NBA Dance Team Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

NBA Dance Team Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

♪ music playing ♪ This is for
our Wizdom dance team.>>There’s a
lot of talent here.>>This is going to
be tough competition, but I can
hold my own.>>The audition process
is unforgiving.>>We’re in it to win it.>>I’m a pretty mean judge. The best of the
best will be out there. That’s it. [CHEERING] ♪ music playing ♪ We are at the Wizdom
dance team audition. This is our new team for the Washington
Wizards entertainers. We are looking
to assemble a team of
15 to 20 entertainers.>>So you can slide
on down and then get your headshot.>>Everyone on the Wizdom dance
team will be age 50 and over.>>My name is
Vivian and I’m 70.>>54.>>53.>>61.>>68.>>57.>>62.>>I’m 56 years old.>>Aging is changing. People are living longer. They are working longer
and they are refusing to stay on the sidelines.>>We’re in it to win it. [LAUGHTER]>>We like to say
wisdom comes with age.>>What’s your
dance experience?>>Well, I was at the club
last night pretty good.>>Danielle and Marcel
are going to lead you guys in a stretch, and then
we’ll get started, OK? ♪ music playing ♪>>I feel fantastic. I just dance and dance and dance as
a form of exercise so that I can keep going
on until I’m at least 110.>>I’m just excited to
have this type of group for seasoned ladies
and gentlemen, and whether I make it or not
it’s just a great opportunity. ♪ music playing ♪>>Thank you all for coming out. This is an amazing turnout. This is for our
Wizdom dance team. [CHEERING] OK, brand new! Y’all ready to start dancing? OK, let’s do this. Ideally, a routine for
this team would be something that starts
off old school but then that
merges into kind of new-school choreography. Next part is a remix
of the electric slide, so something you should know.
You gonna take it to the right. One, two, three,
clap your four. To the left. Five, six, seven,
to the back. Goes one, two,
here’s the remix. I want you to go
up, down, up, down. I have current Wizard
dancers here with me that are going to be
assisting me in teaching the choreography.
39,680 –>00:02:40,490
Everybody got that? So my daughter is a Wizard
dancer, second year, and I’m so super, super proud of her. ♪ music playing ♪ To be able to do this today
with her is just, oh my God, it’s amazing,
so I’m so excited. When people think of
a 50-year-old woman, they think of someone, you know,
old lady, gray hair. But my mom has the high ponytail,
and shaking her hips, you know, and she’s challenging
those stereotypes. Double, double, now walk.>>When I was younger I wanted
to be a dancer, but then I had my kids so I had to,
you know, put that dream off. It would mean everything to be
able to, one, be part of the Wizards organization, and
to be able to do this with my daughter.>>Feet together, out,
boom, yes indeed, all
right. My main goal for all of our
entertainment squads at the Wizards is just that we are fun
and entertaining to watch. ♪ music playing ♪ We dance at
an extremely high level. It’s always about
creating a full show and a full environment when
you come to an NBA game. Let’s get a feel
for the music real quick. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. Two, two, walk it
up, here we go.>>Five, six, to the right!>>I think there is going to
be some rough competition here. I see there are some
professional dancers in the room. I have met a
colleague who is a legacy. She has grandkids and
daughters who have all been dancers
and cheerleaders. ♪ music playing ♪ I was a
cheerleader in 1966. Not a cheerleader,
captain of the cheerleaders. My granddaughter is
a Wizard cheerleader, my other granddaughter is F5
and medaled in Twisters, and my great-granddaughter
is Ace in Florida. I have to
keep the standards high. I can do this.>>And five, six, walk
around in that big circle. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. Yes, indeed, I love it! Because when you do this, that either means
the routine ended or something
is about to go down. Right? So it’s like
you better get ready. And then we’re
going to go in. Here we go. ♪ music playing ♪>>Christopher Johnson:
My name is Christopher Johnson. I’m 53 years old. I’ve been teaching in special
education for about 25 years. I love teaching,
I love children, I love to dance,
I love energy. If I make the team today,
it would be something special. It would exceed expectations.>>What surprised me the most is how well they’re
picking up the choreography. What I’m looking for,
for these auditions today, is personality,
energy, showmanship and people who
look like they’re having fun. ♪ music playing ♪>>I am here today because my dear friend Cindy sent me a wonderful
email to come. I was super excited, and I’d like to represent
every breast cancer survivor that has ever
got out of their box and done something
meaningful and worthwhile. I was diagnosed
15 years ago. I played soccer for 30 years, I taught aerobics for 10. I was very, very active, and suddenly my
entire lifestyle had to change. And it was hard, but the one thing that still
kept me happy was dancing. ♪ music playing ♪>>Hey! That’s it.>>Great instructor. Great, fabulous.>>We just finished
learning the choreography. Everyone’s lining up now,
and they’re about to be judged. I want you to remember
to engage the audience and engage the judges. What I want to
prove with this team is that everyone can dance. And dance is for
people of all ages. Just be cool,
be comfortable, be yourself,
don’t be nervous. Have fun, have fun, have fun throughout this
entire process, OK? I’m a pretty mean judge, but I do have a
soft spot sometimes. We’ve got a lot of people, so we’re definitely going to
have to make a lot of cuts. We’re looking for 15 to 20, and the best of the
best will be out there. That’s it. Next time on
Road to Wizdom:>>All right,
good luck everybody. Do your best.>>There is
nothing but pure fear. I left everything
I had out on the floor.>>They are killing it. All right! [CHEERING]>>I knew it! Somebody
was going to give it to me! Wow! These dancers are super talented and I cannot wait to see what happens at the audition. Please make sure that you subscribe to AARP’s YouTube channel, so you can see who nails the choreography. RIGHT NOW!!

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