Name That Body Part (GAME)

Name That Body Part (GAME)

How well do you know your body? Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. About six hundred episodes ago,
Link tested my knowledge for words for things I didn’t know
had words. – Hm mm
– But I’m gonna turn the tables on you today, Link.
I’m gonna test your knowledge – of words for things on your body.
– Oh. It’s time to play,
(sings) Link’s body is a wonderland. (Rhett) I wonder where his finger
will land when he guesses where (Rhett) these weird named parts are.
Link’s body is a wonderland. Please enter my office, patient Neal. (Link) Seriously? (laughs) (Rhett) Your face is so freaky
and small. And why so serious? I don’t know, man.
Cause this is a serious contest. Can you please remove
the facial obstruction? Yes, that’s better.
That’s the Link I know. (Rhett) The one with the saggy breasts. – (crew laughs)
– Why are my pecs so low? I miscalculated when I had this
custom-made for your body. Okay, Link, this is how
this is gonna work. I gotta wear this in order
to play the game, huh? You do, because you won’t know what
parts of your body you’re pointing at, because that’s what you’re gonna do. I’m gonna say the name of a body part. It may be a medical term;
it may be a slang term, I’m a jive doctor so sometimes I use
medical terms and sometimes I just free-flow and use slang terms. And then you’re gonna point
at that area. (Rhett) If you get half of these right, you have a handy dandy prize
coming your way. There are three life-lines, though,
just in case you have trouble: “Hot or cold”, that’s where I basically
say, hot or cold as you get closer – and further away from the body part.
– Okay. “Amputate Link”, where I will amputate
a part of your body where the part is not. Oh! And then the third life-line is,
“I’m looking at it.” And that’s when I’m gonna
look at it. – You’re gonna look at it.
– For a sec– for a bit. – (coughs)
– Are you ready? Excuse me,
there’s a draft in here. (coughs) Yeah, I like it that way.
It’s healthy. Why am I not just naked,
with this box on me? – Baby steps on this show.
– (Link) Okay. You know, we work our way up
to full nakedness. If you had to lose one of these,
these would the ones to lose, let me see one of your little
Peerie-winkies. Peerie-winkies. Not a medical term. – Like a–
– That’s one of the slang ones I use. Like a pinky? Hmm! (Link) Peerie-winkie.
I’m thinking either a toe, a pinky toe, or a pinky finger.
Peerie-winkie. – Well you have to point at it.
– Oh. So, you don’t need–
talking to me about it. I’m not a doctor who responds to that. I respond to points. (Rhett) Are you pointing to right there? – (Link) Pointing to right there.
– (Rhett) Right there? – Right there, Rhett.
– (shouts) You’re right, Link! (ding sound) – (yells) Yeah!
– And you would have been right if you pointed to this as well,
because they’re both terms used in the Scots language,
one of the three native languages spoken in Scotland today,
to refer to the– (both) Pinky finger or pinky toe. I’ll flex my abs in celebration.
(strained sound) (Rhett) It didn’t really work. You can’t see this one,
but you can point to it. It’s a Canthus. It’s a Cantus? It’s a Canthus. It’s a Canthus. It is a, (both) Canthus. Just a Canthus.
Got it, okay. Wow, that was a lot more complicated
than it needed to be. Sorry, it’s a Canthus. I don’t know, these are words
I’ve never heard, Rhett. You can’t see it, – but you can point to it.
– (link) but I can point to it. – (crew laughs)
– Well, I can see everything on the front. – Oh gah!
– (crew laughs) What is that belt back there?
What is the logo? I don’t wanna give them any–
I’m not– oh! I’ll cover up their logo,
and then I’ll point at the Canthus. Turn around, Link,
’cause you’re wrong. (buzzer sound) This is your Canthus. What? Remove your glasses. (Rhett) It’s right there.
It’s the point where the top eyelid (Rhett) hits the bottom eyelid.
That’s called the Canthus. See, you can’t see it,
but you can point to it. See; point. – I can-th see it?
– (Rhett) Yeah. You’ve only got two,
and if you’re not careful, everybody will notice yours. Show me an axilla. You’ve only got two,
if you’re not careful, everybody’s gonna notice yours. If I’m not careful.
So I don’t want people to see this. – (questioning exclamation). And I have two of them. It doesn’t have to be sight. Show me an axilla. – Axilla.
– Hm mm. You also have life-lines. Keep in mind.
You do– You’ve got one right so far. Yeah, I need to use an amputation.
Amputate me. Not the first time I’ve heard that,
in this office. (laughs) Okay, I’m cutting you off right here.
In the middle. (Link) (simulating pain) Oh! So which side am I keeping? Keep the top. Alright, I’m keeping the top. So it’s somewhere in the top. That’s not helping me. But it makes you know
that it’s not something– It’s not a private area
that you don’t want people to see. Right.
What’s it called again? This is your–
It’s not your private area. – Oh! Watch out.
– (crew laughs) – That’s titanium. I’m cool.
– (Rhett and crew laugh) What’s the term? Axilla. My nipples.
Ah, well, nope, my nipples. – (crew laughs)
– Somehow they’re way down here. So the ninnies. You don’t want people
to notice your nipples? No. Ah, but if you’re not careful, man,
your armpits will start stinking, (buzzer sound)
and everybody’s gonna notice it, man. Oh! You’ve been trimming under there again. Axilla, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s called the armpit.
Also known as the shoulder crotch. – The shoulder crotch.
– Yes. That’s what we call it in my office. Love the shoulder crotch. Are you seriously–
I mean, I know that’s just a suit, but are you still doing the trim? I do trim occasionally, yeah. The hair just, it’s like– What length you going for? Level two. Level three sometimes. Okay, I don’t know
what levels you’re talking about. I put it on–
The level I put it on the clipper. Okay. You don’t trim your.. Yeah, monthly, I do. It’s like I’m– like I’ve
got a badger in a headlock. I recommend it for all my patients,
and I actually offer it as a service. I don’t think you can see mine,
but I can see yours. Show me your Gnathion. And this has nothing to do
with you being in a naked body suit. I’m saying, every day,
I don’t think you can see mine, but I can see yours.
Show me your Gnathion. So I can’t see yours,
but you can see mine. (laughs) Yeah. – (crew laughs)
– You get it! – (Rhett) You got it!
– It’s a riddle. How would– It’s not really a riddle,
it’s just a fact. – I only deal in facts.
– I can see yours, but you can’t see mine. You got it again. No, no, you can’t see mine. I can see yours. – I can’t see yours, but you can see mine.
– (Rhett) You can’t see mine. – I can see yours.
– But you can’t see mine. I can see yours. – It’s important that you understand that.
– (crew laughs) (shouts) You cannot see mine.
I can see yours. So how can you see something on me,
that I can’t see on you? Isn’t that the question? How can I see something on– If you can figure that out,
you’ll be in business. Cause, if I’m looking at you,
and you’re looking at me, we should be able to see
all the same things. – This is really tough.
– (crew laughs) I need another life-line. Okay, what do you want? What are my other options? I can do hot and cold,
or I can look at it? Let’s go with hot and cold. Okay, start pointing. (Rhett) hot, hot, hot. (Rhett) Cold, cold, cold. (Rhett) Hot, hot, (shouts) hot! Cold, cold, (shouts) hot, hot, hot!
Woo, woo, woo! (Rhett) (repeats) Cold, cold, cold. – No, cold.
– (crew laughs) (Rhett) Cold, cold, cold. (Rhett) Hot, warm, (shouts) hot, hot! Yeah, right there.
(laughs) Okay, I’m going with,
my chin. (ding sound) It is the lowest point on your chin. – You see, I can see yours.
– You’ve got a beard. – Yeah, you can’t see mine.
– (yell) Yes! As revealed in episode three
of Buddy System, I actually do not have one of these. – (crew laughs)
– Never, you don’t. I had one at birth, but the doctor
threw it away with the placenta. Eww! It’s in a garbage bin somewhere. (shouts) Oh! Okay, Link, so you’re two for four. You gotta get one of these next two right. Hm mm. I don’t think you have yours anymore,
point to you Prepuce. Prepuce? Your prepuce. You know I don’t have it?
Or you don’t think I have it? (crew laughs) I’m pretty sure you don’t have it. – (Link) Prepuce.
– (Rhett) Pretty sure you don’t have it. – I’ve never heard of a Prepuce.
– (crew laughs) Uh– But I don’t have my tonsils. (crew laughs) Does that seem like the kind of thing
that would be a Prepuce? – Is that the puh-rel?
– (mocking imitation) Is that the pleral? – The pew-ral.
– (mocking) Is that the pleral of tonsils? Prepuce.
What else would I not have? That’s what you get before
you get puce. – Uh huh.
– (crew laughs) So I have puce now.
But I don’t have the Prepuce anymore. – (crew laughs and claps)
– Bingo! Ding, ding, ding, ding! I don’t– Like, maybe. – Hmm.
– (Rhett) Oh! – (crew laughs)
– What you looking at down there? (laughs) I’m just sticking with the tonsils. The puce and the Prepuce.
Right there. Okay, actually the correct answer
is right here. Oh! It’s your foreskin, Link. Oh! Okay. (crew laughs). You don’t have that anymore, right? – I– I–
– (crew laughs) – I mean I–
– I mean, boxers and briefs, I’ll answer that, – but, do you have a foreskin?
– (crew laughs) I’ve made, what I would call,
indirect eye contact with it a number of times throughout our lives. Does have an eye. Just like, locker rooms, hot springs,
that kind of thing. – But I’ve never settled on it,
– (crew laughs) enough to know, is it there or not. – (laughs)
– All I know, is from a medical perspective,
it’s a lot more painful – to have your five-skin removed.
– (all laugh) Alright, so it all comes down to this. Yeah, you gotta get this one, Link. You played with mine last week
on the show. Show me your Weenis. Weenis? (laughs) (Link) I went small-face for this one. Yeah, small-face, serious Link
is back. Weenis? Yeah. Alright, I gotta–
I’m going to use my life-line. But I– I basically gave
you the hint, man. Look at my Weenis. (crew laughs) You looked past me. (laughs) I looked right
at your Weenis, man. – (crew laughs)
– I don’t wanna look at it for too long. Look at my Weenis one more time. Oh, see, I got him ’cause
my hand went up. – It’s out here.
– Ah, maybe it is. My Weenis is out here. (laugh) Ah, man. Okay. – Man, this is for the prize.
– (gruff voice) Yeah it is. – Weenis.
– (laughs) I think– You played with mine, man. Don’t you–
How could you forget so quickly? Oh! That! The hangy down, backside of the elbow. – (ding sound)
– You’re right, Link! – Weenis!
– That’s your Weenis. I’ve got a saggy one,
and I’m proud of it. – Woo!
– And you win your very own Neal Anatomy Chart. – (crew laughs)
– Oh my goodness! Just in case you forget
what your body parts are, your can consult this handy dandy chart. You could have photo-shopped my head
on any guy’s body, yet you made me pose. – And I’m like, “Why am I posing?”–
– (Rhett) Why am I doing this? “Why am I posing naked?” And we’re gonna give one of these
to a lucky fan. We’re not exactly sure how
we’re gonna do that. – (crew laughs)
– Are you? I wouldn’t call it lucky. – But we’re gonna do that.
– We’re gonna give it to – what will soon-to-be a former fan.
– Yes. Thanks for playing, Link. And thank you for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You could have bulked me here. You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Nathan from Hutchinson, Kansas. I’m about to have surgery, and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. If your body gets cold, you can cover up
at least the top half of it, – and your head, with the Mythical hoodie.
– Woo! Store, store.
Click through to Good Mythical More. I’m gonna share my first ever impulse buy,
I think you’re gonna be proud of me. Ha! Okay. Good Mythical weather report. Well, here I am– um–
I’m out in the weather, it’s just– – Neal, what happened–
– So beautiful! What happened to your shirt?
‘Cause we’ve talked about this. It’s the wind shear,
it’s blow it entirely off of my person. No, you’re sunbathing again, aren’t you? Okay, you caught me,
but it’s pretty even. And are you wearing
your black underwear again? I’m wearing my black rectangle again, yes. [Captioned by Jack
GMM Captioning Team]

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