I’m not naked. I’m nude. Shut up! Man, thanks again for letting me stay at your crib. Yeah, of course man. Anytime! Whoa, whoa, whoa! I think you got the wrong idea brother. Relax man, I’m gonna be on this show naked and afraid. Well, unless there’s a naked girl for me. I think I should be going. No, no. Dude, please. I feel like a little s**t letting you leave, considering your house just burned down that freaked vaping accident. Yeah, accident… I’ll tell you why they’re gonna pay me 300 bucks to do the show– and I’ll just give it to you if you stay. Well, I couldn’t use that money to get the iPhone 6s with a live photo feature. I mean you take a picture. And it moves like [my] brains the whole world would [be] like harry potter newspapers with that s**t. Alright then, man. NAKED
AFRAID Awesome [Usb] the girl like is naked with me right um no, I just need you to sign this release form [oh] Good, I didn’t want to see you naked anyway As anthony met his naked companion he realized that. He was a bit in over his head Hi, I’m [cathy] Oh my God You think I’m hideous don’t you? Know you’re just so [beautiful]. It makes me sick. [I] get that a lot. Oh uh Anthony how long do you [think] this is hey? Why are you covering your eyes because you don’t have one clothes, and it’s a little weird [oh] Oh, you just can’t handle the natural female form notice what yeah? What do you have against new people Keith having our people suffered enough? With food scarce Anthony and Cathy would have to resort to the ancient art of hunting and gathering Excuse me. Oh, no, you’re fine. [don’t] move [just] [need] to get a better angle harry Potter newspapers harry Potter newspapers [here]. Yeah Here you what are newspapers? Oh? It’s gonna get the right angle as the day turned tonight anthony and cathy realized. They would have to endure their greatest Challenge yet, it’s so cold in here. We just have to huddle together with their nude bodies to stay alive Good at 72 degrees. We [have] the air conditioning on and do we have like five Kim fans blowing over there Well the food I scavenge is too hot Man somebody to wipe properly this morning. You are disgusting you say that line again Can you people just put on some incline scuse me you people okay? Nuta yeah stop trying to repress our people new – yeah, that’s it fish Thank you for allowing me to stay but [I’ve] got to get them yeah Yeah at the end [of] the day anthony and Cathy found They were comfortable enough in their own skin, but Keith obviously still had body image issues No, I don’t if you [don’t] then show me your nipples no Show me your nipples show your own damn nipple fine Wow You asked for this Hey, Keith Keith, what’s wrong, man look? I am okay and happy for you and Kathy being nude, but I just can’t get down like that It’s not my fault you’re a nudist, but you’re actually the nudist [um] excuse me But we’re not the ones being racist against nude people, and that’s not actually a thing yes. It is. I’ll show you look definition nudists [a] person who is Yep, [I] was totally right Hey, Keith wait. They gave me the $300 cuz I lasted the whole day And I was the best contestant they ever had Actually he only lasted 30 minutes and was literally the worst contestant the show has ever had to quiche Please put your nipples away slow. Oh You know what doctor? Next week on naked and afraid [I] use my nipples to Hypnotize wild gorillas Hey guys, I hope you like seeing me naked Thank you for subscribing if you want to download smosh’s new album Shut up and listen which has two new exclusive songs click the album art on the right and if you want see bloopers from this video in [Danis], I got the new iphone 6s. [oh] trying to take a photo of me making you hurt oh And if you’re also naked right [now] and trying to click the links on the screen with your naked parts But you’re using a touchscreen you can click all those links below

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