my children he would threaten me from time to time Eventually after 3 months the doctors assisted me in going back to where my kids were they told me to followup on my children because the man was trying to revenge on something that no one understood and try to seek help On going back home I was informed that I was under arrest for planning to kidnap the children with the aim of harming them I was taken to the court and after explaining myself, the case turned against him and the court found out that I was the victim So in court you opened up about what you were going through? Yes was there a translator? Yes, they got me an Irish translator the judge listened to me and gave me custody over my children after winning the case against him he said he refers to us as rabbits meaning those big rats that live and eat from the pits he even said So I was like why threaten me here and even try it in my own country I had no otherwise but to just persevere the judge the suggested that I should come back home the court even helped me acquire a passport some good Samaritans raised money for my ticket The most challenging part was how I was going to cross the border with the children because of the complexion but I just had to find a way and ensure I managed the good part he had not acquired passport for the children, the initial documents showed they are Kenyans I managed through the first border but I was as so scared that he might inform the authority to stop me I am still not so comfortable though because he is still threatening me he keeps saying that he will come here, hire a lawyer for KSh 10, 000 and take way the children I am so scared I don’t even eat while in his country I never used to eat comfortably I am back home but my mind is not yet at peace because of his threats on how he will give a lawyer just KSh 10, 000 and get custody over the children and he actually has the guts Yes He says we are so corrupt in that you can easily buy a human being for KSH 10, 000 I still not feel safe are you still legally married? I was advised by a lawyer back in Spain that I file a divorce case here in Kenya I am processing the documents so that he would not be able to say he is coming to see his wife all he wants are the children and not you? Yes he told me he just wants his children that’s why he convinced me to cross the border with them then he can now have them by force He was playing his cards well, he even invited over his parents and that was the first time I was meeting them he really tried to lure me into his trap My biggest worry is if he made good his threats and manages to bribe someone and then be given my kids Ruth, did you take your time to know the character of this person? I did not take my time because he was only visiting once in while It was difficult for me to also know him deeply because he would stay around for 3 weeks, 3 months you can’t tell of someones character if you are not close to them I did not know what he targeted but you loved him deeply? Yes, you can only conceive with someone you love your children will always remind you of their father and the love you have for him I met him when he had nothing. We used to sleep on the floor to me it was not about money do the children ask about their father? my elder daughter understands because she used to see the police officers coming for me It was their first encounter with the police and vehicles with sirens so she has never asked me about the father but this little one always mentions the father especially when she is counting she would always mention herself, myself, the aunt and daddy I know she still doesn’t understand the man would beat me up even when I am holding the kid this one would hold me tight and say she wants to be with mum the man would still go ahead and beat me imagine him calling me a monkey in front of my children and the children stand there helpless and wonder why such a name the children have lived here, they school here and they understand Swahili It’s difficult to convince them I am not a monkey yet they have heard their father refer to me as a monkey What message do you have for him supposing he comes across this video I have nothing much to tell him but I would ask him to stay away form my children He has no right over them because he never paid any dowry to my father I owe him nothing because I never benefited with anything from him not even a business that he would say I have squandered his money What advice do you have for the young people who think that being in a relationship with a foreigner is a guarantee to a bright future? take time to learn as much as you can about this foreigner They will lie to you with sweet words while here in Kenya but the moment you step into their country you will regret you will get to know things are different on the ground by the time you are realizing that it’s too late Never be too quick to jump into a relationship because of the complexion our own men are way better because they cannot go to the extent of saying false things about you just to take away your children Despite everything what still motivates you? My children I have come from far since I was 16 years I have struggled what gives a woman strength in life is her children this child needs food, she needs to go to school a woman will do anything just to ensure the children receive the best in life any other message we have not touched on? I would just plead with the government to ensure this man never sets foot here in Kenya because he wants to take away my children and the way he has been threatening me on how he will bribe his way out with KSh 10,000 but they are sending me to the courts I don’t know where to start from Thank you so much

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  1. To contact Ruth and offer her any Free legal advice/services kindly email her [email protected]

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  44. My mom, too, stepped foot into a different country and that's when my dad completely changed. He'd beat her and treated her with utmost disrespect. My non blood related relatives would BLAME my mom for running away after staying with him for 15 years for the sake of my siblings and me, even when we begged her to separate from him. She keeps on saying that she's sinned by marrying my dad for wanting to go to the US for a better future. But in actuality, she was in love and he promised her a good life. My heart goes out to Ruth and her daughters. They're so brave. I just want to hug them. I hope the girls won't grow up to think they're monsters, like I did, just because of their father's blood.

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